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Main article: Surviving Mars


You can't go only solar panels, it requires so much metal that you won't have any over for other important buildings such as water, and will slow you down greatly.

I should also consider not building 4 extractors from the get go, and instead with fewer until I can afford more. 4 extractors result in way more concrete than I can expend.

The first colonist don't use a lot of space, and triangle dome is actually enough for them. If I don't spend 10 polymers on the basic dome, I can instead bring 10 Machine Parts to build win power. That will result in 59 power, saving me saving me 35 metal. And also even more polymers I won't need to put into Power Accumulators, enabling even more wind generators. The wind generators will then also be able to be boosted by polymers when that production gets online.

Have more metal to spare enables me to get the water extraction online earlier, enabling faster fuel and polymer production.

The Small Machine Factory has a performance of about 2 parts per 3 engineers, while the large one has 5. This was a disapointment. It's useless. It has way to low production, 1,9 for three engineers compared to 4,8 for the large one.

Supply pods are actually a good choice early on. They arrive faster, and even though they cost 100 extra, you can lower that cost by 40 since they also supply 4 metal.

There is no rush in buying the 3rd rocket on the spot, the 3000 is better spend on having a better start.

In fact, I'll start with City Mayor. 1000 less cash, but 20% less metal and concrete costs and 20% less maintenance costs should be better in the long run.


Initial settings[edit]

  • Japan
  • Rockets Scientist
  • Metatron
  • Rivals:
    1. China
    2. Blue Sun Corporation
    3. Church of the New Ark
  • Location: 45S6W

Initial settings[edit]

The Supply Pod will force me to stuff it with Drones if I buy a RC with them, So I need to take the RC on the Rocket and the rest with Pods.

Or wait. I want to try to handle Sanity without the psychologist and see what happens with an extra rocket. It will greatly enhance my early game.

Having an extra rocket means I won't need to buy pods, buying me even more cash, and also, I will have a lot of space to bring what I initially need.

Machine Parts[edit]

Each Machine part costs 90, so two have the same value as 1 RC Commander and 2 Drones. So I will opt to set up a Machine Part Factory as a first priority in order to limit the number of Machine Parts I need to buy.

I need a full Machine Parts Factory in order to complete the Japan quest, but it's to big for the start. It requires 50 to power and a 10 hexes. So it's almost impossible to use during the night as it would require a lot of wind power or almost 3 dedicated Power Accumulators.

The smaller version requires only 18 power, so a single Power Accumulator can power it during the night. It has only slots for 3 engineers per shift instead of 5, but considering the large version is closed during the day, the large one has only 10 workers per day, while the smaller one will have 9. A second small version would increase that to 18 workers per day while using 36 energy, while the large one would still be at 15 workers per day using 50 energy, and using 10 hexes instead of 6. The maintenance would be 2 electronics for the large one and 1 electronics each for the smaller one, so they are equal.

The large one would require the full 50 energy expenditure even if you staff it with only 3 person for the morning shift. It would require 18*3 = 54 energy to have 9 engineers work on the smaller one, while it would require 100 energy to have 10 engineers work on the larger one. And consider you get a better result working three shifts than two with the same number of engineers.

Buying the large one costs 400 and a full pod. The small one cost 150 and allows me to also bring a small electronics factory for 200 and still have 30% of the cargo available and 50 cash.

The smaller ones are more suited to get a small colony started without making such a big investment that the need for return on investment will hamper flexibility by discouraging dismantling the initial base and relocating.

In fact, from what I see, the large one is worse in every way, except for it being part of the Japan mission. I think the large one is fine, the smaller one needs to be nerfed.



  • 4 for 2 Power Accumulator

Machine Parts:

  • 6 for 3 Concrete Extractor
  • 8 for 2 Automated Metals Extractor


  • 6 for 6 Sensor Tower

That should be enough to then create parts on Mars and then build:

  • 5 for 1 Fuel Refinery
  • 5 for 1 Polymer Factory
  • 4 for 2 Water Extractors

Initial Payload[edit]

I have Polymer Factory and Fuel Refinery as the first tech in Engineering, so I don't need to bring those.

First rocket:

  • 6 RC Commander
  • 1 RC Explorer
  • 1 RC Transport
  • 10 Electronics - 10 Sensor Tower give the best bonus. And I need 6 of them early in order to get the 15 drone bonus.
  • 20 Machine Parts - 8 required for 3 early Concrete Extractor. 10 for 2 Automated Metals Extractor.
  • 5 Polymers - 2 required for 1 early Power Accumulator

1000 kg space left, but don't want to waste money buying things not worth their cost.

Second rocket:

  • Small Machine Parts Factory
  • Small Electronics Factory
  • 1 Moisture Vaporator - To enable the dome to start early.
  • 0 Fuel Refinery - three rockets will require a lot of fuel. The first one will allow me to start early, the rest I build from tech. Or actually, it's cheaper to brings mats to build them all from tech.
  • 5 Electronics - 5 for Research lab.
  • 10 Polymers - 10 needed for an early Basic Dome.
  • 25 Machine Parts 4 for 2 Water Extractors, 5 for 1 Polymer Factory and 15 for 3 Fuel Refinery.

Third rocket:

  • 12 Colonists