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The sniper is really capable at giving excellent fire support from long range. As long as you got a couple of snipers from a good vantage points raining down accurate bullets, the rest of the soldiers can don't need to be worried about the enemies getting too close and can simply wait for pockets of less resistance to push forward. Load up a sniper with a backpack full of ammo and he will be able to do so for as long as is required.

Now, how can this be done better? Well, for starters, if you are the one doing all the killing, you might as well give some WP to the rest of the crew. The heavy ability Inspire is the starting point of this build. Now, the sniper rifle won't have its damage boosted, so you will probably be required to put two bullets in an enemy to finish them off, and that means you need to have a lot of WP to keep going and have a nice amount of refill if you take a pause. 12 WP is a good amount. If you skip a turn when you are out of WP, you lose a shot, but get (12/2=) 6 WP so you get to shoot twice the following turn.

Note that this unit will not get to JetPack ever. It's tuned for the highest difficulty where pace is high and both SP and resources are scarce.

Early game[edit]

From there, we add that the best legs for snipers are the Stomper legs mutations, since they give +12% accuracy. They are early and cheap mutations. But as it turns out, they also give 30 armor, making them hi-tier armor. Can that hi-armor concept be expanded on? Yes it can! With the New Jericho sniper helm, you get 18 armor for you head and still get +9% accuracy. This helm is good enough to carry to the end of the game, so no shame in building them early if you got no higher priorities.

The best chest armor during the early game gives +5% accuracy, but they have lousy armor. With the New Jericho assault body, you neither get nor lose accuracy, but get a respectable 24 armor for the early game.

This gives them enough armor to venture close to assault rifle wielding Pandorans without too much worry, and enjoy sniping from a close distance. And should any of them get too close, you have War Cry (3 WP) to halt them, reposition, and follow up the next turn with two salvos (6 WP) of Minigun fire. Even without that setup, there comes times when somebody gets close, and you can finish them off with one minigun burst, otherwise requiring two sniper rounds.

Going for the New Jericho heavy chest would grant 40 armor, but at the cost of 8% accuracy. That's not really worth it, specially not the building cost and time of that chest piece. In fact, neither is the it worth time and cost of building the New Jericho assault chest piece either, so if your play style permits it, just go without a chest piece and instead use a shield. Shield will be useful even during end of game. Now, he has a sniper rifle, a minigun and a shield. That will make him basically immobile on turns he is busy, but that's fine.

Brawler and a Minigun also serves an excellent melee weapon, taking down worms in one hit and also ruining any humanoids getting too close.

Mid game[edit]

As you get enough economy to afford heavy use of explosives, build a grenade launcher. Change the shield for a grenade launcher and stay further back now that enemies are more dangerous. With Boom Blast, you get to rain down fire even if you happen to not have great line of sight. Keep in mind that explosives shred armor, two grenade launches at enemies that happen to be packed will remove all limps from unarmored foes and make armored foes much less armored.

Towards the end of the midgame, you will get the New Jericho upgrade on bionics: "Advanced Bionic Technology". With that, you get access to the Neural Torso. It provides 30 defense and +8 accuracy, the highest torso accuracy available! And as an added bonus, they also serve as a platform for Rockets, so now you can put on Rockets without the massive accuracy penalty of the heavy chest piece and also double carrying capacity, allowing you to move around with all that heavy gear. Nice indeed. You now get +12+8+9 = +29% accuracy from your clothes, +30 from the sniper ability and more from personal perks!

With Strongman, you get +79% accuracy shooting with the improved heavy cannon, the Hel II. That does 200 damage, so anybody getting within 15 tiles is going to have a really bad day. Now, since your armor is now boosted high enough, you can be confidently put this sniper in the front line, just slightly behind the tip of the spear, the guys with Juggernaut Torso. Assisting them with War Cry and filling up their WP with every kills will be much appreciated!

Personal perks[edit]

Improving main function:

  • Bombardier: Gain mounted weapon proficiency with +20% range and +10% damage
  • Cautious: 20% bonus accuracy and -10% damage dealt
  • Strongman: Gain heavy weapons proficiency with +20% accuracy and -15 perception, +2 strength

Expanding options:

  • Trooper: Gain assault rifle proficiency with +10% damage and +20% accuracy

Not recommended:

  • Sniperist: Gain sniper rifle proficiency with +25% damage and -4 willpower - the lowered willpower will be noticeable, but the extra damage isn't stacked with stealth damage, so it's not going to be enough to finish off enemies anyway. Let those snipers go for an infiltrator build.


