Phoenix Point: Sniper

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Legendary difficulty

Early game[edit]

The snipers are pure vanilla. If they have Sniperist, DON'T ACTIVATE IT. Strongman won't help them early game either, so no point wasting Skill Points on that before activating their secondary class. You still want them to give them SP for their future key roles, and you want two of them to dominate the early long range field. Early game, you will have issues building armor for everybody, so let the snipers go in with no armor. Keep them far away from danger, using the other soldiers to prevent the enemies to get close to them. Break line of sight if there is a risk involved.


The sniper rifle is really good, costing only 10 materials to reload. The pistol is also a good complement to the sniper at only 6 materials to reload.


45 Skill points to get the basic skills. Save the rest of the 75 SP for the Heavy/Infiltrator. 50 for the Dual class, and 30 for Sneak Attack.

  • Extreme focus - worth taking, 10 SP
  • Quick Aim - worth taking, 15 SP
  • Master Marksman - worth taking, 20 SP
  • Weak Spot - ignore
  • Marked for Death - ignore


  • Sniperist (+Thief): Sniper/Infiltrator. Stacks with Sneak Attack, for a total of 175% damage per shot. Two of this will take down most enemies. DO NOT PICK SNIPERIST BEFORE YOU GET SECOND CLASS PERKS
  • Strongman (+Cautious): Sniper/Heavy. Wont be used until you are swimming in resources. Keep them alive until then and don't waste their skillpoints.

Note! Sniperist makes trash out of the soldier in any other combination than with Infiltrator since it makes it very hard to shoot twice per turn due to the -4 WP malus. The infiltrator hits so hard that he kills enemies outright, getting back will.