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  • Don't waste time raising and lowering terrain. If that is what you are doing, you probably aren't trying hard enough to expand. You can always draw power lines to areas you plan to expand to, or build a few more solar panels to cover future energy needs.
  • Tourists are great for increasing birth rate, but they occupy space.
  • Before getting better domes, Dome placement doesn't really matter. Just build anywhere it's convenient and good for immediate goals. Deleting and rebuilding will be easy with the amount of resources you will get ahead.
  • Your should in fact count on wanting to replace your first dome as soon as you start producing Polymers. Build a few triangle domes fast in some corner, and then when you get Polymers, build Barrel Domes in the good spot and trash the initial triangle domes.
  • Your first goal is to get everybody from earth to Mars and keeping Comfort on max to have as much growth as possible. Manpower is the second bottleneck, the first one being the initial lack of advanced resources.
  • The third bottleneck is the lack of Polymers. You import Machine Parts and avoid using Electronics. You need Polymers to build Domes.
  • Always build Barrel Domes after having access to plenty of polymers. You won't get any spire worth your time initially, and the lack of space will be a much more immediate concern.
  • The increase of Residence Comfort through Biotech research is of no use.
  • Machine Parts is the Fourth bottleneck. Lack of it prevent further Metal and Cement gathering.
  • The fifth bottleneck is a lack of RC's to control patches of resources. You can only micromanage so much.
  • The sixth bottleneck is a lack Electronics to build Research facilities, education facilities and Casinos.


  • Solar panels cost a lot of metal, in contrast to the cement you can have in abundance. But the Mechanical Parts maintenance will add up and eventually prevent you from expanding into another iron mine before you start your own Machine Parts factory. With 10 Machine Parts, you can set up two new Automatic Metal Extractors, more than paying back the metal you lost the solar panels instead of wind.
  • Solar Panels will get a tech that decreases maintenance on them to about half. That puts them on par with win Turbines that require a half Machine Part, that costs a half a metal in maintenance... minus the production cost. Instead of paying with Machine Parts, you will need to build Power Accumulators. They require 2 Polymers, and that is actually not that pad considering you will probably start your Polymer production before your Machine Part production. Also, there is no metal involved in the creation of Polymers.
  • You will be spamming Solar Panels for a long time, as there is always something better to do with Machine Parts, even if you man the Machine Parts factory fully, producing 20 bits per sol.
  • Much further down the line, when you are producing more Electronics than you need for other goals, you can start building Stirling Generators. They cost 5 Electronics and 14 Polymers (with the upgrade), but will produce 30 Energy each and require only Polymers for maintenance.
  • Polymers are created ultimately from water, and you can build water farms for infinite water eventually.

Water and Power lines[edit]

  • Don't draw them at the two hexes wide border between two RC Commanders, and absolutely not on both, with power on one line of hexes and water on the other. You need to keep at least one of those hex lines available to build storage for automatic transportation of resources through Drones. It will severely cripple your flow of resources if you don't make that work correctly.


Note: I've decided to add the "Recruit Colonists" Covert Ops to my prioritized actions.

So the idea is to trade abundant resources for standing, and then try to recruit colonist at a cost of 30 standings.

Another note, here are the details regarding childbirth source:


First goal[edit]

  • Japan
  • Psychologist
  • 45S6W

Going from previous game. 3 Solar, rush for Tower and Wind, Rush for 6 Towers, then rush for first dome. Will try to get a Basic Dome in starting location. Will cost 80 instead of 40 for a "half-dome", but only 20 for a full dome instead of 30 for a half dome, at the cost of 10 polymers and 5 extra energy maintenance.

A half dome is too small for what I have in mind, as I want to maximize comfort in order to increase child birth. That takes a lot of space to build the comfort building. The alternative is to have the commute between two half dome, and that would lower productivity.

Rushing to build manufacturing base, not research. So getting Engineers to man a Polymer Factory asap, so I can focus on only importing Machine Parts and Rovers. With the Polymer, I can build more Domes and several important Dome buildings.


