Civilization 5: 2021-02-05 campaign

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  • I previously disliked civilizations that had a high Faith output, but since I changed my religious strategy to no longer have faith-based building, but rather have my neighbor have them and in essence have two or more religions.
  • I really don't mind having an aggressive neighbor.
  • I can't stand civilizations that destroy or take over city states.
  • I try to get a specific number of wonders early, so I dislike civilizations that have very high wonder production rate or very high tech rate.

Actually, maybe I won't go Gandhi, as it looks like high city populations are actually quite manageable even without his abilities. So who else is nice? I lose 2 culture and 3 gold from the Indian walls. The Byzantine get another Founder Beliefs, but that just translates into 1 or 2 happiness or culture in practice. I think Poland gets most bang for his abilities, gaining an impressive 7 free Cultural policies at the end game, and a strong 3 free Cultural policies by the Renaissance era. That most assuredly beats +2 Culture, considering those culture are going to get policies anyway, and making all future policies more expensive. Why not get those policies straight away, without making future policies more expensive? It's basically a full policy tree for free! Poland:

  • Their unique building gives +1 Production to all pastures (horse, cow and sheep)
  • +1 Free cultural policy at the start of each new era
  1. Casimir III - Poland (Me)
  2. Ahmad Al-Mansur - Improving deserts with Kasbah
  3. Ashurpanipal - Assyria
  4. Harun al-Rashid
  5. Wu Zetian - China
  6. Gajah Mada - Indonesia - new unique luxury
  7. Bismarck - Germany
  8. William of Orange - Dutch - can build Polders
  9. Washington - America
  10. Montezuma - The Aztecs
  11. Napoleon - France - can build Chateau
  12. Pedor II - Brazil

Advanced Game Options:

  • Allow Policy Saving
  • Allow Promotion Saving
  • Raging Barbarians

Starting Area

  • Your starting area should have a lot of
    • Forest, to cut down in order to rush Stonehenge and Oracle
    • A few mines to be able to focus on production when building Stonehenge and Oracle
  • A lot of Wheat, Bananas or Deer, as they get extra food from Granaries. That will help with growth in order to populate guilds
    • A lot pastures (horse, cow and sheep) due to the Poland bonus
    • River, in order to get
      • Water Mill. That will help with growth in order to populate guilds
      • Garden: increases Great People generation from the guilds that will be built in the Capital
    • No coast. Coasts don't provide enough food required to maximize city size
    • NOT on plains if the city has stone, for Stone works.
    • NOT on hill for Windmill. The extra hammer and defense you get from building a city on a hill is outclassed by the Windmill.


  • Consider taking a break when expanding in order to build the National Epic in the capital (+25% great person generation). It requires all your cities to have a Monument.
  • Have walls ready in all cities in order to be able to build Mughal Forts as soon as they become available. The extra culture is in fact more important than whatever else I might be doing.


  • Started and didn't finish a single turn.