Civilization: Beyond Earth: Campaign: 2019-12-23

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The goal is to start near Titanium and have an early worker that improves it.

  • Sponsor: Pan-Asian Cooperative (Free wonders)
  • Colonist: Refuges (+2 Food) - this is a deceptive bonus. While one interpretation is that it does nothing initially and ultimately will give you one more citizen, another way of seeing it is that if every citizen brings two food for himself and some other yield, then a city will have a stable amount of food for expansion, say, maybe 3 or 4. Adding to this number will permanently increase the rate of growth of the city, allowing the city to reach greater numbers of citizens much faster, if you are able to work improve the tiles at a high pace to cope. Start with a high production start, preferably on plains.
  • Spacecraft: Tectonic Scanner: Early Titanium.
  • Cargo: Machinery: Free worker to improve the Titanium. Yes, you will have a better start, but you are going to miss out on about 3 artifacts that will hamper your mid game, and get less energy for your early Colonist. Not worth it. Going soldiers instead.
  • Planet: Terran, Lush.
  • Resources: Standard
  • Options: Veterancy Saving, Virtue Deferral, Frenzied Aliens.


High priority Wonders:

Wonder (tech level/leaf) Effect Comment
Gene Vault (1 leaf) All new Cities start with a free Worker Unit. This is a great effect to have early and for free. So good it's worth going directly for it.
Guo Pu Yaolan (2) Culture cost for new Virtues reduced by a percentage equal to this city's Population 20% lowered Virtue cost combine with other discounts can make Virtues cost close to nothing.
Drone Sphere (2 leaf) Worker actions and Explorer Expedition are completed 50% faster. Greatly increases the pace of building time consuming improvements.
Resurrection Device (4) Benefits from positive Health Levels increased by 50%. Notable boost to everything.
Abyssal Mirror (4 leaf) Orbital Units launched from this city may overlap the coverage area of other Orbital Units by 1 tile. Allows most hexes to benefit from more than one satelite.
Ansible (3 leaf) Affinity XP is gained 25% faster Get this quickly as the bonus is not retroactive.
Dimension Folding Complex (artifact) Cities generate -50% Unhealth from population. Infinite positive health.

Medium priority Wonders:

Wonder (tech level/leaf) Effect Comment
Master Control (1 leaf) Free Maintenance and +1 movement for Worker Units. Will be a notable boost to the economy during mid game
Faraday Gyre (1 leaf) Energy Maintenance for buildings and improvements reduced by 50% in this city (only Aquatic cities.) An aquatic surrounded by land, with Terrascape everywhere.
Quantum Computer Free Maintenance and +50% duration for Orbital Units. Will be a notable boost to the economy during end game.
Machine-Assisted Free Will (artifact) Cost of Leaf Techs by 15% Notable reduction

Fun Wonders:

Wonder (tech level/leaf) Effect Comment
Faraday Gyre (1 leaf) Energy Maintenance for buildings and improvements reduced by 50% in this city (only Aquatic cities.) An aquatic surrounded by land, with Terrascape everywhere.
Promethean City no longer produces Unhealth from buildings or worked tiles. spam manufactories and then spam satellites.


  • Pioneering - for Colonists
  • Genetics - to get to the leaf tech
  • Genetic Mapping - for fee Workers through Gene Vault
  • Physics - Rangers, before reaching Affinity 2


After hurrying to get the reward that increases artifact acquisition rate by 20%, go for the one that increases worker speed by 50%.

After that, the aim is to be effective in how you spend the artifacts.

Each artifact has a number of points that it directs towards each reward. If an artifact brings points towards a good reward, you don't want to accidentally spend it on a less prioritized reward.


In order to figure out what points each artifact has toward each reward, you need to gain a large number of them, and then test all combinations:


Note: When you have received a reward, you will no longer receive artifacts that has that reward as a main. So there is incentive to cash in rewards soon in order to avoid receiving those kinds of artifacts.


After having tested all combinations, we need to extract the frequencies each artifact shows up on each reward.



It's now time to analyze the information and make educated guess as to the hidden values.

We need to first doubtless information. For example:


From the above data we can conclude with high certainty that the Population Estimation Computer artifact has points directed towards the Xenomass Bathhouse reward (+2 Culture, Units heal 100% after one turn in City), while NONE of the other 14 artifacts has even secondary points directed towards this reward. If they had, that artifact would be more prominent, but they all are equally low distributed.