  • A solar panel costs 3 metal. You can pay 1 metal to repair it, or have it instead dismantled for 1,5 metal. Add another 1,5 metal and you can rebuild a fresh one anywhere, in essence paying 0,5 metal to move it.
  • Wind Generators produce more power, around the clock. They cost 0,5 Machine parts in maintenance, and they are produced from 1 metal+workforce, in essence, they cost 0,5 metal and 0,5 workforce. Early game, metal is abundant, but shortly, workforce will be cheaper than metal. Also, they cost 4 Cement and 1 Machine part instead of 3 metal to build. Cement is abundant from the start, and Machine Parts can be imported from earth.



  • 6 for Sensor Towers


  • 10 for Dome
  • 2 for Hydroponic Farm


Inital Payload[edit]

  • 1 Moisture Vaporator
  • 1 Fuel Refinery
  • 4 RC Commander
  • 1 RC Explorer
  • 1 RC Transport
  • 10 Electronics
  • 15 Machine Parts

Supply Pod 1:

  • 1 Moisture Vaporator
  • 1 Fuel Refinery

Supply Pod 2:

  • 15 Polymers
  • 10 Machine Parts


Pause the game.

  • Set up the entire grid to build in advance, including all six Sensor Towers with power cables to two of them, the 3 Cement Extractors, the Solar Panels and several Wide Banner to mark the borders of the stationary RC Commander that will act as efficient alternative to the Drone Hub. Disable everything and enable them as they will be required to build. Mark with Wide Banner the dust perimeter around the Cement Extractors.
  • Put the Sensor Towers in the center of four map tiles, so it covers all four of them at 350% efficiency, bosted to 450% at 10 sensors. If you put it in the center of one tiles, it will cover that tile at 400% and the surrounding at much lower.
  • Build the Wide Banners around the max reach of the RC Commander, minus one, so the RC can overlap. Their full reach is 21, so that means each side is 20. Have on side have 6 Wide Banners (3 hexes long) for total of 18 hexes. Then put banners on the SIDE of those 6 banners, for a total of 18+1+1=20 hexes. Each of the side hexes will also have 6 banners, but leave two EMPTY space between the pair of 3 of them. Repeat this pattern on the other side. So each side that has 6 banner side-by-side has will have have its neighboring sides being 3-banner-2-space-3-banners. All sides are exactly 20 hexes long.
  • Having mastered the banner method of marking territory, you can then plan to build inside each one of them efficiently. Each territory will have its own banners as borders, so a border will be two banners wide. The banner border of one of the territories can be removed to place Power Cables without disturbing the area in the territory, and enable efficient and redundant power coverage to each territory.
  • Build Solar panels and Power Cables intertwined, so you build Power Cable for one metal and then one Solar Panel and then another Power Cable patch for one metal. This way, you lower the metal requirement for building power cables and also disperse your Solar Panels, making them less vulnerable to comet strikes.
  • Initially, i rushed to build my first Sensor Tower and draw Power Cables to give it power, and then build a Power Accumulator so it was powered during the night. Remember that Japan gets a 500 tech points for each area scanned. I would scan the 4 areas around the tower and then hurry to draw cables to the next tower before i was done with the 4th area.
  • A better way is to build a small Solar Panel near the far away towers, and fork the far away tower during the day while it's powered by the Solar Panel. Then during the night, you switch the scan to a tower near your base that is powered by wind. So you switch scan target twice a day.
  • This enables you to set up the first tower even quicker. There is no need to build a cable from your base are to the nearest tower spot. Just take two metal and one Electronics and build a tower on the 2nd nearest tower spot. Then you got until dawn to build a Cement Extractor and get wind power and cables to a tower on the spot nearest to you.
  • How do you get the Electronics that early? You can't manually extract it from the rocket. For that to happen, you need to disable ALL buildings, and then put only a single Electronics depot on the ground. When the rovers come out, move them all towards the nearest Surface Metal Deposit. Stop them all just before the last RC leaves the Rocket, and then will the RC Commanders deploy all the Drones, not before then. As they exit, pause the game, and re-home all 4 of the new drones to the rocket, and order 3 of them to work on extracting metal, while you leave the one of the 4 without any orders. Make sure to re-home them before they fully leave the RC, because they get the automatic order to find something to do AFTER leaving the RC fully. If you re-home them AFTER they get the automatic order, they will stand as a retard and do nothing for a while. Do this for each batch of Drones that leave the RC. At the end, you will have 12 drones working metal and 4 doing something automatically. One of the 4 should go get the electronics while the other go and remove stones from where the Extractors are supposed to be built. If they all go for stones, reload the game and temporarily delete an extractor so there are less stones to be cleared. I'm not sure how disabling interacts with their automatic order to clear stone.
  • When deciding what to scan, initially, go after un-scanned areas that the tooltip says have a high chance of containing water. After that, go for metal and then for research.
  • The first ten Scan Towers will give a 10% boost to all areas on the map. So that gives and intensive to have the first 10 towers active asap. Even if you power them with a small Solar Panel, they are providing the boost 2/3 of the time.
  • Set first area to scan.
  • Set first tech.
  • Save. You don't want to redo this if you screw up when buying the pods.
  • Buy the 3 pods. The 8 metals will be useful.
  • Send the rocket somewhere close to metal, but beware of the dust when it will blast off, so not too close to planed buildings.
  • When you manually pick up concrete, sometimes you get a fraction of a whole. Put a deposit close by and click it when that happens and go get a new one.
  • By dawn, you should have three Concrete Extractors powered by 3 Large Solar Panels. You will need them to build Wind Turbines to have power during the night. You will need a total of 4 Turbines to power 2 water and fuel generators, with some over for the Sensor Tower. The Concrete Extractors will be powered during the day by the Panels. This will cost a lot of Machine Parts, and you will be able to get more of them as soon as you get $1m from tech.
  • As soon as the above is completed, it's time for the water and fuel. Build them on the border between two areas so you won't need to draw extra Power Cables. I usually have the cables go between the pairs of water and fuel. Put enough distance between the water generators so they won't have lowered output.
  • Before finishing the above, buy a new Rocket and bring in your Founders. Bring preferably 3 botanists.
  • Top priority is their ability to have children, so Sexy is a top priority. After that, Hippie as it greatly increases comfort.
  • Tourists spawn two new tourists when they return. Start with them as early as possible since Japan will have low recruits, and Tourists don't work but help making children. But not on the first Rocket, as each working person is required to maximize Comfort for child birth.
  • Having middle aged colonists is a bad idea as they age fast, but if you find a sexy or hippie, the goal to get your first child asap overrides that problem.
  • Important reading: link


