Phoenix Point: Sniper/Berserker

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  • Sniper rifle, Armored Head and Adrenaline Rush usually means 3 good shots at the enemy each turn. And in case you didn't need to move, you can restore your will points with the last action point, Or shoot less and restore when you have the action point left. Yes, this is a power build only good at level 7, but that's what you build your training centers and mutation pits for. It's not the best, but still decent.


Sniper/Berserker? Trash Tier?

The Sniper/Berserker is all about using sniper rifles at shotgun range. Some people think this build is good. And they are wrong. Just plain wrong.

I’ve tried to make this build good in so many ways with so many different combinations of cybernetic enhancements and mutations. And I couldn’t do much more than just make it suck slightly less.

The whole idea behind this build is to use a sniper rifle with Adrenaline Rush to pop off four shots in one turn. But the accuracy penalty at range means you’ll miss two of the four shoots on a good day and three of the four shots on a regular day—and that’s against a target the size of a Chiron.

With the Sniper/Berserker, you need to get in close—so close that you render the Sniper’s Marksman perk useless. But getting in close makes these soldiers vulnerable when wearing sniper armour and almost unable to hit anything if they aren’t wearing it.

And then there is this huge overlap between abilities. Armour Break and Weakspot Targeting are very similar. One strips armour from a targeted body part at the beginning of an attack, and the other is a passive skill that does it at the end of an attack. And having both on the same character is kind of redundant.

And the same thing can be said of Adrenaline Rush and Quick Aim: do you take two shots that hit or four shots with a 50% aim penalty (with only one or two hits actually landing) followed by the adrenaline rush hangover that leaves a soldier dazed and down to 1 AP the next turn? Or do you put the daze immunity head—on a sniper, FFS—so you can ignore the daze penalty at the cost of making aim way worse?

Theses aren’t tough choices! Like, at all. Because the simple solution is to not do this build. Like, ever.

But the real clincher that makes a sniper/berserker trash tier is the Sniperist perk on a regular, single class berserker. You can dual class to give a berserker sniper rifle proficiency for 50 Skill Points. Or you can pick up the Sniperist perk on a Berserker for only 25 SP—and get a 25% damage boost to sniper rifle damage on top of all that.

And then you can take that single-class Berserker with Sniperist and dual class that soldiers and pick up more perks—such as dual-classing into assault to get the bad-ass, Sarah O’Connor, S-tier assault/berserker* (w/ Sniperist) build.

Weapon proficiency factors into these builds because the sniper/berserker is limited to melee weapons, pistols, and sniper rifles, whereas the assault/berserker* (w/ Sniperist) can use sniper rifles, melee weapons, assault rifles, pistols, and shotguns. The sniper rifle is great for disabling enemy limbs, but sometimes a slam-strike shotgun in the hands of an assault/sniper spamming Quick Aim or an assault/berserker using Adrenaline Rush is just as deadly to the enemy—perhaps more so since each slam-strike hit shreds considerable amounts of armour.

The sniper/berserker suffers from a lack of weapon proficiency, and that makes the build very inflexible.

Sure, there are people out there who swear by this build because they had some success with these Trash-tier soldiers. The Sniper/Berserker can make short work of Chirons and Sirens—after you spend a turn or two just moving so you can get into close range. And that’s about all it can do. It’s situationally or occasionally good. But more often than not, underwhelming or just plain awful.

This build is, unquestionably, trash tier.

In fact, the sniper/berserker might even be king of the trash tier builds—as in, it is possibly the absolute worst dual class combination in the entire game.