Civilization: Beyond Earth: Campaign: 2019-01-19

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  • Longest, largest, toughest


  1. INTEGR - Almost free units.
  2. Al Falah
  3. North Sea Alliance
  4. Franco-Iberia
  5. Slavic Federation
  6. Chungsu
  7. Polystralia
  8. Kavithan Protectorate
  • Artist - Getting the free worker fast will allow you to build a mine on Titanium faster.
  • Tectonic Scanner - The map will be revealed anyway. It's better to know were the resources are, before deciding city placement. Also, gives more resources earlier if you manage to get your hand on some Titanium.
  • Beginning with an extra soldier will enable having that soldier get experience early on, becoming more relevant as the game progresses. Will also keep you safe and explore. And provide resources as he kills bugs. If done right, he can even get a worker or two for free.
  • Terran
  • Lush - a lot of weak bugs, lots of resources and experience.

City placement[edit]

It's vital to have the capital being a coastal city. Else, you will need to waste a lot of time and energy on roads, and you won't be able to build early boats, greatly reducing your sea presence, considering I will enrage the aliens.


The early game tactics will be to have a heavy military presence to secure land for the city spam, and upcoming trade routs. The soldiers will greatly increase in cost as they get upgraded, so starting building them early will have you get the upgraded soldier at the cost of the non-upgraded version. Considering that they get almost twice as expensive, going for soldiers first and building later will practically double your military size.

Conversion table[edit]

  • Each unit Production can be bought for 3 Energy after you get the 20% discount virtue. Or 1 Political Capital after you get 75% discount after having upgraded your starting Trait.

This means that Political Capital is the most powerful resource, and all cities should focus their build production of those that generate Political Capital.


  • The starting Trade Agreement of Hutama, Market Deregulation, will double the amount of caravans each city can have. Paired with Domestic Trait named "Cooperative" that increases each caravan with 45%.
  • National Land Management: +3 Production per Strategic Resource - a really powerful Agreement, but you need to take her down fast, or she will hog a wonder for each city she builds, and this will prevent you from freely razing her cities. It can easily get you +9 production in each 8 size city, increasing your non-caravan production from 21 to 30.
  • National Parks: +3 Culture per strategic Resource - even better that National Land Management.
  • The Agreement Civil Infrastructure giving +3 health per strategic resource, combined with the Progenitor -50% unhealth from population, the -25% unhealth from city from the 5 Supremacy/Purity Affinity will basically have you not require any health buildings.
  • The Political Trait "Enlightened" will reduce the cost of Virtues by 30%. Add another 20% reduction from the Trade Agreement "Think Tanks", and you are down to 50%. With the Virtue that gives -10%, you are down to 40%, and only 25% with the progenitor artifact. The virtue "Memeweb" will further drastically lower the cost. Add Guo Pu Yaolan on top.
  • Military Trait: Imperial +15% Strenght for military outside friendly Territory. +20% from Virtues. +20% from Precog Project.
  • Tax Heaven - 3 extra trade routs will net about 30 extra resources. Powerful, but you can get 3 more caravans by just getting a new city and instead get some better agreement.
  • Self-Reliance - 15% lowered health. There are a lot of health sources in this game.



  • Market Deregulation
  • National Land Management - More Production from Strategic Resources.
  • National Parks - More Culture from Strategic Resources.
  • Market Deregulation - Trade route Population thresholds reduced.
  • Civil Infrastructure - More Health from Strategic Resources. - until you get way over +50 health. Change to the one bellow after.
  • Commercial: Estate Tax: [250 + 25 DCPT]: +0.5 / 0.75 / 1 Energy per turn per each tile in your territory.


  • Crash Program - Production cost for Orbital Units in your Capital (CivBE) Capital reduced. - if you have saved up a some Political Capital and are about to spam a lot of them.
  • Engineering Corps - Worker Units are free to build. - Specially useful with the wonder that makes them free of upkeep, lets you spam Terrascape.
  • Field Recruitment - Covert Agents are recruited at a higher rank than normal. (1, 1, 2) - Just before you get your first three.
  • Student Aid - Specialist Citizens consume no Food. - nice for the end game
  • Honorable: Neopatriotism: [75 + 9 DCPT]: Gain 2 / 3 / 5 Culture when killing a unit in combat. - might be good during early game.

