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  • Assault/Heavy:
    • The berserker variant is less mobile initially, but will be more mobile eventually. It lacks a reliable JetPack, lowering it's mobility during the early game. Eventually, bionic legs can solve this, and in fact, significantly increase it's speed, giving +3 speed instead of -1, at the cost of leg armor going from 40 to 20. The loss of the leg armor is mitigated by receving 25% less damage from enemies at 10 tiles or closer.
    • The berserker variant does melee with more flexibility and damage. It deals 100% melee damage instead of 150%. At level 7, spending some willpower, he can use melee attacks with only 1 AP, doing two attacks for a total of 200%. The first hit can armor break, having the second hit do closer to full damage. The Heavy variant can get a bionic torso to do the same at great cost, going from 45 armor down to half, 22 armor, and losing out on either breaching walls with the heavy bionic torso or JetPack and rockets with regular heavy torso. The berserker variant will also get a damage and speed boost when damaged, something that is unreliable and situational, but not insignificant.
    • Both heavy and berserker can throw grenades for 1 AP. The heavy will throw them 50% longer, the berserker will have it do 30 shredding damage.
    • The berserker is more durable than the heavy in a fire exchange, receving less damage, returning fire with a damage bonus and not being hampered by broken limbs or panic.
    • The berseker can use the sniper rifle to better effect than the heavy.


The bersker/assault with strong arm is a better melee soldier than the heavy/assault combo.

Sitting at 1% hp, the berserker/assault has:

- 2 more mobility, thanks to using the best chest in the game (the beserker chest)

- another killing frenzy on top of a priests killing frenzy, which results in 55+ mobility soldiers

- with the decimator the berserker/assault can deal sycthe-esque dmg before most players can get access to sycthes, tough there aren't too many foes you can not kill with marduk's fist until then

- it doesn't cost half a plane to get an effectiv soldier to begin with, a training base and some phoenix xp are enough to get them going

- the berserker/assault will deal 1% less damage in melee, but 49% more damage with ranged weaponry

That the soldiers sits at 1% hp doesn't matter, when you finish most missions on turn 1 and can cross 1/4 of a map for 1 ap to get into reliably cover.

Personal perks[edit]

Improving main function:

  • Close quarters specialist: Gain shotgun proficiency with +20% accuracy and melee weapon proficiency with +20% damage
  • Bombardier: Gain mounted weapon proficiency with +20% range and +10% damage
  • Quarterback: 25% bonus grenades range and +2 speed
  • Reckless: 10% bonus damage dealt and -10% accuracy

Expanding options:

  • Strongman: Gain heavy weapons proficiency with +20% accuracy and -15 perception, +2 strength
  • Sniperist: Gain sniper rifle proficiency with +25% damage and -4 willpower (not optimal)


  • Head:
    • Disciples of Anu Head Mutation: Daze Immunity - Immune to DAZE effects. Grants +1 STR. (no more daze after Adrenalin rush)
  • Body:
    • Samnu Body Armor. Highest armor with mobility and accuracy of light armor
    • New Jericho Heavy Body Armor: No use of JetPack, and slow, but great armor.
  • Legs:
    • New Jerico bionic: Rocket Leap (1 AP, 2 WP) - Leap to target location (max 9 tiles). (Can snipe from there)



  • Immune to panic and mind control, and ignores broken legs: can solo safely.
  • High mobility with Dash, and if damage, gains additional mobility with bloodlust for disengaging or move in to kill them all.
  • Receives less damage if ambushed from short range.

Front line[edit]

  • Receives less damage if shot at from mid range, and will gain damage with bloodlust for the return fire. Can shoot even with damaged arms.


  • Pick up grenade from backpack for 0 AP and throw them with 1 AP. The grenades does 40 shred damage to all bodyparts of everyone it hits, and maybe some extra damage from bloodlust.
  • With the personal perk, he can reliably use rockets on this heavy torso


  • Does not have the +50% damage from heavy, but all attacks cost 1 AP
  • with a shotgun that weighs 4, you can do quadruple your strenght in damage with bash for 1 AP without activating Adrenalin Rush. With the personal perk for heavy weapons, you can carry weapons that weigh 5 for bash that deals five times damage your strenght. Increases some if you are damaged through bloodlust. If you are have 20 strenght, 10 mobility and missing half your HP, you can dash 10*2*1.25=25 tiles and do 20*5=100 damage for a bash that costs 1 ap, twice or thrice, kill it, gain 2 ap and then move back.

