Phoenix Point: 2022-10-30 campaign

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  • Did better than previous, but decided to restart when I understood I had waited too long for building more ships
  • falling behind in building ships will result in sub optimal amount of trade and discovery
  • I should have been more aggressive in advancing relations with the factions. Just bring a ground vehicle and and some snipers and get those missions over with asap, or else you will have your exploration hampered by diplomatic caps. Meaning, your exploration will result in events that improve diplomatic relations, but those relations are maxed out until the missions is done, meaning your will either do no exploration or waste diplomatic relations
  • You have to have a lot of ships with ground vehicles at standby on each continent if you want to prevent havens from being eradicated when the enemies get stronger and start attacking all over the world
  • I should have built a lot more factories. All those ships, ground vehicles, weapons and armors take a shitload of time to do.
  • The more times goes on, higher level soldiers will be trained at havens. They will cost a lot of food, over 1000 for level 3 to 4, but they will have great stats.
  • It's imperative to get as much trading as possible to be a global force
  • Soldiers:
    • Spread out the A-Team, or having casualties in a group of all A-teams will hurt. You will come into situations where you have to put somebody in front to take one or more hits, and they just might die. You don't want to be stuck with only top tier soldiers when that happens.
    • The recruits that come directly to phoenix points are cheap, about 300 food, and have lousy stats. Bring one or two of them and mark them as expendables.
    • Use explosives freely. Not doing high amounts of damage will always lead to a bad place, costing much more than 30 materials for three grenades during the height intensive of combat.
    • Have a training bases with two training centers on each continent, or you won't have good soldiers ready for haven defense missions, or, you will have soldiers but not trained ones.
  • Ships:
    • Have one or two 8 man ship (250 speed) with soldiers you want to level. Those ships are great for stationary non-time limited missions. Bring a stunner vehicle, two A-team soldiers, 2 B-Team and one expendable..
    • Have one 7 man ship (380 speed) with a rocket ground to get quicker to diplomatic missions and have them done faster.
    • Have three six man ships (500 speed) with a stunner ground vehicle for heaven defenses. Place them in central America, central Africa and China, in standby for heaven defense, or having the troops with them while exploring and trading.
    • Have 8 man ships with a cheap recruit for trade. They are the cheapest to build and are slow enough to give the havens time to restock.