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  • Colonists can become romantically interested in each other.
  • Proximity to residence increases Romantic Points (RP).
  • Proximity in workplace increases RP.
  • RP increases by 1 point per hour with a maximum of 20.
  • If they both have 20 RP towards each other, and they are both single, they start to date. This will increase their maximum RP to 50.
  • When a couple dates, if they are not working at the same time and have the same interest, they will visit the same comfort provider at the same time. A date will increase RP by 10 points.


  • When a couple reaches 50 RP, they marry. This increases their max RP to 100.
  • If a married couple sleeps in the same residence during the same shift, they gain 10 RP.


  • A wife with 60 RP becomes pregnant.
  • She will give birth after 3 sols.
  • The husband has a 0 to 30 performance boost during the entire pregnancy and the sol after that depending on a random roll.
  • First sol: A pregnant wife has between 0 and 50 performance malus depending on a random roll.
  • Second sol: A pregnant wife has between 0 and 20 performance malus depending on a random roll.
  • Third sol: A pregnant wife has between 30 and 100 performance malus depending on a random roll.
  • The wife will be disabled from work during the 1st sol after giving birth.


  • If the child does not live with his parent, the child will lose 20 sanity per sol. Each sol, traits are rolled based on sanity, health and comfort.
  • If the wife is unemployed during the the first 3 sols after giving birth, she spends time with her child. This will give the child +50 sanity, health and comfort per sol.
  • Children start attending school after finishing their 2nd sol.
  • If one or both parents are unemployed during sol 3 of the child an onward, that parent will help the child with School. This will increase the childs school performance with 50. If the child dos not spend a shift with both their parent in the same residence, they will receive a 50 mauls for performance during the following sol.