Surviving Mars: Specialization: Botanist

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All colonists have the Social interest, except for those that have the Loner trait or those that are specialized as Botanists or Engineer. Botanists exchange that interest for the Luxury, an interest they share with Medics.

The other two base interests that all botanists have are Relaxation and Shopping.


There are two ways to satisfy that interest:

  • Art Shops, at a cost of 0,2 Polymers per visit. Base Comfort: 80.
  • Casino Complex at no cost per visit, but 15 Electronics to build and 2 to maintain. Base Comfort: 70.

The only reason to satisfy that expensive interest is if you aim to keep their Comfort close to 100 in order to increase child birth. otherwise, it's enough to keep them above 70 comfort in order to gain 5 Moral. In fact, not even that loss is substantial and as long as they don't stay below 65 for long, risking to renegade, there is no need to keep their moral high.


A few parks will provide Relaxation without requiring any workforce, but since it does at only 40 Comfort, there needs to be more in order to increase their Comfort.

A Space Bar provides relaxation at 60 Comfort. A small one with one person working at 70 Morale would result in 64 Comfort, 68 with Heavy Workload. With 90 Moral resulting in +40 Worker Performance and another +20 from Enthusiasm, for a total of 160 Building Performance, you get 72 Comfort, 76 on Heavy Workload (180 Building Performance). The formula seems to be +4 Comfort for each 20 Building Performance.

This means that 140 Building Performance with Heavy Workload on top would suffice to reach 72 Comfort.


Grocers provide both the food and Shopping that they need, and do so at a base Comfort of 50. If the worker at the Grocer has a Work Performance of 140, the Comfort is raised to 58, 62 with Heavy Workload. 65 if the worker has 158 Performance. In order to reach 158 Performance, you need a worker with 88 Moral and Workaholic, and such an exceptional worker shouldn't be put in such a role.