Surviving Mars: Campaign: 2020-03-26

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First goal[edit]

  • Japan
  • Psychologist
  • 45S6W

Wind Turbines where great. Building with cement instead of metal allowed me use the metal for other things. Need to make sure to get Engineers for the Machine Parts factory. I was shocked at how much energy that thing consumed, 50!

Going RC Commanders as hubs worked also great. No maintenance, and they can't be destroyed. I need to buy new ones often though, so all cash will go for that, no extra for materials. So better have good production on mars.

I need to focus most of my attention on keeping comfort at the top levels in order to get new colonist. That is a high priority.

Also, comets aren't that bad if you economy is on high gear. Better to build dense and efficient, and take the eventual blows.

Considering the Colonist from earth will dry up fast, and all your money will be spent on RCs, you aren't really in a hurry with the fuel. It's most important to get the production going on mars.

The biggest threat to comfort and economical growth is, unsurprisingly, electric and water shortages. Go all out on securing those, and everything else will follow.



  • 6 for 6 Sensor Towers. They require metal maintenance.
  • 5 for a Research Lab. It will have 1 Electronics for maintenance.


  • 2 for a Hydroponic Farm. It will have metal maintenance.
  • Each Dome needs a Power Accumulator. 2 to build, 1 maintenance.

Inital Payload[edit]

  • 1 Moisture Vaporator
  • 1 Fuel Refinery
  • 4 RC Commander
  • 1 RC Explorer
  • 1 RC Transport
  • 5 Electronics
  • 5 Polymers
  • 15 Machine Parts

Supply Pod 1:

  • 1 Moisture Vaporator
  • 1 Fuel Refinery

Supply Pod 2:

  • 5 Electronics
  • 5 Polymers
  • 15 Machine Parts


I built too many Solar Panels. They cost 3 metal each, so 10 of them is 30 metal I didn't have. At the end, I was starved for metal. I was also too tired, so I didn't harvest mineral deposits on the floor on of newly scanned area with the transport. And I should have sent away the rocket asap to get new Machine Parts instead of waiting for the fuel price to drop to 30 from 50. Also, I got bad RNG, so I didn't get the extra 50 colonist, instead got 1m cash and 10 clones.

Also, It wasn't worth waiting with the first dome to find a really good spot on day 4. I should have built one on day 2.