Civilization 5: 2021-11-06 campaign

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Considering I had as much bonus as malus from the Inidia bonus after 400 turns, and the india bonus removes half the effect from Forbidden Palace and Meritocracy, I'll try some other civilization.


  1. Casimir III - Poland (Me)
  2. Ahmad Al-Mansur - Improving deserts with Kasbah
  3. Ashurpanipal - Assyria
  4. Harun al-Rashid
  5. Wu Zetian - China
  6. Gajah Mada - Indonesia - new unique luxury
  7. Bismarck - Germany
  8. William of Orange - Dutch - can build Polders
  9. Washington - America
  10. Montezuma - The Aztecs
  11. Napoleon - France - can build Chateau
  12. Pedor II - Brazil


  • Honor (barb bonus)
  • Liberty (+1 Culture per city)
  • Citizenship (more and better workers)
  • Piety (faster Shrine and Temple build time)
  • Organized Religion (+1 Faith from Shrines and Temples)
  • Mandate of Heaven (-20% faith cost)
  • Meritocracy (+1 global happiness per connected city)
  • Discipline (+15% melee strength)
  • Military Caste (+1 happiness and +2 culture per city that has a soldier)


As Poland, reaching a new era is a priority in order to get the free Social Policy. Philosophy is an important goal, but it takes 695 science to reach, and it's faster to get a 417 science tech. On the other hand, all the other 417 tech require aditional techs that makes it slower in the end. Mathematics requires the least, but it's a useless tech. I'll start with Mining.

  • Mining -


Great Wonders[edit]

  • Temple of Artemis - 555 production (maybe 10 forests). 10% growth is about 2 extra food in large cities. This bonus is not replaceble. 1 Great enginner point early on is also nice as it will generate a Great Engineer about tim efor the Renaissance Era.
  • Pyramids - 555 production. A worker costs 210 production, so 555-420=135 for the effect of having all workers peform considerably better. It requires liberty, so there is a good change to be able to get it. 1 Great enginner point early on is also nice. Combine with a workshop for the second Great Engineer.
  • Oracle - 750 cost - a social policy that does not increase the cost of future policies. A must-have.
  • Forbidden Palace - 1500 production - about 20 global happiness, half if you are india. Will make it a lot easier to keep expansion rate high. Non-replaceble. When combined with Meritocracy, lowers unhapiness from citizens to 0.85 each.
  • Sistine Chapel - 1500 production - +25 Culture in all cities. A great boost to culture production. Irreplaceble.

Mediocre wonders[edit]

  • Machu Picchu - 900 cost - about 30 gold per turn, equivalent to about 20 base gold. Equivalent to the Colosus. Nice but not game changing. Will get a lot better during the late game, but it can be conqured then.
  • Chichen Itza - 900 cost - allows prolonged periods of golden age. Increases snowball effect. A bit hard to get considering the computer will have tech advantage and you will probably have chopped a lot of forests by now. Perfectly okay to conqure.

Ignored wonders[edit]

  • Stonehenge - just build another settler and the new city will produce 5 faith. You get 3+ settlers for the production cost if you get the +50% build bonus on settler through social policies.
  • Colossus - 555 production - a free Cargo Ship without having less trade route slots, and 5 (base) gold per turn. A cargo ship would cost 300 production, so 255 extra for not consuming a trade route slot and 5 gold per turn. Good value, but not game changing.
  • Great Lighthouse. Nice bonus, but does not increase the snowball effect.
  • Globe Theater - 1500 cost - I'll try to go for the full Liberty tree, and in doing so, I will get Collective Rule early for the free settler. This will allow me to get a free Great Engineer that I wouldn't get otherwise, and the Globe Theater allows me to convert it to a Great Writer and get +2 Culture as bonus. Worthless when conqured.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa - 1500 cost - you build it with a great engineer and get it back right away. +25% generation of great writers after that. Basically a the cost of a social policy for free eventually.


  • Two scouts that turn into archers do a lot in the early game for killing barbs fast and getting their camps
  • Having a lot of workers is of high importance when buildinga lot of cities. I have neglected them this far, only being sattisfied with those I steal. Not good enough. Pyramids help a lot.
  • It's important that the first world Congress includes the culture fare amoung the first two proposals. It will show up too late otherwise.
  • There is no benefit in having all three cultural guilds in the capital. In fact, the optimal number should maybe be 0.
  • The two Great Person should be Engineers in order to get Forbidden Palace and Sistine Chapel. if you get Forbidden Channel, you should be ablet o hold up the happiness good enough until you get Industrialization and freedom without a Great Scientist in order to hurry up Industrialization.
  • The first Great scientist will be used to get to industrilization asap, followup by buying three factories (make sure to have three coal!) for about 2410 gold each for a total of 7230 gold (start saving in advance! Don't forget you will shorten the journey with the great scientist!) in order to get freedom so we get enough happiness to continue spaming cities after all luxuries have been aquired.
  • There is no benefits to building all wonders in the capital, as I have. With early workers, one can build a new city in a dense forest and chop them all down to fuel a fast wonder.
  • Early Libraries add up, they will allow earlier Industralization and Freedom.