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  • My exploration craft only holds my Scarab. During ambushes it drives around the edges of the map avoiding aliens as far as possible - do not engage - until time is up. It always survives with at least 300 hp ([1])
  • Build a scarab and have team stay in base and collect experience. Build a second base for research and development, a third for spaming living quarters.


  • For the Scarab (Phoenix Point's vehicle) and the Armadillo (NJ's vehicle) that's basically scavenging missions, because the hold capacity in each vehicle is unlimited. You can carry one person around the map and just have them pop out, load up from a crate, pop back into the vehicle to unload and then go again.
  • The Aspida (synedrion's) is slightly different because it can both heal your squad (including fixing any disabled limbs) or apply 40 paralysis points to any pandoran on the map in CQ combat. Nothing else can do that until you have a fully leveled technician on the map. I think people can underestimate just how useful that can be early to mid game.
  • They're great for transportation amping slow units. For 2 AP you can pop out the back, and for free you can pop back in. So you can have your people play peek a boo with 1 or 2 AP abilities without exposing them. You can roll right up to enemies,pop your assault out and let the enemy have a shotgun to the face. Heavies can get some good bash action goin too.
  • It's worth pointing out if it's about to be destroyed, bail. Any units inside when it dies, dies with it.
  • It's big advantage is being cheaper in materials than one fully equipped trooper. The early game is restricted by resources, so anything that's cheap needs to be considered.
  • Scarab missiles can repel the mist from some enemy it can useful.... early game yeah (if mid-late game maybe use your max lv squad and max perk is better)
  • vehicles are very useful if you use them right. The biggest advantage is the mobility. Put melee guys inside. drive to an enemy and position the vehicle so that the enemy is right next to the vehicle exit. Exit with your guy. Hit the enemy with a melee weapon or shotgun (you have 2 ap when you exit. Be creative. For example a flamethrower also only cost 2 ap to shoot) and get back into the vehicle. It always cost 0 AP to enter a vehicle and you can enter it even if you don't have any ap left.
  • they're limited to just one vehicle per mission
  • Could vehicles be better? Sure, are they worthless, hell no.
  • downside is goo, as it can get ur vehicle stuck, and your troops locked inside. noticed the the vehicle can still fire, so u can try and blast the goo, or turn to a side with no goo to let the troops out. ([3])
  • 'I like to use a spare Helios with 1 Aspyda on it to trade, and occasionally link up with my main squad on haven defense missions for extra captures and free heals. ([4])
  • Currently using armadillo & assaults for exploring & scavenging missions. The assault's 0 AP cost to empty crates and armadillo's speed totally change the fun factor of those missions. You charge into a crate, offload your assault looter, steal everything even the clips, hide back into the armadillo, offload everything in and fly to the next crate. If you're at the opposite end of the evac point when it's all done? You fly back. Everybody beside armor shredders will only tickle you.
  • I'm just absolutely crushing lairs with it, with pandorians having gotten their 4 evolutions in, with couple shotgun dudes and a sniper in a scarab, i just ride around the layer on the outside, and gather up all melee into one ball to scarab rocket, or drive up to individual ranged guys and drop them in one or two shotgun blasts from 2 assaults by parking the car next to them and then hopping back in. Ranged pandorians don't do enough damage to scarab, and melee guys never can catch it.
  • The vehicles are super handy for base defence. I defended myself against a late game attack with two freshly recruited rookies, 2 fire grenades and a vehicle to draw fire. Initially I fell back into the big room and set the entryway on fire. I placed my rookies perpendicular to the entry, so the pandorans have to completely enter to have line of sight, where they usually would be greeted by overwatch. And I placed the vehicle out in the open, so it was the first thing pandorans would see when entering, to draw most of the fire.
  • They need to bring back ramming attacks from the beta.
  • While I agree their use is limited, it has to be said that when they are usefull they do so much more than any 3 soldiers ever could (not counting the most broken OP builds ofc). Examples:
    • Quite obvious - scavenging mission. Infinite carry capacity + huge distance you can cover in a single turn with them makes those a breeze. Setup I found working great are: scarab/armadillo + heavy (for crates that require jet pack / otherwise exit vehicle, battle cry, enter vehicle to hamper damage potential of surrounding foes), sniper (exit, quick aim, disable limb (great against athrons), enter vehicle), assault (dash, inventory actions costing 0 AP) and technician (just in case vehicle needs repairs).
    • Jerycho evacuation mission against Synedrion. This one was giving me a headache with all those damned infiltrators. But then I had a brilliant idea - brought scarab + sniper, assault and heavy. The VIP takes 4th slot. All enter scarab. Mission done with no injuries and no human casulties in 3 turns. It was such a profit.
    • Capturing pandorans with Aspida. That's quite self explanatory - aspida is durable and deals tons of paralyze damage. Allows for quite safe capturing runs for when you need dem mutagens.
    • Didnt test this one yet but I have certain idea behind making aircraft steal missions easier using scarab/armadillo. Should work great against Synedrion (low piercing/shredding damage weapons) and Anu (which are easy anyway but at least you're immune do psychic attacks that way). NJ might be trickier though due to the armor piercing nature of their weaponry. Still it should allow you to safely yolo to the aircraft asap before reinforcements start to pile up and be done with activation of the aircraft within 4-5 turns.
  • I've noticed a lot of people questioning the value of the ground vehicles. They take up 3 soldier slots so they have to be good to be worthwhile, it's true.
    • My early to mid game strategy is Manticore 3 man squads with a scarab each. The key is not to rely on them as damage sponges OR general damage dealers.
    • Their value is that they're fast, immune to a lot of enemy types and that you can fill them with loot.
    • Against psychic, mind control, shotguns, fire and poison they're almost immune. Ignore those enemy types and focus on the mission or use the tank as a blocker. If a chiron is spamming your tank with worms then he's wasting his turns and his limited ammo.
    • Against melee attacks they have speed. There's no reason to be close enough to be hit (much)
    • Against machine guns, snipers and other long range piercing weapons, concentrate on destroying these guys first. Hit them with everything. Or break line of sight. There's not always as many of these guys as it seems and now that you're free to concentrate on them, they're easily dealt with.
    • Obviously it's situational. My first Scylla in my current campaign was on a haven defense and its only significant companions were a pair of poison worm chirons. Naturally my tank rolled over to them and they spent the entire mission spamming their worms around the tank, causing virtually no damage or trouble. The tank effectively solo'd a pair of chirons without even using any ammo. The rest of the squad was able to concentrate on the Scylla right from the first turn.
    • In summary: if used correctly, the Scarab rocks the early game and continues to be valuable.

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