Short and mid range[edit]

  • Assault rifle for mid range attacks. Two shots per turn, and then return fire.
  • Dash forward and Adrenalin Rush at level 7, attack with 1 AP, kill, gain 2 ap for next enemy or retreaing.
  • A shotgun in the backpack can make enemies 2-3 tiles away sad, again, with no AP cost for taking it from the backpack

Long range[edit]

  • With a personal perk, he can wield the sniper rifle in the front line. Initially shooting once and returning fire
  • It's not a reliable main weapon, but it can stay in the backpack and brought forth for 0 AP cost for situational use. Having this is not a priority.
  • At level 7, shooting 4 times per turn, but at -50% accuracy. That lowers the sniper rifles effective range to the assault rifles, but doing 4*125=500 instead of 4*30*6=720. Less damage, but fewer shots, 4 instead of 24, so less affected by armor, if the enemy has any.
  • Receiving less damage from enemies distanced 10 tiles or less, and returning fire with bloodlust, he gets more mileage out of the sniper rifle than the heavy early game. At half health, he adds 25% damage, for a total of 50% damage with the personal perk, increasing the sniper rifles damage from 100 to 150.


  • If multiple enemies have damaged armor and HP:
  • Dash to get into range, use melee and shotgun to finish off
  • Adrenalin Rush lowers all attacks to 1 AP.
  • Rapid Clearence gives back 2 AP per kill
  • If you got any other assault, they can infuse more AP


The Assault/Berserker* (w/ Strongman)

This build is also call the “Terminator” because it’s all about firing off a machine gun (with bonus accuracy thanks to Strongman) for 1 AP (thanks to Adrenaline Rush) and getting 2 AP refunded with a kill (thanks to Rapid Clearance.) And since the machine gun does massive amounts of damage, it’s pretty easy to get a kill and keep the kill chain going.

Plus, there are amazing synergies with the Assault and Berserker classes. You get proficiency with melee weapons, pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns. You get Dash for added mobility. You get Armour Break to make an initial attack much more potent. You get Close Quarters Evade to boost survivability, Blood Lust to boost speed and damage output and—when combined with Return Fire—often means anyone shooting at an assault/berserker doesn’t live long enough to take a second shot at an assault/berserker.

On top of that, you get mind control immunity and the ability to ignore disabled limbs like nothing happened with Ignore Pain.

And I didn’t even mention Ready for Action or Onslaught, which are pretty good assault class skills.

You get near-perfect synergy between the assault class and the berserker class skills.

These are two front-line fighting classes, and by combining them, you get one of the best dual-class combinations in the game. And the very best frontline solider build in the game.

The assault/berserker has got a lot going for it. Then you add 1 AP machine gun rampages to the mix? How can that not be S-tier?

The Assault/Berserker* (w/ Sniperist)

The Assault/Berserker* (w/ Sniperist) is the build that relegates the Sniper/Berserker to the Trash-tier strata because this build can do everything a sniper/berserker does—except better. Way better.

In addition to all the assault/berserker goodness mentioned in the above comment on the Assault/Berserker* (w/ Strongman), you get sniper rifle proficiency with 25% bonus damage.

If you need to do some up close and personal surgical arm removal on an Arthon, this is your soldier. Just Dash in and fire.

Got a troublesome Siren or Chiron nearby? No problem. Just grab that sniper rifle and pop Adrenaline Rush.

And the Assault/Berserker* (w/ Sniperist) can swap between a pistol, melee weapon, assault rifle, or shotgun as needed—all for 0AP thanks to Ready for Action.

If the Assault/Berserker* (w/ Stongman) is your T-800 Terminator build, the Assault/Berserker* (w/ Sniperist is your bad-ass, engage-at-any-range Sarah Ann O’Connor resistance fighter build). Incredibly powerful. Incredibly flexible. A welcome addition to any squad.