Phoenix Point: 2022-10-20 campaign

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Starting troops

Check if you are happy with the personal perks of your first four soldiers, as they will be your highest leveled soldiers. You should ideally have at least two soldiers that have two perks that are required by a strong build, accecible during early levels. Rename the soldier to the build that are planned to have.

  • You want a base dedicated to Training facilities. The troops will stay there until there are missions to take. You want only Training facilities in that base, every single thing that isn't a training facility could be a training facility.


  • You want a base that contains Medical bay where they heal up before going back to training. And you want them to heal fast so they miss as little training time as possible. Having a base that containst both medical and training causes unharmed soldiers to miss out on experience they would have in a pure training base. You don't want more than 3-4 medical bays, so the rest of that base can be Living quarters to rest up fast.
  • First base will contain a Fabrication Plant and Research Lab. Those are expensive to re-build, so it's not the training base. Since the training base needs to be central, the first base needs to not be central.
  • It's vital to build a Living quarters asap, or else you won't be able to recruit more soldiers.


  • Atmospheric Analysis - only available research.
  • Heaven Recruitmen Protocol - Required to get more soldiers
  • Haven trade protocols - Trade is an importante source of income
  • The Phoenix Archives - required for base activation. Delay if you know you won't have resources to buy a base and buy facilities for it.
  • The 3 faction research in order to get resources from them
  • Take research that gives resouces
    • Mindfragger Autopsy: 190 materials, enables Grenade launchers
    • Poisonworm Autopsy: 125 materials
    • Pandoran Evolution: 190 tech, 375 Materials

Do so until you have enough resouces and then go onward to capturing pandorans:

  • Pandoran Colonies

Squize shield where it's suitable:


Starting with 80 tech, 400 materials, 200 and food, before building the Living Quarter.

I want a Manticore as soon as possible, but that there is 80 materials to little.

  • A Manticore costs 60 Tech and 480 Materials. 60 tech is equivalent to 240 Materials, so 720 generals points.
  • A full Golem-B set costs 13+14+42=69 Tech and 100+110+195=305 Materials. 69*4=276+305=581 general points. And then there's the weapons. So a Manticore costs about a fully loaded soldier and the same amount of time.

A second building priority is to build the generic weapons. They require the cheapest ammunition, so they are good starting weapons, and will be used later on easier missions. The Yat AR, Vyar SR and Udar HG are priorities.

however, they are really fast to build, and we risk to delay the manticore if we build items that require a high amount of resources per time unit. The armor require a lot less resources per time unit, but which one to build? The heavy armor is inferior to the New Jerico version, so not those. The Odin Body Armor isn't optimal either. I suspect the Bashee is the best item to produce until more resources become available

On further testing, there is a good chance you won't get the resources to build the Scarab early. And you will then be forced to choose between building even more armor and then have even less resources, or simply build nothing.

As soon as you get resources for the Scarab, up to two research labs and two manufacturing plants, always keeping some resources for trading. When the scarab is done, it's time to build the generics weapons and some armor for your new recruits.

In case you start getting short on amunition, it might be worth pausing the Scarab for a handful of hours and build some generic weapon that takes cheap ammo.


There isn't any training going on in the base, so it's fine to bring all four soldiers in the aircraft.

Avoid missions where you fight humans until youi got a Scarab

If one of your soldiers get damaged and you are close to the base, let him heal up at the base, and get him when needed.


Always spend time to make sure you got a solid grip on the trade opportunities that exist. You want to trade 4 of food or materials for 6 of the other, or trade 8 Tech for 12 of something else. If you are trading something for Tech, give 8 or 9 and receive 12. In rare cases it's worth taking trades with little profit in order to have resouces to make a profitable trade along the trade route.


Playing in the hardest difficulty, I severely underestimated how starved for ability points you would get. You need to focus on a specific build you want and select NOTHING that isn't DIRECTLY contributing to that build.

  • For the early game, you HAVE to have accurate snipers that can shoot twice per turn with long range
  • Cars are a must-have. A lot of missions are simply not doable without heavy casualties without a car.
  • Cars reload their amo for free at the end of mission
  • Buy new ammo at end of each battle, or you will lose the remaining ammo when they reload at base.
  • 4 training centers is good enough in the main base
  • Getting starved for will during combat is really bad. Heavies can help with that