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Strength 12+

  • 4+ Ironflesh
  • 4+ Power Strike
  • 4+ Power Throw

Agility 15

  • 6 Weapon Master (On the Art of Fighting with Swords)
  • 5 Athletics
  • 4 Riding
  • 5+2 Looting

Intellect 21 ( with Essays on Logic):

  • 2+1 Wound Treatment (The Book of Healing, While in Inventory)
  • 8+3 Tactics (De Re Militari)
  • 1 Trainer (Manual of Arms, While in Inventory)
  • 8 Persuassion (Rhetorica ad Herrenium)
  • 2+1 Engineer (Method of Mechanical Theorems)
  • 8+3 Surgery (The Great Book of Surgery)
  • 2+1 Spotting
  • 5+2 Path-finding
  • 5+ Inventory Management

Charisma 12

  • 5+2 Trade (with "A Treatise on the Value of Things")
  • 5 Leadership (with "The Life of Alexinus the Great", nice boost at start, noot really needed longer ahead
  • 4 Prison Managment (Nice to get 20 prisoners on each atempt)


Name Skills Disliked conditions Disliked by
Algirdas Tactics, Leadership Retreating
Bakhyt Looting, Prisoner Management Hunger, Not Paid, Heavy Casualties
Colonel Zagloba Trainer, Leadership Hunger, Not Paid, Heavy Casualties, Retreating


Not important

  • Klethi (Looting)
  • Alayen (Trade)
  • Deshavi (Spotting, Path-finding, Tracking, Trainer)
  • Artimenner (First Aid, Tactics, Engineer, Trainer)
  • Ymira (First Aid, Wound Treatment, Surgery, Trainer)


Start with 4 Riding and 6 agility, and choose Goods Peddler for its staff, extra horse and trade items that will finance your first tournament. Get two free lvls at training site and lvl some single hand melee proficiency

Start with two hand weapon to make the training go smoother, after this phase take whatever is lowest for highest suitability at tournaments. Dont waste points on pole-arms, you get loads of that from couching looters with your staff,

Beginning stats focus on single hand combat due to tournaments importance and lack of troops: Ironflesh 3, powerstrike 3 and Weapon master 2

Step 0

  • Train for first lvl
  • Going only for looters and low number forest & mountain bandits.
  • Tournaments are a must for fast cash-flow and renown increase.
  • Get path finding 5 to avoid enemies and catch low lvl gangs.
  • Get 2 Athletics in case you get off your horse.
  • buy Hunting bows and blund weapons for all heroes.

Step 1

  • Dont get an army - they slow down
  • Buy horses - get speed
  • Get Heroes
  • Win tournaments -DONT GET HURT IN THE FIELD!
  • Do quests for fast xp and cash (unlss to distant in aims)
  • Get Mount, Joustin Lance and Iron Staff

Step 2

From now on start getting troops and attack low number sea raiders for armor for your Heroes.

  • sell loads of prisoners through low lvl mobs you can solo
  • Get gear
  • lvl Heroes & buy them two handed weapons and mounts
  • lvl troops carefully (low surgery!!!)
  • get "A Treatise on the Value of Things" to start reading early.

Step 3

Now its time to max out the group survival skills such as surgery and tactics, since we gonna switch to a bit harder opponents such as caravans and low lvl nobles.

Get persuasion to convert some high lvl troops captured from low lvl nobles and since from next phase its possible that Heroes might start leaving.

Dont get into Khergit territory from now on for a while.

  • Get books
  • build relationship with nordic towns
  • lvl self fast
  • get troups to invade first castle/borg
  • get high end bows for Heroes
  • get 20 intellect

Step 4

At this point 20 or so Noric Huscarls and Heavy chargers should have been obtained for all Heroes.

NOTE: this far most money have come through selling slaves and tournaments. from now on most income will be through looting. High lvl nobles will be the target.

  • get 12 charisma
  • get 5 trade

Step 5

  • get 15 agility
  • get 5 looting

Step 6

  • put rest on strength and hp