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This is for the toughest game difficulty, legend.


Phoenix Point offers a larger variety of builds than most games in the genre by allowing dual classes, and takes this even further by giving each soldier individual perks that can have them break into a third class. Playing at the highest level of difficulty, all this potential is throtelled by low levels of Skill Point received. Since skill points are given for missions, and missions are limited, making great soldiers is basically limited by the amount of missions you bring them to. Since you can only bring a limited amount of soldiers to each mission, you need to decide what kind of build you are going for already at the start of the game. Now, each phase of the game have technological limitations as well, so that is yet another bottleneck.

So you need to decide what kind of builds you want for each phase of the game.

Early game[edit]

  • This is the phase of the game where Pandorans use only melee, pistols and inaccurate rifles. They are pretty harmless now if you play correctly.
  • If you attack humans, you do so with the understanding of high chance of taking on casualties. The introduction mission of each faction is to be avoided until the mid game.
  • You have only access to the initial three classes
  • You do not have resources to build a second ship
  • You do not have resources or tech to build proper armor
  • Your goal is:
    • Explore to get all faction to 24% diplomacy. Find all factions and complete their fist diplomatic mission
    • Build a ship. Stealing one with the initial team will probably result in a campaign ending failure if you aren't prepared to reload after a fail.
    • Build generic models of the sniper rifle, assault rifle and minigun. They are cheap to buy ammo for. Avoid using the Phoenix versions, they cost more to re-equip.
    • Build a ground vehicle
    • Find recruits. They will be low level and have bad stats even if you find one with good perks. They will all be used as bench warmers and cannon fodders with the exception of somebody having truly great stats.

Mid game[edit]

  • Pandorans have Snipers, shotguns, grenades, poison and stealth. Towards the end, they get long range worm artillery. Eventually psionic attacks. They are now deadly and require and well configured team to allow for missions with no casualties.
  • Your goal:
    • Having found where the first diplomatic missions are for all three factions, you will work towards completing those missions as fast as possible
    • Build research and manufacturing, preferably having four of each. Research will gain another +50% from the anarchist faction.
    • Having established an income basis, start building a few suits of heavy armor, shield and explosives to keep up with the Pandorans. Used correctly with the medikits you should have stacked from early game, it should be enough to reach the later parts of midgame with few expendable casualties.
    • You start with two ships and one ground vehicle, and will build a lot more of them. Do not neglect constantly building ships!
    • Having ground vehicle on most missions will enable you have missions against humans. Do the initial mission of each factions. Bring two or three soldiers in the Scarab and give them an assault rifle. If there a lot of enemies, you rocket them with the scarab. Single enemies, you park and shoot three times, once with each soldier. Two snipers at the back. This works in open maps, attacking Pandoran lairs are best done with a full set of 8 units.
    • Have your two initial 6 man ships (500 speed) with one single soldier explore a selected continent until all that remains are havens. Exploring havens will lead to events that will increase diplomatic relations. Use the wiki. When missions are uncovered, move in with the 8 man ship (250 speed).
    • Establishing a trade empire. The 8 man ships from Anu are the cheapest to build. Build a lot of them and have them dedicated to trade in the explored area.
    • As you get more resources, your main objective are:
      • To have as many trade ships as you need to never miss trade opportunities,
      • Have basic armor for most of your soldiers, only having the few expendable soldiers go with no armor (always break LOS!). At the end of the mid game, you should start working towards optimal armor for your best troops, giving the mediocre armor to the expendable units (no magical gear teleportation!)
    • Reaching 49% diplomacy and finding where the 2nd diplomatic mission is marks going into the end game.

End game[edit]

    • Establish global presence, having bases in all parts of the world, with soldiers ready to assist in haven defense, a dedicated fleet of trade ships and a few special ops ships.

Sub articles[edit]

  • Soldiers
  • Ground vehicles
  • Personal perks
  • You can have two aircrafts at one mission, and have a max of 8 soldiers do it, with some exceptions [1]
  • Om legendary, units you recruit from the base tab have much lower stats than those you can recruit from other places
  • A Pandoran lair will have its countdown reset if it launches a new attack.


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