  • Plan for first 12:
  • Scientist are great as first colonist, as they can have their work place set in order with no no conditions. Engineers require tech or prefabs, and you lack both on the first turn. Geologists require a rare mineral vein, but you haven't had time to discover them. On the other hand, Scientist require Gaming, and that setting up a requires Electronics Store requires a lot of Electronics (3 plus 0,2 per visitor), a Casino even more (15, 0 per visitor). An Electronic Store would require 3 to set up an probably 4 or more to maintain all visitors for 2 days until the child is born. The Science Lab requires 5 Electronics to set up. That's a total of 12-13 Electronics, on top of the 6 required for the first 6 Sensor Towers. Without the $1m tech, you won't have time to bring that as early as day 2 and still have enough Machine Parts to operate Wind Turbines (1 each, 6 total), Concrete Extractor (2 each, 6 total) and Automated Metals Extractor (4 each, 8 total) and 12 Polymers to build a Basic Dome with a Power Accumulator. Maybe if you went for a Micro Dome it would work and used brought only 5 Polymers, 2 for Hydroponic Farm and 2 for a Power Accumulator, you would bring Scientists, have them employed and spoiled with Comfort.
  • Another alternative is to bring 6 Botanist (Relaxation, Shopping, Luxury) and go for 2 Hydroponic Farms costing 4 Polymers, and then use 2 Polymers to build an Art Store (Shopping, Luxury, 80 Comfort), and spend 9 Polymers to spoil the botanists for the Luxury cravings they have. The Art Store requires 1 worker per shift, so that 3 workers. It will push the Comfort of everybody to 80, so there is no need for an Infirmary. The Art Store can service 8 people, so there is no risk of it being overfilled as long as there is 1 person working in it, 1 person in Diner a (Dining, Food, Social, 60 Comfort) and 3 others in a Hydro Farm. During nights, there will be 10 people out, but hopefully, 2 of them will want food or relaxation in a Large Garden (Relaxation, Exercise, 40 Comfort, no personal required). Other than the Shopping and Luxury from the Art Store, you got Relaxation, Social, Dining and Exercise, so you can bring Non-specialized work, Engineers, Medic and Officers. Scientist and Geologist won't work as they require Gaming and Drinking.
  • With the above Botanist setup, Watch out for traits, don't bring anybody with Gamer (+Gaming), Alcoholic (+Drinking), Gambler (+Gambling), Tourist (+Gambling) or Hypochondria (+Medical) unless they are also Sexy or a Hippie. You won't have any research, but top Comfort, so the second wave of Colonist can come real quick. And they will have enough food due to the botanist start. You will miss out on one or two days of research and basically no production as you wouldn't be able to focus on factories anyway from day 2. Keep an eye out for Enthusiast (Worker Performance +20 when at 70 or more Morale), Nerd (+10 Morale for each researched technology each boost lasting for 5 Sols), Religious (+10 Morale with no conditions) and Workaholic (Worker Performance +20 at all times) for the 3 people that will staff the Art Shop. Lazy (Individual performance decreased by 20 at all jobs.) is practically inconsequential for the Diner or the Farms. Chronic Condition (Loses about 8 Health each day.) won't be a deal-breaker during the first few days. You will need an infirmary anyway in the long run as the constant Heavy Workload will take the people bellow 70 health, at witch point they will seek out Infirmaries.
  • If you don't find enough Botanists without damaging traits, bring anybody else that fulfills the conditions, fast first child is the most important than high work performance.

