Surviving Mars: Food: Hydroponic Farm

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  1. Hydroponics requires no tech to build.
  2. Hydroponics can be set to fast producing crops to cover the gaps between farm harvests.
  3. Hydroponics is an inside job vs outdoor fungi farm (so gains immunity to outdoor events)
  4. What do do with left over 3 hex space?
  5. It still produces oxygen.
  6. The job slots count towards training botanists at academies to have spares.
  7. With the Utility Crops tech, Algae can be farmed in order to lower oxygen requirements by 1. This can be useful during a disaster. A Farm doing the same thing requires the Gene Adaptation tech, and also 3 times as much space and 4 times as much water.
  8. Much more efficient than a farm for planting seeds.