Phoenix Point: Berserker/Infiltrator

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Berserker/Infiltrator? Trash Tier?

The Berserker/infiltrator is trash tier because both classes are missing one key component; mobility. Both classes really benefit from getting Dash. But neither Berserkers nor Infiltrators have the Dash perk. And by combining two classes that don’t have Dash, you won’t—surprise, surprise—get the Dash ability.

But what really makes this suboptimal combination turn trash-tier are how the two classes work against each other. Infiltrators rely on stealth and not getting hit to scout around and deal damage from the shadows. Berserkers are all about getting up in the enemies’ grills and bashing them. Or trying to hit the enemy with the worst gun in the game.

The two halves of this dual class combination don’t fit very well. Sure, if this soldier has the Close Quarters perk, you could use Vanish to boost damage to +70% and deliver a wallop on par with an Assault/Heavy’s bonus damage hit. But that’s it. Your soldier spends 3 willpower to get, maybe, one kill. And turn done.

Without Dash, you have to make sure that you have enough speed to get into range to deliver this hard hitting blow since you can only spend 1 AP moving, 1 AP to Vanish and get adjacent to the target, and 2 AP hitting. Meanwhile, the Assault/Heavy can Dash and Bash. Or Dash and slash plus, with Rapid Clearance, chain kills together—often clearing a lot of the map in one go.

If any Berseker or Infiltrator rolls Sniperist I'll make this soldier a Inf/Bers (or Bers/Inf). Shooting 4 times while vanishing is the most damage you make in the game in a single turn without Rapid Clearance or a very lucky enemy gathering susceptible to bombing.

Since he'll be snipering from behind you can keep it permanently wounded for the damage boost. Only time I had a soldier like this he would almost always be at 20-50 HP since clever positioning means you can vanish back out of the enemies LOS.

With scorpion rifle that's like 4x ~600 damage shots with 80 AP and for only 9 WP (Vanish+Adrenaline Rush). You can kill 4 enemies and have 8AP back or pop Armor Break, kill 3 enemies and still recover all your AP at the end. With the armored head you can do that shit every turn.

Totally OP

(My comment: add cautious)