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  • Huge damage with grenade launcher
  • Decoy with heacy armor

Inspire Finisher[edit]

One of the main issues during the midgame is that your units will be drained of WP, and you want to replenish them in order to keep key abilities such as decoy and second sniper shot per round to keep going. Priests take a while to get going, and it might take a while before you get one good enough to bring with your A-Team. The alternative is to have a Heavy that gets all the kill shots and uses Inspire to give all allies 1 WP per kill. The unit will be getting two WP per kill, so he should also have a good way of spending that.

The easiest way to do that is to have the heavy kill with a sniper rifle and stand in central spot at the back and finish of units one at a time. The main goal here isn't to kill with one shot, but to get the finishing shot. So you want the entire team to prepare the battleground to have the heavy finish off everybody. For that reason, the main goal isn't to hit hard, but to hit accurate, and be able to either relocate and shoot fast, or to be up high undetected and shoot over the entire map.

Weapons of interest for this build:

  • Synedrion Laser Sniper Rifle - 63 range, 15 ammo, 3 AP
  • Phoenix Light Sniper Rifle - 51 range, 7 ammo, 2 AP
  • Grenade launcher, 25 base range, 2 AP, 1 with Boom Blast

For this build, neither the melee or the War Cry of the heavy will be of significance, since you want him to stay safe and focus on finishing of units, not being the front line risking being damage and forcing to retreat, resulting in mass WP starvation. Boom Blast might be useful to get two enemies with one hit if they are close to each other. Rockets might also be good for that, although expensive. A grenade launcher is more affordable.

Are there better builds than a straight up Sniper second class? You can acquire sniper rifle proficiency through a personal perk, but you would then loose out on the +30% aim on of Snipers. That can be mitigated by also picking up the Cautious personal perk for +20% accuracy -10% damage. So what will the other class be if not sniper?

  • Sniperist - Gain sniper rifle proficiency with +25% damage and -4 willpower (the lowered willpower is tolerable since you don't need a high max)
  • Cautions - 20% bonus accuracy and -10% damage dealt
  • Bombardier - Gain mounted weapon proficiency with +20% range and +10% damage (increases rocket range from 25 to 30. 42.5 with Boom Blast.)
  • Thief - 25% bonus stealth and +1 speed
  • (Grenadier perk works only with grenades, not the launcher nor rockets)

Having this high reliance on grenades and a preference to be on a central location without being spotted makes infiltrator as good pick. With an infiltrator as second class, you get to boost up your base attacks with +50%, but we have already established that damage dealing isn't the main function. However, boosting grenades and using them to start a fight is another story.

  • Lead the initial assault with a long range stealth rocker using Boom Blast (The Action Point cost of grenades and other explosive weapons is reduced by 1 and their range is increased by 50% till the end of the turn) it your scout spots them before they spread out.
  • Then when they get closer, long range stealth grenades, using Surprise Attack (Attacks from behind gain shock value equal to 3 times the damage dealt) throwing the grenades behind weaker enemies in order to have them do nothing for a turn.
  • Blow up cover for only one AP per grenades
  • If you get two worms close to each other, a grenades will get both of them.
  • if you got a single assault able to feed AP, he can throw as many as six grenades on a single turn. If there a lot of enemies, that can be used to kill a large pack.

Using Boom Blast will dent your WP, but it will be refilled when you start finish of units with the sniper rifle. When it's time to finish them off, if there are fewer of them, then the light sniper rifle can shoot twice at a slight aim disadvantage. Are there alternatives to the sniper rifle?

  • Synedrion Laser Sniper Rifle - 120 damage, 63 base range, 15 ammo, 3 AP
  • Phoenix Light Sniper Rifle - 90 damage, 51 base range, 7 ammo, 2 AP

The Synedrion laser rifle has 12 tiles more range compared to the 51 tiles of the light sniper rifle. That's an increase of 23.5%, but it will cost 3 AP to use. those 3 AP can be combined with a Decoy or Boom Blast. The best alternative to consider would be the assault rifle with the best range:

  • Synedrion Laser Assault Rifle - 30*6=180 damage, 32 base range, 60/6=10 shots, 2 AP

Now, the Sniperist personal perk gives more damage, but no higher accuracy. Trooper does give +20% accuracy, so that increases the assault rifles base range from 32 to 38.4. That only 75% the range of the light sniper rifle, and 60% the range of the laser sniper rifle. Even with the Trooper perk, assault rifles are not a better alternative.

Vanish with high stealth/accuracy gear isn't as good as with a heavy armor on the front line, but still useful as a dump for all the extra WP. And spiders can provide be used as expensive decoys or in order to secure your flank.

So this unit will provide:

  • Turn 1: Run forward with a high Perception scout. Find the enemy cluster. shoot them with a 170% range rocket that deals 112 (160%) damage, dazing some of them for 336 points (112*3), causing them to have a delayed charge. Use the other 3 AP use Spider Drone Pack (Deploy 3 Spider Drones with one action, 2 AP). Move with last AP
  • Turn 2: While they are dazed, Rocket Jump to a suitable location. Navigate the three spiders.
  • Turn 3: Activate Boom Blast and use the Grenade launcher to shoot two 175% range stealth grenades that deal 75 damage (150%), each dazing for 225 points and knocking down cover. (Another rocket or using a mounter laser costs now 0 AP)
  • Turn 4: If combat is ongoing, and there fewer of them, throw down a decoy and kill one with the laser sniper rifle to give 1 WP per kill to allies, all 7 of them, on top of the two he gets for himself,
  • If there is a need to re-locate, Vanish will provide that and renewed stealth, followed by more grenades or sniper rifle fire
  • Finish off two units per turn with a light sniper rifle