Jobs for the Founders[edit]

  • Oh, you do need a infirmary after all. There first period, few are going to hit 70. They will either go to work, go to sleep or go to the park instead of going to the Art Store. For those people, you need to have a staffed infirmary so they start producing points towards a child. When you get everybody above 70, you can abandon the infirmary. It only needs one shift, one worker, Work Performance does not matter.
  • After a short while, some will have reached 90+ while others are still lagging. Put everybody with low Comfort on the morning shift, and have the Grocer open at that time instead of the Art Store. The 2nd shift, all low Comfort people get off job and now the Grocer closes and the Art Store opens.
  • If you have nobody that needs Luxury (Medics and Botanists. Traits don't add that need.), close the Art Store and open the Grocer again. Else, leave it on, so their Comfort won't lower because they couldn't get Luxury. Make sure that people that want Luxury are employed during the morning shift, so they won't go to the closed Art Store. If you have to choose between somebody with low Comfort or somebody with Luxury needs for the morning shift, go for the Luxury need. It's more important that the comfort doesn't lower than hope somebody with low goes higher.
  • When rearranging, go to all work places, and fire everybody. Open all shifts, but make all workers slots red, so nobody is allowed on any shift. Go to the apartment and take a look at the first tenant. Decide when s/he will work, go to that place, turn the red slot a blue slot by right clicking, and then go back to the apartment, select the worker, and assign the worker to that job. Any other way and you will have chaos. After all workers have been assigned, go through all the workplaces and double check their Comfort, Luxury needs and shift. Lastly, check that the dome has a 0% unemployment rate.
  • Close all shifts with nobody working on them.

Gateway Dome and Permanent Domes[edit]

  • After a portion of the Colonist have bought all their art and are content, build a second dome where they can live. In that dome, cover all their interests as cheap as possible. As long as they don't miss anything, they will retain their high Comfort.
  • Have the original Dome be a gate for new colonists, and have them leave to the permanent dome once they have hit 90+ Comfort.
  • You need several different kinds of permanent domes to cater to different interests.
  • Scientists needs a Casino to be able to game.
  • Botanists and Medics need Luxury.
  • Screw the medics, you don't needs them and there aren't many of them. Simply avoid bringing them to mars during the early game.
  • Botanists also require Luxury, but it's expensive to feed them polymers through the Art Store. One alternative is to settle with a lower tier for them. A Space Bar will keep them at 60, but they would drop below 55 if they would miss a Luxury visit. It might work if you have quality employees at the bar that boost the Comfort of the bar to 65+. Another alternative is to have them live with the Scientist and share their Casino (70 base comfort, three workforce, 10 map slots). Make sure you have enough of them so they won't get crowded. You might need two or even three of them if you put both professions in the same dome. A third way is to simply feed them Polymers through the Art Store (80 base comfort, one workforce, 3 map slots). It will be a lot more expensive, but you will get higher birth rates and also, get a lot of food since botanists produce a loot of food with high Comfort.
  • Engineers and Gluttons require a Diner.
  • Geologist and drunks require a bar.

