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  • 0: Colonists quit their job at 0 Comfort and leave on next Rocket unless they have the Martianborn Trait.
  • 40: The threshold for having children in a Dome with Infirmary AND you also selected the Doctor as Commander Profile.
  • 50: -10 Morale at 50 Comfort or lower.
  • 55: The threshold for having children in a Dome with Infirmary OR if you selected the Doctor as Commander Profile.
  • 70: Threshold for the risk of a colonist turning into a renegade (source: RenegadeCreation).
  • 70: Threshold for receiving +5 Morale. No further benefit for increasing beyond 70 except for increasing birth rates.
  • 100: Maximum Comfort.

Service buildings[edit]

A colonist with 77 Comfort visits a Casino with 79 service. This results in her comfort increasing from 77 to 92.

Video: (24 seconds total)

This test leads to the conclusion that the service level of a building is not a value of how high they will maximally service, but a value indicating the maximum value a customer can have to be eligible for further increase.

What this means that the actual max value that a Comfort building can raise a colonists value to is the service level of the building plus the amount of comfort increase each visit results in.

Thus, a Diner with a base service level of 60, increased to 64 thanks to competent staff, further increased to 68 through a Heavy Workload can service and improve the comfort of a colonist that has 65 Comfort. Since the Diner increases comfort with +10 each visit, then the actual max the Diner in the example can increase comfort to is 75, possibly 74.

Now, this doesn't mean it will increase the comfort of all colonists in the Dome to 75. If a 59 comfort colonist get served and has his comfort increased to 69, the colonist will receive no further comfort increase.

So the Diner in the example will increase the Comfort of everybody to a range between its service level +1 to its service level + its increase level per visit, meaning, if its service level is 68 and each visit gives +10 comfort, then it will increase everybody to a value between 69 and 78.

Max effect of worker performance on Service Quality is 20 (source: PerformanceEffectOnServiceComfort).


There are several strategies that can be adopted regarding Comfort depending on what goals you have.


Circumstances might dictate that you simply ignore the comfort of the colonies, as the return on investment on the Comfort of a certain group of colonies is not worth the return.

In those cases, keep a careful eye on the colonist as this approach can result in them simply quit working. Before that happens, moving the colonist to areas where comfort is supplied will prevent the worst case scenarios.

This approach will generally halt reproduction.


In certain situations simply keeping the comfort at a minimum level during prolonged times might be the optimal solution. This might remove the +5 Moral modifier, but as long as it doesn't go below 65 for prolonged times, you are generally safe from worse consequences.

The reproduction rate will be about 65-30 = 35 or 30. If there are few colonist, spending workforce on infirmaries might not be worth it, resulting in a halt in reproduction rates.

This approach might be served by having two main interests such as Relaxation and Social being served by sources that require no workforce and have a third interest served by a low quality staffed building that boosts comfort back to about 65-70. Needs that originate from traits are ignored, accepting the loss of comfort and counting on the staffed building to bring it back up to safe levels.

Average Comfort[edit]

Spending some work force in order to meet most of the colonists need in adequate quantities. You expect some needs to remain unmet due to a lack of service facilities, or temporary cuts in supply or overcrowding, but expect the resulting loss in comfort to be brought back to around 75 by other facilities working at normal pace.

This will result in a reproduction rate of about 75-30 = 45 and give the +5 Moral modifier.

This will require a building such as a Spacebar or Casino to be staffed by competent workers.

High Comfort[edit]

Your aim here is to keep comfort between 85 and 95. This will require competent workers in a Casino, Spacebar or the like so they can recover their comfort every time it declines without draining material resources.


In order to increase reproduction, Comfort can be maximized. Having a pair of 100 Comfort Colonists results in that pair contributing 100-30=70 points per sol towards the 1000 points required to birth a new child. It should be noted that 100-30=70 is twice as much as 65-30=35.

In order to achieve this high number, Art Stores or Electronic Shops can be employed after production of the materials consumed has emerged. What you are doing is in effect trading advanced resources for new colonists. How is that a good deal?

Well, in order to get Polymers, you need to convert one water to 12 fuel, and then apply work to convert it to a polymer. So 12 polymer is worth 1 water, some electricity and some work. Each unit of electricity costs a very low amount of metal in maintenance. For that one polymer, you can increase the Comfort of your colonists five times, by 15 points each, for a total of 75 Comfort gained from each spent Polymer.

This 75 points are gained on top of what the colonist would have otherwise, so they aren't subject to the -30 in the calculation. So for two polymers, a pair can add 75 points towards a child. New children cost 1000 points, so in essence, you are buying new children for a cost of 1000/75*2=26 Polymers each. That means that a Child costs a bit more than 2 water, some electricity and metal and the cost of converting that water to 26 Polymers. Water costs some small amount of Machine Parts in maintenance, and that in turn costs a small amount of metal and work.

How much work does it take to produce 26 Polymers?

6 Engineers with an average Work Performance of 122 produce 3,7 Polymers in one shift. 4,3 with Heavy Workload. 5,3 with Amplify. So Engineers working about 5 shifts is required to produce 26 Polymers. That's 30 shifts for one Engineer. It will take about 12 Sols to educate a new born child into an Engineer, and then that person will remain active for about 48 sols until they become a Senior. Lets decrease the amount of time the child will be productive until they become seniors in order to compensate for the fact that the Polymers required some electricity and metals to produce. We arrive to the result that we spend about 30 sols of one Engineer in order to gain a new engineer that will be productive for 45 Sols, so a 150% return on investment.

This return on investment will be drastically increased if the amount of points required for producing a child is calculated per colonist instead of per couple, and I'm not sure on the facts. If It's calculated per colonists instead of per couple, then it will only take about 15 shifts to produce a new child that will be active for 45 sols, so a return on investment of 300% instead of 150%.

Maximize & Hold[edit]

A more advanced strategy for maximizing Comfort is to increase the Comfort of a Colonist to 100, and then create an environment for them where all their needs will be met 100% of the time, but at a minimum quality. This will result in their comfort never getting lowered, so the initial investment to increase their comfort to 100%, costing less than 1 polymer, will have an effect on the entire lifetime of the colonist.

Only considering that you do not need to constantly give new polymers to keep the Comfort of the colonist high increases the return on investment of the polymer by an order of magnitude, maybe even two.

If we add to that the fact that the rest of the services that will be provided to the colonist will be of minimum quality will surely increase the return on investment by two orders of magnitude.

The tricky part is to construct an environment where there is 0% chance of the colonist not having an interest met. That requires high levels of micro management and planing.

The first part is to create a gateway dome where art is supplied. When a colonists reaches 100 Comfort, they are then moved to the main dome that houses for example only Engineers that do not have any traits that add or remove interests, and then having so many Parks, Groceries and Diners that even if most of the Engineers decide to go shopping at the same time or go to the park at the same time, the Groceries or parks wouldn't become crowded. Those Diners will have only one worker per shift working at normal workload. Those personnel need to also have their need met 100% of the time in order to have the entire dome stay at 100% comfort for ever.

This kind of play style would require the game to be considered a turn based game where each turn is a few seconds before pausing is required in order to ensure proper micromanagement.

Residential comfort[edit]

Residents also give some minimal amount of comfort, and this can be raised through various means.