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A build that gets pwerful very early, being able to accuratly shoot four times with the assault rifle as soon has gets both the lvl 3 sniper ability and assault rifle profiency, possibly through a personal perk.

Personal perks[edit]

Improving main function:

  • Bombardier: Gain mounted weapon proficiency with +20% range and +10% damage
  • Cautious: 20% bonus accuracy and -10% damage dealt
  • Healer: 30% bonus healing and +2 willpower
  • Sniperist: Gain sniper rifle proficiency with +25% damage and -4 willpower (not optimal)
  • Thief: 25% bonus stealth and +1 speed

Expanding options:

  • ?


  • Head:
    • Synedrion Silent Echo Head Augmentation: +10% stealth, Night Vision, All weapon attacks are silent.
  • Torso
    • Synedrion Infiltrator Body Armor: +20% Stealth. (for pure stealth build. If you got the mutated heads and legs, you don't get to change the third body part)
    • New Jericho Exoskeletal Torso Augmentation: -15% stealth. +8% Accuracy. Heavy Lifter - Double weight can be carried without causing movement penalty. Can also use Mounted Launchers and VVA-2 Arms. (for rocket support or extra healing at the back.)

  • Legs:
    • Disciples of Anu Stealth Legs Mutation: +30% stealth, Electric kicElectric Kick (1 AP) - Perform a melee kick dealing 200 Shock Damage and DAZE target if shock value is greater than target's Hit Points.
    • Synedrion Infiltrator Leg Armor: +20% Stealth (If you got the bionic torso and mutated head, then you don't get to change the third bodypart).


  • 1st and 2nd turns, deploy all spider mines. Note that they cost a lost of resources, so don't do this on easy missions.
  • Sneak Attack increases damage to 150%, 175% with the sniper rifle perk. With the bionic head, your shots are silence.

Mutaded legs[edit]

  • Base 60% stealth. 85% if actually stealthed. Enemy has 15% perception, 0 with the Thief perk.
  • Feel free to move around, put a decoy for safety. Vanish will put you back in stealth.
  • if you flank them and shoot them in the back, they get dazed.
  • If somebody gets to melee range, you get to kick them for 200 shock damage.

Bionic torso[edit]

  • Base 15% stealth. 40% if actually stealthed. Enemy has 60% perception, 35% with the Thief perk.
  • You get to stay in the back of the group and support them from there. Use decoy to draw fire.
  • You get to choose between:
    • healing with VVA-2 Arms, having injured soldiers move to you for healing
    • shooting explosives with Fury-2.You get to remove the enemies cover before shooting with the rifle


The Sniper/Infiltrator* (w/Sniperist)

The Sniper/Infiltrator* (w/Sniperist) makes the S-tier list because this is the best sniper build in the game. This is your one shot, one kill sniper build.

The damage boost from Sniperist stacks with the damage boost from the Infiltrator’s level 7 perk, Surprise Attack—for a whopping +70% damage. In the late game, you’ll get bonus damage boosts from vivisections and another from an advanced research project, and if your sniper/infiltrator is rocking a Scorpion sniper rifle, you’ll be able to take out anything under 400 hit points with one bullet.

And you’ll be able to disable the explosive abdomen on an artillery bomb launching Chiron with one shot—from the other side of the map. Which can be kind of be useful on some missions.

The bonus damage from Sniperist and Surprise Attack means that the Sniper/Infiltrator* (w/Sniperist) can remain willpower neutral—or pretty damn close to it—for most of the mission. For example, it’s -3 willpower for Quick Aim and +3 willpower when taking out a Trition. With Arthons, it’s -3 willpower for a Quick Aim and +2 for a kill. So the The Sniper/Infiltrator* (w/Sniperist) can often get two kills in one turn. But given the amount of armour and hit points tritons and Arthons evolve into having, you will need the stacking bonus damage with the sniper/infiltrator* (w/ Sniperist) to get those one-shot kills.

Dealing massive damage at range is what the The Sniper/Infiltrator* (w/Sniperist) is all about. They are the best at it, and that’s why they are S-tier.

And there are other synergies from the Sniper/infiltrator combination. First up, concealment. If the enemy can’t see you, they cannot shoot you. So you can get away with putting less Skill Points into strength once dual classed and will be able to pick up perks or more willpower sooner instead. (Admittedly, this plus to the sniper/infiltrator build is more of a benefit on Legend difficulty, where soldiers only earn 5 SP per mission).

Sneak Attack, the infiltrator’s level 2 skill, does triple shock damage damage when hitting targets from behind. When shooting a scorpion sniper rifle for 306 damage, you’ll be doing 918 shock damage, which is enough to stun some lower-tier Chirons or daze a wounded Scylla as it tries to flee the battlefield. With the Sneak Attack perk. You can break a Siren’s mind control with one shot into her backside—from the other side of the map. The Sniper/Infiltrator will be able to daze a lot of enemies very frequently, and that turns into tactical flexibility in a fight—especially in the early turns on Legend where you can have a dozen or so enemies swarming your position simultaneously. Having one enemy instantly transformed into a problem that doesn’t have to be dealt with this turn is huge in those situations.

The synergies between the sniper class and the infiltrator class also make for one of the best dual-class combinations in the game.

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