Engineer Dome[edit]

The Engineers require Relaxation, Shopping, Dining. They do not require Social, so no need to build the building that provides social. That building is the.... Diner. Oh right, the require Dining. They can get Shopping from a Grocer and Relaxation from a Park. At any time, 1/3 of the population will be at work, so 2/3 of the population could potentially all decide to simultaneously go to the smallest shop in the Dome. So the Smallest Shop should be able to handle 2/3 of the population simultaneously. That means we can have 150% of the population of the building that can service the least amount of people.

  • Diner: 3 hexes, 10 visitors.
  • Park: 10 hexes, 10 visitors.
  • Grocer: 3 hexes, 8 visitors.

Those buildings need to be staffed by 6 unskilled Colonists. The unskilled Colonists don't require the Diner for Dining, but require it it for Social needs. So we can have 6 unskilled and 6 Engineers per diner+park+Grocer setup. If we put in an extra Grocer, we increase that from 12 to 15 people, but would require 3 more to staff the extra Grocer. Moving out to work will cost 10 sanity, but sleep and Psychologist Commander solves that.

But most of the time, they won't all go to the smallest shop at the same time. We could go with a max of 75% of the 2/3 would go at the same time. 75% of 2/3 is 50%. That way, we get to have 6 unskilled and 10 Engineers (up from 6 Engineers) per diner+park+grocer+Apartments, but would require to each day take a look and see if anybody needs to move back to the Gateway Dome to buy more Art.

This setup would require one large slot for the park, another for the Apartments two 3 hexes for the Diner and Grocer.

What if we want to squeeze in a Machine Parts Factory prefab? I won't do the math for a Basic Dome with that factory now, but check how a Barrel Dome would handle that.

  • 1/8 occupied by the factory.
  • 3/8 occupied after adding two large parks for 20 relaxation required by the Engineers. (using 6 medium garden for a total of 18 park visitor slots is also acceptable.)
  • 5/8 with two Apartments, providing 48 Residential spaces.
  • 6/8 with two Diners and a Grocer. The second Grocer goes into one of the two Medium slots. The second medium slot can have an Infirmary to handle health from all the overwork. Engineers don't do Social nor Excerice, so don't visit Open Air Gyms unless they are already Fit or a Party Animal. Enough of them won't be, so access to an Infirmary is required.

This leave two big slots available and 16 available Residential spaces in the apartments. That perfect, so we can fit in a third park, and another Grocer and Diner, and have room for a Nursery for the kids that will come, and a few open slots for small parks.

With a workforce of 30 Engineers, we can occupy 5 shifts.

Only problem is that the Barrel Dome costs 20 Polymer at a stage where I have a Polymer Factory and $10m cash, a lot of new Colonists to bring and a lot of things I want to build that require Polymers. So better to build the Micro Dome until we actually get 10 Engineers to fill it, and be on my way to getting more.

Another problem though. I have 0 Machine Parts, and a lot of buildings that will shortly require a lot of Machine Parts for Maintenance. I have to use the factory prefab I bought, and doing that in a Micro Dome isn't a good idea.

Just noticed that a building isn't actually open until the person gets there, not because you assign them to it. This can cause customer to face a closed shop.

Thing is, there are certain colonist that can remain satisfied, while others will have interests that are harder to satisfy. Keep each kind in a different dome in order to benefit from those easy to satisfy.

Them main problem with this setup is to carefully manage so there are actual couples. Without couples, the entire idea is moot, since Comfort over 70 only benefits reproduction.

In the begging, you can spend about 5 polymers to make people high in comfort, but there are too few Engineers to make couples. You will need an infirmary to couple them with with low Comfort mates. Later on, there will be a lot more poeple. but all polymer will be used for Domes and buildings.

