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Early game[edit]

You want two Heavies during the early game so they can together go collect hard to reach objectives. Doing it solo is just asking to get mind controlled with nobody to free him. They can start the mission by both jumping on a hight that has been resonably scouted, in order to see further ahead, or they both walk to a far away lootbox, pick it's contents and then both Jetpack back to the other four before they get swarmed. You want a Scarab ASAP so you can do missions where you will confront humans as soon as possible. Having built the Scarab, build a second set of Heavy armor. The Heavies main use is not their weapons. It's War Cry. They will buy time for the other four soldiers to finish of units getting close. They will also be able to bash enemies that get too close much more reliably. Simply War Cry, and move back, have the snipers take out the ranged enemies and see the melee units move forward to you and end their turn in bash range.

  • Jump greatly helps moving while encumbered
  • Jump + Warcry cuases the enemies to move without shooting, or shoot only once. Follow up next turn with melee attacks.
  • Inspire is the only early source of willpower for the team.

  • Heavy armor is really haeavy, preventing having a lot of gear. Also expensive to build.
  • Range/Accuracy and shooting only once per turn are the main drawbacks of the heavy weapons.
  • Heavy armor further reduces their main draw back, weapons having low range/accuracy.
  • Dual spec disallows for bringing a lot weapons if you also use the heavy armor
  • Dual spec into sniper allows for more accuracy and shooting twice per turn. And weapons still a little bit too inaccurate for long range fire.
  • Paired with Assault:
    • Dash-Melee, making it very hard for the enemy to close in to you
    • grenade spam.
    • Rapid Clearence + Inspire, best unit to finish off enemies with
  • However, the best way is to wait for infiltrators. They will shine as stealthed explosives platforms that wears heavy armor and deploys decoys.


  • Auto Cannon: does 60 damage three times instead of 30 six times compared to a generic assault rifle, but with 3 AP per shot and about twice as much reload cost in Materials. Four attacks until the magazine is emptied (12/3) compared to five (30/6) from the assault rifle. Effective range 20 compared to 17 for the assault rifle. Weight is 4 instead of 3, causinga bit more bash damagte. Basically comparable to the assault rifle, but costs more to reload.
  • Independent Machine Gun: almost twice as much damage using three instead of two AP, with less range. over six materials per burst intead of three Materials per burst for the assault rifle.


  • Brawler - worth taking, 10 SP
  • War Cry - worth taking, 15 SP
  • Boom Blast - Only useful for a grenade build, 20 SP
  • Inspire - Only early game source of Willpower recovery, 25 SP
  • Rage Burst - haven't tried, most say it's nerfed into uselessness, 30 SP


A lot of fun with perks:

  • Strongman (+Cautious): Terminator build with berserker
  • Thief (+Quarterback, Bombardier, Reckless): Heavy/Infiltrator is the best grenade build. Thief makes it easier to move around. Late game build for when enemies are plenty and you have a lot of resources.
  • Close Quarters/Quarterback/Trooper (+Farsighted, +Resourceful): Assault/Heavy, increased melee damage as base, or increased grenades range and mobility as base or improved rifle as base. Add increased Return Fire range as bonus or increased carry weight as bonus.

  • Mid game heavy uses boom blast and fires grenade launcher twice + mounted rocket launcher.
  • Late game you use propeller legs to jump into position and Rage Burst that Scylla. And/or use Onslaught from allied Assault to get into position.