Low worth:

  • Smart Grid - Gain Energy per turn based on your Energy reserves capped at 100 per-turn. (5%) - worth about 33 production per turn. Subtract from that the production that 4 caravans would get you. You could get those 4 caravans if you spent the Energy you need to keep unspent.
  • Tax Haven - Additional free Trade Route slot in your Capital Capital. (1, 2, 3) - Just get a new city and some other Trade Agreement. Unless you are using it to boost wonder production in the Capital.
  • Strategic Reserve - 3 More Energy from Strategic Resources.


  • Enlightened - Virtues cost (2%/ 4%/ 6%) less 20xCultureBE Culture for each active agreement initiated by you.
  • Imperial - (+5%/ +10%/ +15%) Strength and Ranged Strength for Units fighting outside friendly territory.
  • Cooperative - Yield from internal City Trade routes increased by (20%/ 30%/ 45%).

During the end game, it might be wort changing Enlightened to Ambitious.

  • Ambitious: +10 / 20 / 30% conversion rate for City Processes (this is additive.)

  • Honorable gives 12 culture per kill, but it ends being useful as you reach 60 culture per turn. Not worth the investment.



Reaching the last virtue in this tree and having 10 of them gives a total of +20% military might. That's impressive, but overkill. Going for it early would set back the industry too much, and going for it at the end should be redundant, considering you should be able to dominate the AI by then.

The two leftmost anti-alien virtues are good during the start of the game but scale very poorly. Adaptive Science gives +20% Affinity, and should be taken ASAP as it's does not apply retroactively. Going that far takes 4 Virtues, and in order to get the 5th, Army Engineering Corpse is a good choice, giving basically 3 energy and production per city, activating the +5% strength as well. Martial Meditation (1 free Affinity) should be saved for the end game.

  1. Adaptive Tactics
  2. Military Industrial Complex
  3. Public Security
  4. Adaptive Sciences
  5. Army Engineering Corpse


Colony Initiative is a trap, I think. If you take it, you have spent two virtues that will delay all your future virtues and make them more expensive. By going for it, you will get an early Colony pod, but delay Pathfinders (+3 expeditions), forcing you to build another one of them in order to not loose out artifacts.

If you select to skip Pathfinders, you wont get a free worker, you will have to wait until you build a laboratory until you get +1 expedition from it. Building another scout or a laboratory could as well have been substituted with building that free Colony pod.

Wouldn't that cost you a lot of production to delay the 2nd city? Most of your production will come from getting early supply pods and taking on nests. You can use that to buy a colony pod anyway.

10 virtues on this tree unlocks 1 health per city, but considering the abundance of health in this version of the game, it's better to only go for Pathfinders and then be off to Industry.

  1. Frugality
  2. Workforce Initiative
  3. Pathfinders

After this, go for Might, and then for Industry. And then for Knowledge. When you are done with that, get back for:

  1. Gift of Economy - wasted virtue
  2. Natures Bounty
  3. Hands Never Idle
  4. Ecoscaping - +1 Food, Production and Culture from Terrascape. Combine that with 8th Purity Affinity, and you get 3 Food, production and Culture, and also 1 Health, for the price of 3 Energy. The food and production is comparable to a maxed out farm, but you get it earlier. So it's in essence 3 energy per turn for 3 Culture and 1 Health. You also get to build it on desert, and get a 4th food from Vivarium. Keep in mind that you won't have any benefits from culture after you have maxed out the virtue tree, so it's enough to build them were farms are under-performing.




Considering each virtue will increase the cost of upcoming virtues, all virtues that do not scale will with time will be avoided.

A vital part of having fruitful exploration is to be able to excavate ruins, and doing so will be impossible on a huge map without the 3-instead-of-1 virtue. So having that is a first priority, since returning explorers will basically be giving away ruins far away. Considering it has 2 prerequisite virtues, we need to get going with it asap. That path is incidentally the only viable path on the prosperity tree, as the other path will have you spend one extra virtue, while providing benefits that are not immediately conducive to snowballing. Outpost growth speed, is a very small bonus, 15% tile improvement speed (not 15% lower construction time!) is basically having to build 7% less workers (not impressive considering you can steal them or get them for free), and 20% faster border growth is irrelevant after the Culture buildings get online.

