Surviving Mars: Campaign: 2020-03-22

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First goal[edit]

  • Japan
  • Psychologist
  • 45S6W

Inital Payload[edit]

  • 2 Moisture Vaporator
  • 2 Fuel Refinery
  • 3 RC Commander
  • 0 RC Explorer
  • 1 RC Transport
  • 5 Electronics - Required from start in order to build Sensor Towers earlier.
  • 5 Polymers - Required from start in order to build Power Accumulators for the first night.
  • 15 Machine Parts - required from start in order to build Concrete Extractors

It's bets to figure out what supply pods will be required eventually and order them at the start instead of waiting until the last minute. The RC can start working earlier that way.

Supply Pod 1:

  • 1 RC Commander - Considering I'm not using Drone Hubs in order to cut maintenance, I will need a lot of this guys.
  • 2 Wasp Drones
  • 10 Machine Parts - More Machine Parts will be required, the 15 first wont last long.

Supply Pod 2:

  • 1 RC Explorer - will be required for early anomalies
  • 2 Wasp Drones
  • 10 Polymers - for the first dome


  • Spam Sensor Towers in order to increase the pace scans to 400 each, as they provide 500 research each.
  • Build Sensor Towers in order to locate water and iron early. Iron will be extracted through Automatic Metal Extractor. Water is required for the first Dome.
  • Set up two Fuel Refineries to start producing Fuel asap.
  • Get the cash tech in order to get the second rocket.