Phoenix Point: Assault/Infiltrator

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Main: Phoenix Point

  • Best scout
  • High perception?
  • Dash behind a enemy shotgun them. The unit gets dazed if not.
  • +50% damage with a shotgun to the back, that also dazes.
  • Safer to solo when you can dash away. Vanish and dash.
  • Decoys from the front line. Diverts a lot of incomming damage
  • Spider Drones for scouting before your assault. *pider Drones if enemy is behidn cover. They can blow up the cover the next turn, followed by an angry assault rifle.
  • Spider Drone pack, 3 drones in one shot. Free reload, 6 in one turn.
  • Gain melee for 1 AP with Vengeance Torso. Stealth Dash in (1st AP), melee to the back (2nd Ap), +50% damage, Daze, Again (3rd AP) for the kill (back 2 AP), Dash to next guy (2nd AP), two melee (3rd and 4th AP), enemy dies (get back 2 AP) Vanish and dash away.
  • Melee, Grenade, Shotgun, Assault, Crossbow and Spiders. That's 6 weapons. Good thing it dosn't cost to cycle them.


The Assault/Infiltrator* (w/ Trooper)

The Assault/Infiltrator* (w/ Trooper) may seem like an odd fit for an S-tier soldier considering the way assault rifles really don’t fit into the meta very well, but it works for this build because you get bonus damage from Trooper stacking with bonus damage from Surprise Attack, and through the space sorcery embedded in Phoenix Point’s soldier perks and abilities system, a super-accurate Deimos laser assault rifle can magically hit for 51 damage per bullet—or 306 damage per burst—in the hands of an assault/infiltrator* (w/ Trooper).

You don’t need any armour piercing technology when dual-class wizardry makes regular laser bolts hit for 51 damage. You’ll be shooting arms off Arthons with 30 armour and wrecking anything with less than 40 armour.

And the reason why the assault rifle is a go-to weapon for assault/infiltrators has a lot to do with infiltrator armour sacrificing speed boosts for stealth. It’s really difficult to sneak into shotgun range. So engaging at medium range with a medium range weapon like an assault rifle just makes sense. Add bonus damage and accuracy to that weapon, and it’s S-tier.

Plus, the assault/infiltrator is also your premium build for stealth scouting. The infiltrator is pretty good at sneaking around. Adding Dash to the mix, let’s you sneak around much more efficiently.

Ready for Action, turns the assault/infiltrator into a veritable Swiss Army knife kind of soldier able to swap between a wide variety of tools: assault rifles, spider mines, incendiary hand grenades, and poison crossbows, to name just a few.

Thief is also a great perk to have on this soldier, but it isn’t essential. You can get bonus stealth from the shadow legs mutation. But if you are really lucky and get both Trooper and Thief on one soldier, you can opt to go with regular stealth armour while adding the Goo-Repeller module, which can be kind of handy when it comes to maintaining mobility while scouting.

Finally, one of the things I like about the assault/infiltrator build is its ability to scout aggressively. Infiltrators have crossbow, a 1 AP per shot weapon. So an assault/infiltrator can Dash twice, move again, then shoot if needed.

I also really like the assault’s Ready for Action perk because I tend to use Incendiary Grenades a lot. So being able to go into the backpack and load up on a fire grenade for 0AP is kind of sweet.

One of the main jobs of my assault/infiltrators is to counter the stealth sniper tritons. Once these enemies show up, you’ll be getting a limb, head, or torso disabled on a soldier every turn. They are just brutally accurate. They land their shots on your soldiers about 90% of the time. So taking those enemies out quickly will save you a lot for frustration.

Infiltrator gear boosts perception, which makes it easier to reveal clocked tritons. And Dash let’s me in their direction and hopefully reveal them with just one move/1AP. if you don’t have Dash, you’ll feel like your playing Marco-Polo with stealth sniper tritons. And you’ll take a ton of damage every turn you cannot locate it.

Fire grenades come in handy when you find rhem. The stealth tritons have a perk called Pain Chameleon, which automatically re-conceals them when the take any kind of damage, and they also move five tiles in a random direction once re-cloaked. Everyone unit takes fire damage for every flaming tile they stand in as well as for every tile they move through that is on fire. So you when you hit the stealth Triton with an incendiary grenade, it takes explosive and fire damage right away. Then Pain Chameleon kicks in and it suddenly takes additional fire damage as it moves—up to five ticks of fire damage if theee is enough fire on the ground. So by using fire grenades on Pain Chameleon Tritons you can often use their main perk as a “weapon” against them.

This fire grenade technique effectively takes them out—either killing them outright or leaving them with their libs disabled so that they will either flee the battlefield or bleed out as they try to flee.

Anyway, that’s my advanced tip for taking out sniper tritons: Dash in and hit them with a fire grenade.