Surviving Mars: Campaign: 2020-03-19

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First goal[edit]

  1. Rapidly expand and put Sensor Towers on every second square in order to get fast exploration and research. Having RC Commanders will help. Exploration will show what to build where for maximum efficiency.
  2. Building Concrete and Automated Metal extractors. A second RC Transport might be needed to transport materials to great distances.
  3. Build Domes that populate Rare Metals Extractor and labs. Food will be bought from Earth or traded with my rivals.
  • 45S6W: 2 Dust Devils, 4 Meteors (Meteors can leave behind surface metals, Polymers as well as anomalies following an impact.) 3 metal, 4 concrete and water. 2071 m,-1 C.

Inital Payload[edit]

Japan start.

  • 2 Moisture Vaporator - faster fuel production
  • 2 Fuel Refinery - more fuel, more people
  • 2 RC Commander - They are cheap and low weight. Drone Hub consume 3 Electricity and requires 1 Electronics in maintenance (and some more indirectly for the maintenance of the electricity), while the RC has no maintenance requirements. Bringing two also increase the drone count. The lack of maintenance and increased drone count will eventually pay back the increased initial cost.
  • 1 RC Explorer -
  • 1 RC Transport - they are so much more efficient than drones in what they do.
  • 5 Electronics - for Sensor Towers, in order to speed up research and know where to mine for Rare Metal Extractors.
  • 5 Polymers - Power Accumulators require 2.
  • 15 Machine Parts - required for:
    • Wind Turbines require 1 (0,5 maintenance)
    • Concrete Extractors require 2 (1 maintenance)
    • Water Extractors require 2 (1 maintenance)
    • Automated Metals Extractor require 4 (2 maintenance)
    • Rare Metal Extractors require 5 (2 maintenance)