  1. Frugality - It's actually okay.
  2. Workforce initiative. Not bad, specially on a long game on a huge map, as it might take a while to get the first worker. Boosts early game development non-trivially.
  3. Pathfinders. We now can expand in multiple directions, and keep going. Without this, either exploration or digging would suffer, and both are significant part of a successful campaign that can not be compensated through other means.
  4. Adaptive Tactics: actually worthless if you can keep them alive. They can't get more than 60xp.
  5. Military-Industrial Complex. The alien path of the might tree does not scale well at all.
  6. Public Security. This one is great for increasing health. Just keep spamming basic soldiers.
  7. Adaptive Science: This should be taken early on, as the +20% Affinity from research is not applied retroactively. The first tier of researches don't give huge amounts of affinity, but later on, it's a pity to miss out on them. The following might virtue will give a free affinity level, a bonus that will increase in size the more expensive the affinity gets, so it's suitable to wait for it. Specially considering you want to wait with upgrades until you have built a lot of cheap units.
  8. Labor Logistics: +10% production towards buildings: This will be great when the core cities start to build.
  9. Commodization: +1 Energy from Basic Resources. Not that great. But not bad when going for city spam.
  10. Standardized Architecture: +25% production towards buildings: a total of +35% production. You should only build building and buy units from now on.
  11. Profiteering: +0.5 Health per trade route. With the trade agreement that adds trade routs, this bonus will be significant.
  12. Interdependent Network: +25 From internal trade routs. Adds to the 45% from the Trait.
  13. Liquidity: -20% cost of purchasing units. Really nice.
  14. Civic Duty: +0,5 production per citizen, or +4 for a normal 8 sized city. Awesome.
  15. Social Investment: +2 production from Manufactory Plants. Spam them in the capital, then build Promethean to eliminate the unhealth.
  16. Magnasanti: +0,2 health per building. Nice.

  1. Foresight: +10 Science while healthy. It will take until the mid game before this kicks in.
  2. Social Mores: +0.25 culture per citizen. Basically 1-2 culture per city. This isn't that valuable until you start having a few midsize cities, specially considering the starting +2 culture start.
  3. Laboratory Apprenticeship: +0.25 Science per citizen. Basically 1-2 Science per city.
  4. Cohesive Values: -10% Culture needed for new virtues. I'm not sure if this will in fact do nothing, guessing that all future cultures will have their costs increase by more than 10% by simply gaining this virtue (or any other for that matter.
  5. Community Medicine: +1 Health for every 6 citizen. A significant boost.

  1. Mind Over Matter: +7 Health. This is basically two more cities.
  2. Hands Never Idle
  3. Ecoscaping
  4. Eudaimonia


There should be two capitals. One will be a food capital:

  1. Ectogenetic Pod: +1 Food per 4 citizens.
  2. Guo Pu Yaolan: Virtue x% lower, where x = city size.
  3. Daedalus Ladder: +10% food (and everything else).

This will be your main capital, as it will be a ocean city. Build a lot of farms for it, and get to Vertical Farming in order to increase it further. Shower food satellites on it to have it receive even more food.

The other will be a production/wonder capital:

Spam Manufactories.

  1. Promethean: No unhealth from buildings and terrain.
  2. Crawler: +25% for wonders and buildings.

Having a lot of Manufactories will lead the city to receive a lot of food from caravans, while giving a lot of resources to all other cities.

This city should only either build wonders, or convert to food in order to increase to full size. Buy all other buildings.



  1. Markov Eclipse: Military always fight at full strength.
  2. Precog Project: +2 Veterancy.
  3. Nanothermite: +25 Ranged attacks.

Tile improvement:

  1. Abyssal Mirror: Satellites may overlap
  2. Drone Sphere: +50% Worker Speed
  3. Master Control: No maintenance cost for workers.

