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#'''Discipline''' (+15% melee strength)
#'''Discipline''' (+15% melee strength)
#'''Military Caste''' (+1 happiness and +2 culture per city that has a soldier)
#'''Military Caste''' (+1 happiness and +2 culture per city that has a soldier)
*I'll see what happens if I ignore Stonehenge and instead go for more settlers. One extra city would give the same number of faith.

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Not worth saving the game. It was worse that previous runs. Lessons:

  • The main source of gold, science and faith are new cities. Getting new cities is top priority above everything else.
  • Get the first few settlers with gold, but don't stick to that. After the first wave, start building settlers with cities that have high production.
  • The first four cities or so will get large before religion gets into effect. Get what ever building you can get from other religions and then convert those four cities into your main religion with missionaries. They are probably so large that it will take for ever to have them convert passively. With five cities having your religion early on, you will exert 10 pressure on new cities, so you can convert new smaller cities much faster.
  • A new city will have one missionary at 250 strength convert it to one religion, and build the building. Then a second missionary at 500 strength for the second building. Then have the city get to 5 citizens asap with caravans so it will lose its religion and prevent it from spreading it. Have it remain at 6 in order to trigger goddess of love, and stay there building settlers until it has converted passively from the 10 pressure per turn. That should take about 75 turn, so you can get two settlers out of the city. With this second wave of cities converting, you should have a pressure of 16 or so on the third wave of cities.
  • The best first religious building is the Mosque due to its high faith. Follow it up with Monastery and Pagoda.
  • You should constantly have settlers just waiting to get happiness in order to build a new city. Push new cities as hard as possible.
  • All gold should go towards getting happiness from city states. Not for rushing units or buildings.
  • Don't let your enemies get too strong. They won't give you more than 30-40 gold per turn on surrender, even if they have 100 gold per turn. They will use the rest to get city states and rushing units that will be at a high tech level, forcing you to spend gold on city states and upgrading. Get their buildings and raze them, keep them poor and low tech with small hopes of raising an army.
  • Don't puppet or annex cities. It will cost you happiness that will hamper your progress. An alternative is to a get a large city, annex it, sell everything and raze it to 1 citizen, then give it to whoever you will declare war against next. When you win, they will give you any luxury that the gifted city produces.
  • Each Indian city at 9 population generates 4.5 unhappiness, or 4.275 with Meritocracy. It will generate 6 happiness. So you are generating 1.725 more happiness than the people are generating. The city itself generates 3.8 unhappiness, so you are at 2 unhappiness total for a city with 9 citizens. Every third citizens can generate a bit more than 0.5 happiness than the unhappiness they generate. So get cities, push for luxuries and Mercantile city states to cover the unhappiness. Then after building settlers push and having them converted, push for growth as high as possible without the city losing it's religion. This will increase gold and research and generate happiness in order to build new cities. If you manage to increase the population of four cities by 3 persons, then you get enough happiness to afford a new city at 9 citizens.
  • I have to stress that the key to generate a lot of faith is to have a lot of cities. Each city generates 5 faith per turn from Shrine and Temple, and this will fuel getting faith buildings in your larger cities. And those buildings will make it easier to get faith buildings in your newer cities. If you manage to squeeze in 3 faith generating buildings, you get 11-12 faith per city, and that is huge. The best way is if you happen to have two neighbors, one with a religion that give one buildings and another with a religion that has two buildings.
  • You yourself have no building, but rather
    • +1 happiness
    • +2 happiness and +2 Culture with 2 followers *(costs no extra faith)
    • +30% extra reach
  • Make early war with two city states and milk them for experience the entire game. Create citadels very close to them and keep shooting at their soldiers.
  • I noticed that it took a while before the +1 happiness from having 10 citizens from the policy in tradition became necessary, and that the tradition opener hadn't all by the time it became necessary. With that, maybe it would have been better to ignore it and instead go for the following:
  1. Honor (barb bonus)
  2. Liberty (+1 Culture per city)
  3. Citizenship (more and better workers)
  4. Piety (faster Shrine and Temple build time)
  5. Organized Religion (+1 Faith from Shrines and Temples)
  6. Mandate of Heaven (-20% faith cost)
  7. Meritocracy (+1 global happiness per connected city)
  8. Discipline (+15% melee strength)
  9. Military Caste (+1 happiness and +2 culture per city that has a soldier)
  • I'll see what happens if I ignore Stonehenge and instead go for more settlers. One extra city would give the same number of faith.