Phoenix Point: Berserker

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Legendary difficulty

Early game[edit]

  • Full berserker armor gives +4 speed. Use it, going from 16 to 20 speed. That's 25 speed at 50% HP. Use with melee, move in, hit with +25% damage, move back.
  • Berserker armor has low defense, but if you stay out of LOS so they need to get around a corner to hit you, CQE will cause the damage taken to be equivalent to having heavier armor. It's nice when you are low on resources early game.
  • Pistol does low damage, but if you break armor, everybody else will do more damage.
  • Grenades and armor break can finish of one or two difficult units.

Mid game[edit]


End game[edit]



  • Armor break, 10 AP
  • Close quarter evade, 15 AP
  • Bloodlust, 20 AP
  • Ignore pain, 25 AP
  • Adrenalin rush, 30 ap

Bloodlust Damage bonus(BLDB):

  • If you have 50% HP it give +25% damage (without any other bonusis)
  • If you have 1% HP it give 50% damage.

If your soldier have Infiltrator subclass and sniper perk then total damage will be calculated like this:

  • 100% base damage + 25% BLDB(50% HP) + 25% sniper perk + 50% stealth = 200% total damage.

Berserker with full HP are useless. (source)


  • Armor Break. The single most reliable way to shred armor (because Weak Spot is bugged [haven’t tested as of 5.48579] and only works on the very first shot fired in a mission by the soldier in question): give them a standard phoenix pistol and 8 will (you’ll want more later) and you can tear off even a NJ Heavy’s armor so your assaults can just one shot 'em.