Culture, health and Affinity

  1. Resurrection Device: +50% health benefits.
  2. New Terran Myth: +2 Culture per trade route.
  3. Ansible: +25% Affinity XP


  1. Dimension Folding Complex: -50% Unhealth from population
  2. Machine Assisted Free Will: -15% leaf tech cost
  3. Quantum Politics: -15% Virtue cost
  4. Warp Spire: +50% yields from domestic Trade Routes.
  5. Old Voice Archives: +10% yields while at war.
  6. Drone Command: Work two more tiles than a city has Citizens.


A list of important tech:

Tier 1[edit]

  • Pioneering - Colonists, Trade

Tier 2[edit]

  • Computing: Missile Rover. Spy Agency. Leads to leaf tech that has Drone Cage (combat medic) and Master control (no upkeep on workers).
  • Engineering: Nothing extraordinary. Leads to tier 3 tech that helps industry and culture.
  • Physics: Observatory (+2 Naval movement). Requires Firaxite.

Tier 3[edit]

  • Genetic Design: Ectogenesis Pod: 1 Food per 4 citizens. Leads to Transgenics, and then to Artificial Evolution, giving +1 Science per farm.
  • Communications: Command Center: +1 Covert Agent. Feedsite Hub: Culture, Political Capital & +1 Covert Agent. Leads leaf tech that gives Memetwork (-1 Affinity requisites) and tier 4 tech with Ansible (+25% Affinity).
  • Terraforming: Terrascape. Also leads to leaf tech substantially increasing food production and growth.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Cel Cradle (10% food retained on growth), Surveilance Web (spy lvl faster), +1 Science from Academy. Leaf tech has SABR (lvl 7 Supremacy, 3 Range land unit) and Bytegeist (Virtue Tier Synergy bonus requirements reduced by 1)
  • Fabricator: Carrier. Leaf tech has Holomatrix (orbital +2 Culture) and Magrail (+20% production). Leads to Mechatronics.
  • Robotics: Tacjet. Manufactory. Leaf tech: Drone Sphere (+50 worker and expedition). Leads to Mechatronics.
  • Mechatronics: Crawler (+25% Building and Wonder production) Important for Manufactory city.
  • Bionics: Institute (free technology!). Use this to get the tier 5 tech.
  • Biology: Paean (basically infinite health). Leaf: +1 Food and Energy to all farms. Leads to tech giving all farms +1 production.
  • Organics: Immortal, good defensive unit at tier 2.
  • Cognition: Holosuite (free virtue). Academy. Gua Pu Yaolan. Leaf: Nanohive. Precog Project (+2 lvl of veterancy unlocked.).

Tier 4[edit]

  • Transgenics: +7 all three Affinities. Promethean wonder, enabling Manufactory spam in one city, enabling all other wonders to be constructed fast. And most importantly, leads to tier 5 tech Artificial Evolution. Unit: Geliopod: Land submarines. Use Institute free tech to get this.
  • Exotic Matter: Ansible: +25 affinity XP: Rare source of extra Affinity. Don't know if this is replaceable. Considering the expense, this should go after the victory is basically assured.
  • Geoscaping: Orbital Production and overlapping orbitals. Nice, but not game-changing.
  • Field Theory: Quantum Computers: +50% duration for orbitals.
  • Nanotechnology: Nanopastures (+Food).
  • Bioengineering: Golem (defensive melee). Leaf: Great increase in production and food. Aquilon (land based aircraft carrier).

Tier 5[edit]

  • Artificial Evolution: The tech gives +1 Science to all farms, giving a rough boost to science of about 30#. Wonder: Resurrection Device (+50 benefits of positive health). This will translate to +10% on everything on all cities. User the virtue reward to get a free tech, using it on this.


Being able to build the 3nd city asap is a high priority.

  • Pioneering (285) - Colonist, Trade Convoy, Trade Depot (+2P, +2PC)

After this, we need to start pumping out the early troops. We need to do this while there is Resource Pods incentivizing explorations, and before they get twice as expensive when Affinity arrives.

