Phoenix Point: Assault/Heavy

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  • A highly mobile and heavily armored front line unit that can take a lot of punishment, self heal, lowers the enemies AP from 4 to 2, and can hit back in melee, short, mid and long range. AOE damage and mist clearing, armor shredding, cover destroying and dashing in to finnish the pack while giving WP to allies for each kill.

Personal perks[edit]

Improving main function:

  • Close quarters specialist: Gain shotgun proficiency with +20% accuracy and melee weapon proficiency with +20% damage
    • +70% melee damage
  • Quarterback: 25% bonus grenades range and +2 speed
    • +75% grenade range, and even better Dash
  • Reckless: 10% bonus damage dealt and -10% accuracy
    • Improves both melee and grenades, neither use accuracy
  • Trooper: Gain assault rifle proficiency with +10% damage and +20% accuracy
  • Bombardier: Gain mounted weapon proficiency with +20% range and +10% damage
  • Resourceful: 25% bonus carry weight and +2 strength

Expanding options:

  • ?


  • Invest heavily into strenght and speed. He will need both the hitpoint and strenght for carrying all the items, as well as speed for optimal positioning.
  • This build will benefit from maxing out all stats and all abilities, so consider bringing him along for most missions.


  • Head
    • Phoenix Heavy Helmet: 27 armor, -4 accuracy
    • New Jericho Heavy Helmet: 33 armor, -4 accuracy
    • New Jericho Bionic head: 30 armor, +3 accuracy, mind control immunity (allowing unit full freedom of movement)
  • Body:
    • Phoenix Heavy Body Armor: 34 armor, -8 accuracy, -1 speed
    • Heavy Body Armor:: 34 armor, -7 accuracy, -1 speed (cheaper, lighter and faster to produce than the phoenix variant)
    • New Jericho Heavy Body Armor : 40 armor, -8 accuracy, -1 speed (6 more armor but, heavier, less accurat, three times as expensive and ten times as slow to build compared to the generic version)
    • Synedrion Bionic Torso: 22 armor, -3 accuracy, +0 speed (low armor, weighs only 1, lowers AP cost of melee attacks to 1. No jetpack, no rockets!)
    • New Jericho Bionic Torso: 45 armor, +1 accuracy, -1 speed (much more accurate, highest armor in the game, Energy shield and breaches walls. No jetpack, no rockets!)



  • Rapid Clearence gives two AP per kill
  • Killing an enemy grants allies 1 additional Will Point


  • Heavy increases melee damage with 50%. Assaul can dash into position.
  • Improves with the cyber torso that lowers melee cost to 1 AP
  • 1 AP toro comes at the cost of rockets and Jetpack, so it's not a simple choise.


  • Jepack, then Dash
  • With 1 AP Melee, Jetpack, heavy melee hit, Dash to next, kill again.


  • 0 AP for taking grenades from backpack, thrown 50% longer for 1 AP
  • With heavy torso, you get to equip the mounted rocket launcher as well

Short and mid range[edit]

  • Assault rifle for mid range attacks. Two shots per turn, and then return fire.
  • Dash forward and Rage Burst at level 7, 0 AP reload, war cry and dash back.
  • A shotgun in the backpack can make enemies 2-3 tiles away sad, again, with no AP cost for taking it from the backpack

Other combos[edit]

  • At long range, can use Onslaght to feed the Sniper 2 AP for a third shot.
  • Bring a selfheal. A shield might help in some situations


The Heavy/Assault* (w/ Close Quarters)

This build, the Heavy/Assault* (w/ Close Quarters), is your melee monster build. By stacking the bonus damage from the Heavy’s Brawler perk (+50%) with Close Quarters (+20%) you can get +70% with melee hits, and that is enough to take out quite a few enemies.

You can usually unlock these perks and abilities in the early game and counter enemies with Return Fire with massive melee hits, 272 damage with the Anu mallet or 238 damage plus 50 bleed damage if you use the Viking Axe available on Day 1 when you enable Promotional Skins.

The Assault’s Dash adds some much needed mobility to the build so you can get into melee range. Or you can Dash, Slash, and then Dash away when dealing with tougher opponents.

Add the Rapid Clearance perk when you unlock it, and you can get kill chains going—for as little as -5 willpower when activating it.

Once you get the Vengeance Torso in place, you get to do melee attacks for 1 AP, and suddenly you’re in overpowered super-hero territory. Give this character maximum speed and then get this character frenzied on turn one, and you can go on massive melee rampage killing sprees. Give this character a Scyther, and you’ll be able to clear most—if not all—of the maps in the toughest missions (yes, even on Legend difficulty) on turn one with this character alone.

That’s some overpowered, game-breaking nonsense. So, obviously, S-tier. Or maybe this build is a tier beyond that: Mega-kowabunga broken. And totally OP.

  • You can load up everyone with vidar grenades and have an assault pass them over to your boom blaster. It's hilarious, but tedious and ultimately not all that useful.

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