Phoenix Point: Heavy/Berserker

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Either evasive and mobile, or tanky build that uses melee, shotgun, grenade and rocket launchers to shred. Also War Cry.

Personal perks[edit]

Improving main function:

  • Close quarters specialist: Gain shotgun proficiency with +20% accuracy and melee weapon proficiency with +20% damage

Expanding options:

  • ?


  • 20 speed
  • Maybe 11 will, giving two Armor Break and one Adrenalin Rush
  • Rest on strength


Assuming we have the unit at half health, and constantly out of sight:

  • 20 speed, -1 from heavy armor, +4 from agile legs = 23 speed. +25% at half health, 23*1.25% = 28 speed. Thats very high speed combined with JetPack, making an excelent solo unit that won't panic or gets mind controlled. Bionic speed legs are an alternative.
  • If you want to go tank mode, heal up and with high armor on head and torso combined with taking 25% less damage gives best survivability among all classes.
  • Melee range: Go in, melee once at 195% damage, move back out of LOS, no WP spent. Or Jet Pack (2 WP) in close to the enemies out of LOS and War Cry (3 WP). Next turn, you are in melee range.
  • Close range: Shotgun at 145% damage that shreds 30 on any armor it touches (3 WP)
  • Four shots of a heavy weapon if anything moves in too close, three shots after positioning (5 WP). Mutated head prevents daze. Or if you are point blank, you can use Rage Burst with the shotgun. haven't tested that though.
  • Mid to long range: Shredding Grenade launcher on third slot and rockets on heavy torso. Explosives hit all body parts and shred them 30.


  • Bersereker / Heavy with biochemist perk, adrenaline rush and antidaze head. The weapon is NJ minigun. Very effective against scylla - stripping all the will in one turn.
  • I’ve tested Adrenaline Rush with Grenade launchers and found that the Berserker missed about half the shots. So a lot of wasted Grenades. A lot of wasted attacks. Adrenaline Rush for grenade attacks is okay at short range, iffy at medium range, and a total waste of action points and ammunition at long range. I prefer the added range from Boom Blast. It makes all grenades more accurate since the odds of a Grande missing the mark increase with range. Plus not having to spend AP moving to get into range is a nice plus