  • Physics (345): Rangers
  • Chemistry (345): subs

Those troops can explore the whole map and take down some early neighbours, and mount a defence in case they retaliate. Waging early wars will also enable me to gain technologies when settling for peace. This enables expansion into their territory as well. There is a good chance that the troops can't take down larger inland cities, but that's fine. It's now time to increase production rates:

It's now time to increase production:

  • Chemistry (345): Recycler (+2P, +1F, +1P per trade rout)
  • Engineering (345): Thorium Reactor (+3E,+1P)
  • Genetics (345): Cytonursery (+1S, +1H, +1P)
  • Biochemistry (900): Water Refinery (+1F, +1P water tiles), Petrochemical Plant (+3P from Petroleum)

Priority 3: Culture.

  • Genetics (345): Alien Lifeforms (900): Alien Preserve (2PC, 3C, +5 Healing) & Explorers may Leash aliens.

By now, it's time to get TacJet before they get their Affinity upgrade. Incidently, Manfactory is on the same technology.

  • Robotics: TacJet, Autoplant (+2 production), Firaxite, Manfactory.

Having a lot of conqured pupet cities, we can have a lot of units. It's best to lock down Master Control in order to get free upkeep for an upcomming worker army.

They are going to build Manufactory plants, Academies, Terrascape on bad slots and biowells on hills with forest.

Doing so, we get even more PC from Network (building), and access to Missile Rovers,required to take down large inland cities. Also, Drone Cage (combat medic unit). This will further complement the utilities of our growing armiy.

With this sponsor, giving 75% discount on units and buildings when buying with PC, PC becomes as valuable as production.

  • Computing
  • Autonomous Systems

At this point, I got the research trade agreement, but not the health one. So i got 122 science on turn 271 with 11 cities, but -8 health. So I'm not confident going for Manufactory yet. And I would love to get the +25% affinity asap, as well as get the free tech from virtue in order to unlock the science from labs.

Considering there is a lot of available land after having taken down two of my neighbours, and a third on it's way to get down, and I have only 5 trade convoys, I think expansion and production is of higher priority atm than science. I'll get some health from science, and then focus on production:. Doh, stupid me. I'm building the -50% unhealth progenitor wonder!

Update: got the health per strategic resource. It increase my health from -5 to... 2. Yeah. Letting go of the culture version lowered my culture from 93 to 55.

Okay, this is complicated. I want Ansible, but it costs way too much technology. So I'll skip it for now, and that will be fine, since I can avoid most heavy Affinity granting techs.

Next, it will take a long time to get the culture needed for the free tech. I think I would get it faster If I had Bytegeist, but honestly, I think it would set me back too much if I would spend the technology and production required to gain it. This will mean that my higher lvl culture will come later, but I'm pretty sure I'll miss that less.

So It boils down to get Crawler asap, then go for Promethean while spaming manufactories in fully inland city, while going Guo Pu Yaolan and Ectogenesis pod in some high food city.

  • Mechatronics (Crawler)
  • Bionics (Institute), the quest from institute gives one of the two free tech, needed to get through the expensives techs that give science from farms
  • Genetic Design (Ectogenesis Pod), leading to Transgenics. Make sure the institute does not finish building before this tech is researched, or you wont get to selected Transgenics as the free tech.
  • Transgenics (Prometean) get it with free tech from the free tecch from Institute. Leads to the tech that gives science from farms.
  • Cognition (Guo Pu Yaolan)
  • Artificial Evolution (5): 1 Science per farm. (when you get the 15th tier one virtue)

After that, it doesn't matter that much.

  • Alien Lifeforms (+5 healing from quest)
  • Fabricator
  • Civil Support (orbital culture)
  • Terraforming (terrascapes become good)
  • Biology (3)
  • Vertical Farming (3l): 1 food and energy per farm.
  • Climate Control (food satellites)
  • Artificial Intelligence (cheap tech, Cel Cradle, increases growth with quest)
  • Communications (Feedsite hub,PC, faster workers. Cheap tech)
  • Bioengineering (4) Expensive.
  • Industrial Ecology (4l) +1 production per farm. Expensive.
  • Field Theory
  • Exotic Matter (ansible)
  • Geoscaping (satellites overlap)


  1. I get to start with a soldier and an explorer. I'll build a second explorer. Discovering resource pods will give back the resources spend on building the explorer.


Let the scouts explorer the inside of the land, leaving the ocean tiles to be explored by boats, since they travel twice as fast and are stronger.