Surviving Mars: Campaign: 2020-03-24

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First goal[edit]

  • Japan
  • Psychologist
  • 45S6W

Get the 6 sensors for 15 drones reward.

I'm going heavy on Wind Turbines in order to use my metal on expanding quickly. That way, I will also have more use of my Cement. I will also rush the Machine Parts factories, and having metal for them is also a priority. Having set that up, I will have enough Machine Parts to maintain the Wind Turbines.

I'm going to build not a single Drone Hub, but instead rely only on RC Commanders. They are cheap with Japan and require no maintenance. I'll divide the map up in large areas so the entire map can be fully covered by the RC Commanders. Make the areas be one hex shorter than the max range of the RC Commander so they overlap by one hex. You can put deposits on those hexes so one area that produces will put items there, and the neighboring area can collect them from there.

It can also be passed on by area A putting a deposit on the border, and when it's filled up, you destroy it and then have the area B put the items on the ground on a new deposit that borders are C. Use wide banners to mark each area, marking the banners as disabled so they wont be actually built.

2nd goals[edit]

Build a Polymer Factory from tech, and buy a Machine Parts and Electronics Factory in order to receive 1 Martian University prefab as Japan Sponsor reward.



  • 6 for 6 Sensor Towers. They require metal maintenance.
  • 5 for a Research Lab. It will have 1 Electronics for maintenance.


  • 2 for a Hydroponic Farm. It will have metal maintenance.
  • Well, nothing better to do with it, so might as well build a

Inital Payload[edit]

  • 1 Moisture Vaporator
  • 1 Fuel Refinery
  • 4 RC Commander
  • 1 RC Explorer
  • 1 RC Transport
  • 10 Electronics
  • 15 Machine Parts

Supply Pod 1:

  • 1 Moisture Vaporator
  • 1 Fuel Refinery

Supply Pod 2:

  • 5 Polymers
  • 5 Electronics
  • 15 Machine Parts