After there is about 60 people to fully man the Polymer plant and one or two shifts at the Machine Part plant will you have enough Polymers to again spend on luxury, enough new people to spend it on and enough space to segregate them. By then, you are spending time outside the dome, on night shifts and on Heavy Workload, so you will need a competent infirmary anyway.

Work Shifts[edit]


The third night shift is a heavy shift.

  • Put Composed workers there as they lose only half the sanity.
  • Put Workaholics if you got no Composed and really want on a Heavy night shift
  • A Chronic Condition or 'Hypochondriac that also has Workaholic is about as good as a Composed when working a heavy night shift outside, as the frequent infirmary visits will restore sanity.

If they work outdoors, they get 30 sanity damage, and that is a huge hit without Composed reducing it to 15 or Workaholic reducing it to 20. They can heal 20 with sleep, psychology and a good medic.

Considering not making the night shift Heavy if you don't have enough with the correct traits and you aren't prepared to check on them and micromanage them every day.


The second shift is a also a Heavy shift.

  • Put Workaholics there.
  • You can also put workers with Chronic Condition and Hypochondriacs here as they often visit the Infirmary and recover sanity.
  • Gamers recover Sanity.
  • Lazy and Alcoholics people go here and rotate to the normal shift if they loose to much sanity, unless its a that is required to have high performance in order to keep the colony growing. Underachievers work good in a local market where there are there only to server a baseline interest in order to avoid Comfort loss, and not so much increasing Comfort.


The first shift should be a normal shift for recovering people. It can toggled between normal and heavy.

  • Gamblers with access to a casino go here as they can receive huge sanity damage in short time from their addiction.
  • Put Nerds and Religious people here to carry the shift to the same level as the other two.


After the Middle Age, they turn into elders. You don't want them to die on Mars, as it removes to people from the pool. Put them in a separate Dome with nothing else in it and close to a Rocket launching pad so they get bored and earth-sick, leaving mars.

Work Terraforming[edit]

Terraforming looks nice. The rewards seem to be Open Farm, "Fully-grown plants are harvested for Food by Drones", so it can be equivalent to greatly increasing your colonist count. +50% cash from tourists is also a big plus.


It's Sol 19 and I have 120 Colonist after the ship with the last 20 arrived. With this, I got a Polymer factory working all shifts fully, and a Machine Parts working both day shifts. 16 Engineers total. 4 Elders.

So I need to start directing my research and future plans.

I have a great spot for research site, three of them giving 20+20+15=+55 Research. I need a Barrel Dome to get all three. Then I need to put Domes on Vistas to maximize Comfort. And finally, draw a cable to high altitute messa and expand it to have wind power farm on it.

Tech goals[edit]

So what are some of the research highlight to aim for?

  • Holographic Scanning [12-19] - Medical Center Upgrade (Holographic Scanner) - Increases birth rate in the Dome.
  • Stem Reconstruction [12-19] - Retirement age and death from old age happen later in the Colonists' lifespan.

Having more Colonist allows for a faster expansion rate, that can easily be translated into more research. Having them live longer allows for greater return on investment.

  • Low-G Engineering [6-12] - New Domes
  • Micro Manufacturing [6-12] - New Building: Electronics Factory. Prefabs cost 600 each.
  • Micro Manufacturing [14-19] - New Dome: Mega

Larger domes are nice. Only thing that really has the potential of being game changing is the ability to have two spires. Does it? Well, not really. Nothing that can't be replicated with very careful planing and micromanagment.

  • 3D Machining [6-10] - New Building: Machine Parts Factory. Prefabs cost 400 each.
  • Drone Printing [6-10] - New Building: Drone Assembler
  • Rover Command AI [6-10] - RC Commander starts with 4 additional Drones and command limit increased by 12.
  • CO2 Jet Propulsion [11] - New Building: Shuttle Hub
  • Factory AI [12-14] - Refineries and Factories Upgrade (Factory AI) - performance increased by 20%.
  • The Martian Network [16-18] - New Spire Building: Network Node - increases the research output of all Research Labs and Hawking Institutes in the Dome.
  • Project Mohole [19] - Wonder: Mohole Mine. Free Metal and Rare Metals for ever.
  • Large-scale Excavation [20] - Wonder: The Excavator. Free Concrete for ever.

