Surviving Mars: Dome Buildings: Electronics Factory

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  • Small: 173 performance produces 1.8 Electronics.
  • 96 Building Performance would produce 1 (173/1.8).
  • Large: 123 performance produces 3.7 Electronics.
  • 33.24 Building Performance would produce 1 (123/3.7).
  • Firing 6/10 of the workers in the large factory would reduce them to 4 workers.
  • Those 4 workers would have an output of 4/10 of 3.7. That would be 1.48.
  • If the workers in the small factory where as effective as those in the big factory, they would produce 123/173=71% as much, meaning 0.71*1.8=1.27.
  • 1.27 is less than the output of the large factory by 1.27/1.48=85%.
  • So the small factory has a 15% performance drop for each worker compared to the big factory.
  • The small costs $200 to import while the big one costs $600 to import. If it's the early game, chances are that you don't have 30 qualified people to fully populate a large factory. So that would be money spent but not used. In that sense, the 15% drop in productivity might be a smaller loss than paying for a full factory but only using a fraction of it.
  • Doh. The wiki states that the small one produces 3 per day and the large one 9 per day.
  • 173%/300%=57.66%. 58% of 3 per day is 1.74. The picture shows 1.8 per day.
  • 123%/300%=41%. 41% of 9 per day is 3.69. The picture shows 3.7 per day.
  • So 40% of the workers produce 33% of the result. That's a loss of 17.5% productivity (33/40=0.825).
  • A complication is Heavy Workload. That effect adds a flat 20% building performance no matter how many are working in that shift. For a 1 person shift:
  • Small Factory adds 3*0.2=0.6 electronics.
  • Small Factory adds 9*0.2=1.8 electronics.
  • This means that if you use 10 workers to fill out a single shift on a large factory and leave the others 2 shifts to 1 worker each (for a total of 12 workers, the maximum of a small factory), you get (1.8-0.6) 1,2 extra Electronics per day out of it from the Heavy Workload alone.
  • With 12 standard workers, you get either ((12/12 of 3)=3+0.6)=3.6 Electronics from the small factory, or (12/30 of 9)=3.6+1.8)=5.4 from the Large factory.