Phoenix Point: 2022-11-09 campaign

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  • This campaign was the first time I reached the Scylla, the huge 3000 HP enemies. They wrecked a haven and the badly prepared team I had couldn't do anything to stop it.
  • I lost another haven due to not reaching it in time, making it obvious that I failed in my defense planning
  • I did manage to have 8 ships around the world, and that did create a huge economical income, although with a lot of micromanagement
  • I neglected expanding into south America, and that costed me a lot resources
  • It really was a huge difference having a car in a mission or not. Having a car on a mission allowed for most of the units to have no armor without any real issues.
  • Using explosives made the game a lot easier. Yes, it does cost resources, but they are well worth it.
  • Having capable snipers is the difference between failing and not failing.
  • Heavies are really important. Not having any soldier being able to reliably Rocket-Jump will make missions harder than they need to be
  • In order to protect all havens, you do actually need to have a combat ready 8-man ship on standby. If it's a big mist region, you need to have two of them. Yes, that does mean having ships filled with expendable soldiers with no armor, ready to go in with a car to help out the local defense, and not feeling sad about half of them getting wiped out.
  • I build 10 factories early on, and it was great. It was a constant struggle to keep getting resources to have them work non-stop, but well worth it.
  • I neglected training centers. That was a huge mistake. Relying on missions to level up is a no-go. The expendable haven defenders need to stand by in a haven with at least 2 training centers. Yes, that does mean two training centers in most bases. Yes, that does mean not being able to afford armor or top-notch weaponry for most soldiers.