Phoenix Point: Sniper/Priest

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Sniper/Priest? Trash Tier?

The sniper/priest is a trash tier build because the two classes just don’t gel. There is no synergy. In fact, there is a negative synergy because combining these two classes makes each half worse than what they would be if they weren’t dual classed.

The Priest is a close range class, and needs to be in close to mind control or mind crush enemies—the two key offensive aspects of the Priest class. The sniper is a long range class; the marksman perk grants bonus accuracy only comes into effect if there are no spotted enemies within 10 titles.

About the only Priest skill that could benefit a sniper is Induce Panic, and that’s a lot of Skill Points to spend to pick up a skill that may only be useful in rare situations.

Snipers need willpower for Quick Aim, and they will often spend it every turn until it is close to being depleted. Priest needs a large amount of willpower if they want to mind control an enemy or be able to successfully panic it.

So if you lean on Quick Aim every turn, you’re making the Priest side of the equation less and less effective, and if you avoid using Quick Aim to help out the Priest side, you’re neutering the Sniper side.

Mixing these two classes just doesn’t make any sense. Trash Tier!