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A supersoldier is defined as a soldier build that goes way beyond what can be considered a well functional dual class build. They should:

  • Be always ready to output damage
  • having that damage be increased by some means
  • Have an essential secondary supportive role

It should feel as the build is in practice three classes in one, while the build as a whole is always producing results.


Assault/Sniper w Strongman[edit]

Sub-article: Phoenix Point: Assault/Sniper w Strongman

  • 2nd line with return fire
  • Both sniper rifle and heavy weapons
  • Grenades launcher
  • Dash to deliver Medikits
  • Either (or unlikely, both):
    • Rockets
    • Melee

Infiltrator/Priest w Sniperist[edit]

Sub-article: Phoenix Point: Infiltrator/Priest w Sniperist

  • Frontline with shield and 25-30 armor decoys.
  • Light sniper rifle
  • Prepares for combat by deploying spider drones
  • Passively senses biologicals and protects crew against panic.
  • Initiates with a stealth shoulder rocket
  • Can mind control and panic. Or panic a mind controlled allied.

Heavy/Berserker w Biochemist[edit]

Sub-article: Phoenix Point: Heavy/Berserker w Biochemist

Danchev AR build[edit]

Update: The weapon sucks, it barely does any damage on armored units.

The Danchev is a unique attack rifle with infinite ammo that does 5 acid damage per shot. Most attack rifles don't do enough damage to warrant using them, however, since this has infinite ammo and chips away at armor at a very high rate, it's a spammable weapon. It doesn't matter how low the odds of hitting with it are, it's always worth it to shoot due to the free ammo property.

The soldier should have the Trooper personal perk (+20% accuracy, +10% damage) as well as the Cautious personal perk (+20% accuracy, -10% damage) for a total of +30% accuracy. That means it doesn't have to be an assault that has this role. In fact, those two perks should be the deciding factor on who gets the unique rifle.

In order to increases shots per turn, the first thought is using the berserker ability, Adrenalin Rush (5 WP, -50% accuracy, you get dazed), but that requires the daze immunity head (-6% accuracy, -4 perception). However, that head lowers accuracy on top of the accuracy malus of the berserker ability. Adding the mutated legs raises the accuracy by +12%. The unique Samnu Body Armor adds another +5%, for a total accuracy from gear of +11%. Adding the +40% from the personal perks cancels out the -50% the berserker ability provides... maybe, not sure if the game calculates accuracy with (1 + 0.5 - 0.5 =1) or ((1 + 0.5) * 0.5 = 0.75). I expect the first.

Berserkers are well suited to the front line, with mind control immunity, ignoring damaged limbs and lowering close range damage.

The better alternative is to use a sniper. With one application of Quick Aim (-3 WP) you get to save one AP, and you get to overwatch for 1 AP, for a total of 3 shots. Those shots get +30% accuracy instead of -50% accuracy, so they are qualitatively superior to the berserker shots. However, the issue of mind control immunity is important, since he will be a front line soldier. The bionic Clarity Head (30 armor, +3% accuracy) provides that. Making sure the limbs don't fail is important too, since the whole point of this build is rendered useless if he can't actually fire. The Regenerating Torso (-8% accuracy) mutation covers that. The unique Samnu Leg Armor (35 armor, +5% accuracy) goes to the third slot for a total of +-0% accuracy from gear. That's lower than the 11% accuracy the berserker gets, so the +30% sniper bonus will be downgraded to +19% bonus, lowering the difference between the sniper and berserker in damage output.

But how about combining both of them? Their abilities overlap, not complement each other. It's better to go for an assault. That way, you also get Return Fire, and that can possibly add several free shots on top. On top of that, he gets to self-heal without a cost of taking the item out of the backpack. Considering he doesn't use ammo, he will have plenty of space for Medikits.

An alternative is going with a Technician. Don't bring the arms, they will get shoot down easily, costing a fortune to rebuild. Be he gets a discount on using Medikits, and he can stuff his backpack with turrets that he can throw around at the start of the conflict. That significantly increases his damage output as well.

So it's enough to have Trooper + Cautious on either a Sniper, Berserker, Assault or Technician to get this build going.


The A-team is 8 of your best soldiers, specifically recruited to be part of the most elite team. They are expected to clear any mission with no casualities.

First of all, three of them should be Technicians. Turrets are simply amazing for staking a territory and keeping it with low effort. After securing the starting area, a handful of turrets will ensure no enemy will set their foot there after you have left it, allowing you to have a fully safe retreat area in case you encounter to heavy resistance. Having advanced a bit, you put turrets on the enemies reinforcement zone and you can be sure to only encounter enemies from one direction. As if that wasn't good enough, they bring five medikits that take no backpack space and have their own ready slot. Oh, that's not all. They will also recover busted limbs and reinforce armor. Two of them should bring the healing arms and stay back due to the fragility of the arms, while the third skips the arms and goes to the front. We will figure out what second class they should have as we keep theorycrafting.

  • Tech
  • Tech
  • Tech

Now, next bit is the stealth sniper. Stealth is awesome, increasing damage by 50% , but once revealed, it's a hassle to get re-stealth. So much so, that it's not worth the trouble if it's a front line soldier. The only place I miss it is when I got a soldier on the roof to provide long range support, and he keeps getting targeted by enemy snipers. Simply having the roof sniper stealth isn't good enough, he needs to have gear that builds on it so he is basically invisible. That build doesn't need to put 25 points in Vanish, in fact, not even Deploy Decoy. Only Sneak Attack is enough, maybe also Surprise Attack if he gets to have some explosives. The base of this build is the Thief personal perk, and Infiltrator as one of the two classes.

  • Infiltrator/?: Thief
    • Infiltrator/Heavy: Thief/Sniperist (secondary: Cautious). Light Sniper rifle, Grenade Launcher, rockets, Rocket Jump. 70% stealth with Bionic head and mutated legs.
    • Infiltrator/Sniper: Thief/Sniperist. Can use all three sniper rifles. With Bombardier: Rockets at the cost of 90% stealth. With Strongman: Grenade launcher.
    • Infiltrator/Tech: Thief/Sniperist. Also puts up a bunch of turrets as backup. With Bombardier: Rockets at the cost of 90% stealth. With Strongman: Grenade launcher.

For the front line, Mind Control immunity is vital. The berserkers get this as a perk (Ignore pain), a perk that also includes immunity from Panic and having body parts disabled. Adrenalin Rush is another really good berserker ability. Put a heavy cannon in a ready slot and they will erase anything getting too close, specially if they get the bionic jumping legs. You want them to have sniper rifles as base weapons though. And preferably, both proficiencies being provided by perks. One of them should have Biochemist as well for handling Scyllas. This guys could also be paired with the Techs listed above. The lack of mobility is remedied by the bionic jumping legs, the Propeller Legs.

  • Berserker/?: Strongman/Sniperist

To Do[edit]

  • a 2nd priest takes WP head. This priest needs the armor and Accuracy for being a frontline sniper. That one can be mindcontrol expert with healer for the will points, also being a healer. Tech, cheap heals, also gives armor. Fast legs with low armor.
  • heaytech turrets on roofs
  • bsrk ripose
  • Berserker/infiltrator w Strongman/Trooper
    • Propeller Legs 2wp -> Vanish 3wp -> Adrenaline rush 5wp
  • Heavy/Sniper
    • front line offensive, JetPack -> PWD for 0 AP.