Surviving Mars: Colonists: Fertility

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Birth Rate Mechanics: how to get 46 martianborns by Sol 14.

1st part is infirmary[edit]

All domes with colonists in them have to have an infirmary that has been active once in the previous 24 hours.

Colonists with lower than 55 do are not counted. It's critical to raise comfort above that threshold no matter what.

2nd part is to maximize comfort.[edit]

Avoid setbacks: No colonist should ever miss out on a interest, as that is an almost permanent setback, very hard to get back. So no residence ever experience a power failure. The only exception is gaming and gambling. Most colonist requiring luxury should remain in the dome that has the Art Shop. Never, ever drop down an Ark Pod or Rocket if there isn't functioning enough functioning residence in the dome. When they arrive, you need to pause and direct them to the correct dome individually. Unemployment does not influence birth rate.

Maximize gains:

I have a full time Art Shop and I do my best to keep the high comfort buildings double employed when there is enough workforce for that. Grocers get the lazy workers, as they have so low comfort that they do not increase on visit. Look out for traits that increase comfort and birth rate. Avoid Gaming and Gambling.


When a colonist has full comfort, move them to another dome, as it would be a waist to have that colonist consume more art. If it's a colonist requires luxury, then have them move out and move them back again when their comfort has dropped to 70.

3rd part is to avoid incels.[edit]

There should never be two colonists of different gender both not having a couple. The birth rate is updated 6 times a day. Before that time of the day, you need to have all colonists being in pairs. Unfortunately, the statistics aren't updated live, you need to fast forward to see if all coupling is correctly done or if needs to be changed. Colonists with lower than 55 do are not counted. Elders and children are not counted. Colonists can take their sweet time to move from a dome to another, specially if they are occupied with something, so there is a lot of micromanagement and insight about the minutia of how they behave in order to have them move to the correct place in time. And if they don't, be ready with a plan be, moving somebody else and then move them back when they lazy bastard has reached their place.

This part is by far the most tedious bit.

4th part is to never have homeless people.[edit]

The first homeless person takes out a huge chunk of the birth rate. That should never be allowed.

5th part is tourists.[edit]

They contribute to birth rates, and when they leave, they come back in twice the number.

6th and finally:[edit]

Church as double birth rate and can use Ark Pods to drop colonist.