This build does not need a lot of speed. Nor does it need benefit much from extra strength other than making the decoy more durable (doesn't increase grenade launcher range - not confirmed). However, do max out will:

  • Jet Jump (2 WP)
  • Boom Blast (5 WP)
  • Deploy Decoy (4 WP)
  • Vanish (3 WP

Could this work with any other Class? Assault? Up front, you lose out on the stealth bonus, +50% stealth damage from grenades, spiders, daze from back attacks and decoy. Instead, you get:

  • Ready for Action: Reloading and inventory actions do not cost any Action Points
  • Rapid Clearance: Recover 2 Action Points for each enemy killed, until the end of the turn

Assaults are able to pick up grenades from backpack instead of using a grenade launcher. Odin grenades have 16 range at 20 strength, increased to 20 with Grenadier:

  • Grenadier - 25% bonus grenades range and +2 speed (works only with grenades, not the launcher nor rockets. Base range of Odin Grenade is 16, increased to 20 with this perk.)

That is still less than the 25 tiles of a Grenades launcher, but with Boom Blast, you get to throw four grenades per turn instead of two. The Grenade launcher has 10 grenades using one slot, while each individual grenade takes a backpack slot. The grenade launcher does 60 base damage, instead of the 50 that a normal grenade does. So you get less damage, less range and less backpack space, but you get a free ready weapon slot to use something else on. But I didn't find anything else useful to equip instead for this build. Each grenade launcher shot costs 1.4 tech and 11 materials vs 1 tech and 10 materials for a standard grenade.

Only other useful ability seems to be Rapid Clearance. With this, he can:

  • Throw two grenades from the backpack and then keep shooting with the light sniper rifle for as long as he keeps killing enemies.
  • Start with 4 AP and use Rapid Clearance, spend 3 AP for the laser sniper rifle, go down to 1 AP, get a kill, back to 3 AP and then kill again. You got two shots from the laser sniper rifle for 5 WP. A sniper would have spent 6 WP for the same feat. And chances are, you still have 2 AP left, usable with the light sniper rifle or maybe some grenades.


The Heavy/Infiltrator* (w/ Thief).

Now, I know that some of you will think I’ve lost it. And others—those that have used this build before—are just nodding, smirking, and smiling.

This build just doesn’t appear in many people’s lists of good builds. And here, it’s S-tier?

Yep. S-tier. Just roll around in heavy armour popping decoys that show up with heavy armour and enjoy the LOLz as the Pandorans burn all their AP trying to take them out.

Okay, jokes aside, the heavy/infiltrator is the best grenade tossing build in the game. So if you want better grenades, this is your build.

Surprise Attack gives you 50% more damage, and this perk also applies to explosive damage, so it’s 50% more damage to each and every enemy limb, leg, torso, and head in an area of effect blast. And it all adds up. If you get good dice rolls on a hit, your heavy/infiltrator can often obliterate groups of enemies, whereas a regular heavy will shred a bunch of armour off them but sometimes only do a tiny bit of damage.

The heavy/infiltrator with a regular Goliath grenade launcher and Boom Blast does the same amount of damage as a Scarab vehicle missile barrage—and about 60% more damage if your heavy/infiltrator has a mounted rocket launcher. But with Boom Blast, you can split fire to multiple targets, which is something the Scarab cannot do. You can reload your heavy/infiltrator too. And your heavy/infiltrator only takes one seat in an aircraft, whereas the Scarab takes three. Scarab vehicle or one Heavy/infiltrator soldier? Hmm, “tough, tough” choices.

The heavy/infiltrator with a Goliath grenade launcher does the same amount of damage as a regular Heavy with the Legacy of the Ancients Rebuke. … So what about the heavy/infiltrator with a Rebuke? Short answer: OP AF.

On top of all that bonus damage, you also get the Sneak Attack perk adding a daze effect to grenades. Just drop it behind and enemy and see their AP reduced to 1 the next turn.

The Heavy/Infiltrator really shines on Legend difficulty because there are more enemies on the map, and being able to stun groups of enemies, disable their limbs with grenade barrages, and do some rudimentary crowd control in the opening turns of a battle really helps even the odds.

The Thief perk just adds flexibility to the mix since it allows this soldier to wear heavy armour without constantly needing to spend willpower to spam Vanish every turn to regaining concealment.

As an added bonus, an infiltrator with Thief in heavy armour acts like a kind of canary in a coal mine. These soldiers are often concealed at the beginning of a mission, but if they aren’t—or if they move and get revealed—you’ll instantly know that there is some kind of dangerous. double-perception sniper Triton with line of sight on your squad. Deploy accordingly.

And that heavy armour decoy thing I mentioned near the top of this comment, only half-joking. You can deploy decoys with crazy staying power if your heavy/infiltrator is in heavy armour. And that Living Weapons Samnu armour: made for heavy/infiltrators. It’s got armour, aim bonuses, and stealth bonuses.

The real power in the heavy/infiltrator build is the grenade launcher. And the grenade launcher is also the first heavy weapons you unlock. You unlock it long before other technologies like the tier-three mutations that boost stealth. So if you want to jump jet onto roofs and then engage in some early-game bonus-damage grenade shenanigans, you need the Thief perk to make the most out of this build.