45+70 = 115 Skill points to get the basic skills. 50 for the Dual class, so a total of 165 SP. 120 of them comes from leveling, 45 from missions. Put rest into Will.

Sniper, 45 skill points:

  • Extreme focus: Overwatch cost is reduced by 1 action point - worth taking, 10 SP
  • Quick Aim: The action point cost of the next shot with proficient weapon is reduced by 1 - worth taking, 15 SP
  • Master Marksman: Accuracy with a proficient weapon is increased by 30% while there are no spotted enemies within 10 tiles - worth taking, 20 SP
  • Weak Spot: Disabling a body part also removes that body part's armor - ignore
  • Marked for Death: Mark an enemy target. Increases damage suffered by the target by 10 from each hit until the end of the turn. - ignore

Heavy, 70 skill points:

  • Brawler: Bash and melee attacks deal 50% more damage - worth taking, 10 SP
  • War Cry: All enemies within 10 tiles have their Action Points reduced to 2 for the next turn - worth taking, 15 SP
  • Boom Blast: The Action Point cost of grenades and other explosive weapons is reduced by 1 and their range is increased by 50% till the end of the turn - worth taking, 20 SP
  • Inspire: Killing an enemy grants allies 1 additional Will Point - worth taking, 25 SP
  • Rage Burst: Shoot 5 times spread across an arc with direct-fire weapon - ignore


  • 12 WP

Neither speed nor Strength matter much.


  • Head:
    • New Jericho sniper helmet: +9% accuracy
  • Torso
    • Early game: Nothing, only a shield if you got one
    • Mid game: Neural Torso: bionics that give +8% accuracy, rocket slots, double carry weight.
  • Legs:
    • Early game: Nothing, only a shield if you got one
    • Mid game: Disciples of Anu Stomping Legs Mutation - +12% accuracy, Stomp (2AP, 2WP) - Perform Shock Damage Attack of value 200 affecting a 5-tile radius, DAZEing targets if shock value > target Hit Points. Grants +1 STR. WILL ALSO DAZE YOUR ALLIES!!!


  • Shoot heavy weapons twice per turn
  • Increased accuracy using heavy weapons, +30% accuracy from sniper, 29% from gear, another 20-40 with 1 or 2 personal perks, for a max of about +99% accuracy
  • Rocket launcher

  • NO JetPack ever. So NOT going to follow that up with a melee weapon strike, pistol shot and pistol overwatch
  • NO Increased damage using machine guns from 35 damage per bullet to 45 as there is no good opportunity for that.
  • NO Rage Burst with Synedrion laser pistol, as he has his three slots filled with more important items and Rage Burst costs 30 XP.

Quote from other people on Sniper/Heavy in general[edit]

The Heavy/Sniper (w/ Strongman) is a better version of the Heavy/Sniper.

The Strongman perk grants your soldier +2 strength (more hit points, carrying capacity, and bash damage). But the best part of this perk is the +20% bonus accuracy with heavy weapons.

The core idea in this build is to combine the bonus accuracy from Strongman with Quick Aim so you can put two machine gun burst or Hel Cannon blasts down range in one turn.

The 20% bonus accuracy also means that more machine gun bullets will hit the target more often. Accuracy and range are closely related in this game, so the Heavy/Sniper* (w/ Strongman) is more flexible than a regular Heavy/Sniper since you’ll have the option to use Quick Aim to shoot twice with a machine gun more often.

The Heavy class is kind of a mixed bag of skills: Brawler adds melee weapon proficiency with bonus damage; War Cry is an overpowered support skill that reduces enemy action points for a turn; Boom Blast makes tossing or launching grenades more efficient; Inspire gives allies one bonus willpower whenever your Heavy gets a kill; and Rage Burst is for weapons like machine guns and Hel Cannons but rarely hits anything.

Rage Burst is so bad that you’ll be lucky if get one good Rage Burst use during an entire 200+ missions campaign. So dual classing with the Sniper class to get Quick Aim is a good replacement for the Rage Burst skill.

If you want to use machines guns on a heavy, the Heavy/Sniper* (w/ Strongman) is the way to go.

With the Heavy/Sniper, you also get handgun proficiency. Having a 1 AP weapon pairs well with the 3 AP jump jet ability.

Or if you don’t mind having your soldiers look like they always skip legs day at the gym, you can put a Heavy/Sniper in asniper helmet, sniper legs, and a heavy torso so you can quickly jump jet onto high ground then start sniping the next turn.

And you have the option to use the bonus accuracy from the Sniper’s Marksman perk when choosing which weapon to use—sniper rifle or machine gun—if your target is 10 or more tiles away.