The Martian Network is a first priority, the two wonders later priority.

  • Stirling Generator [6] - Requires Polymers for maintenance, in contrast to Metals or Machine Parts.
  • Dust Repulsion [7-9] - Halves maintenance of Solar Panels.
  • Deep Scanning [10] - Required to keep getting teach points for each Scan. Japan bonus.
  • Deep Metal Extraction [11-18] - Before shallow deposits dry up
  • Deep Water Extraction [11-18] - Before shallow deposits dry up
  • Research Amplification [11-18] - Research Labs, Science Institutes and the Network Node Upgrade (Amplify) - Increases production by 25% but also increases Power.png Power consumption.
  • Triboelectric Scrubbing [11-18] - Removes maintenance.
  • Interplanetary Astronomy [20] - Wonder: Omega Telescope - +20% research and 3 breakthroughs.

Free maintenance and +45 Science seems really good.

  • Martian Education [6] - Japan can obtain one for free as a reward.
  • Martian Patents [7-10] - Sell 3000 research for 500 cash.
  • Martian Institute of Science [11] - Useful after having set up a lot of regular labs
  • Behavioral Melding [12-19] - Sanatorium Upgrade (Behavioral Melding) - replaces removed flaws with random Perks.
  • Martian Copyrights [12-19] - Sell ? research for 2000 cash.
  • Dream Reality [20] - Wonder: Project Morpheus - Stimulates the development of new Perks in adult Colonists throughout the entire Colony.

This looks like top priority after having secured Electronics production. Get Universities, and the Institutes. After that, switch to Biotech to increase the population and have them age less. After that, get back to Social and remove their flaws and give them perks. With that quality workforce, go for Physics to get +45% research on top.

  • Martian Vegetation [1] - Unlocks Forestation Plant and Seeds. Seeds are consumed by Open Farm and Forestation Plants. Use the plant initially to improve the quality of the soil in order to improve the efficiency of the farm. The Forestation Plant initially uses seeds to plant Lichen. Lichen will improve soil quality and enable soil to sustain Grass (10%, increases to 20%), Bushes (20%, increases to 40%) and Trees (40%). Bushes and Trees are unlocked later. Higher level plants produce Seeds that Drones automatically pick up, used for the Open Farms. Bushes give 0,2 seed, trees give 1 seed.
  • Planetary Survey [2-5] - 6 new Anomalies.
  • Greenhouse Mars [2-5] - Unlocks GHG Factory. It uses 10 Power and 1 Fuel to increase temperature to 25%, and continue doing that at much slower after that. At 20% you can have have the Forestation Plant to plant Grass (with 10% soil quality and 10% water), and it will spread by itself. At 25% temperature, with 25% Atmosphere, toxic rain starts. It will continue until 55% temperature and Atmosphere, with 5% water. 30% temperature (with 20% water) enables Bushes and 35% temperature (with 35% water) enables trees. You need 20% temperature (with 10% water) to have the Open Farm produce food.
  • Lake Crafting [6-10] - Enables the creation of lakes. The larges lake requires 2 consumption and increases Water by 0,1% "when liquid" (what does that mean?). 10% water is required to grow Grass, 20% for Bushes and 35% for trees in order to get free seeds. If you make your own seeds, you can plant in the Open farm from 10% water. Lakes also increase soil quality around it. Increasing Water causes the production from Moisture Vaporators to improve (+100% max).
  • Domeless Farming [11-15] - With 20% temperature and 10% water and 10% soil quality, and seeds, allows you to grow food without human labor.
  • Terra Tourism [11-15] - Tourists pay 50% more Funding to come to Mars. Receive 100 Tourist applicants. That's worth $1500m, and will give even more as the tourists get back. If you manage to bring 30 person per rocket, you get $450m each time a rocket gets to Mars from Earth. That means you in practice are selling Fuel for $15 even if you bring no rare metal with you.
  • Adapted Vegetation [11-15] - Unlocks planting of Bushes and Trees in Forestation Plants. Fully-grown Bushes and Trees are harvested for Seeds by Drones. Bushes give 0,2 seed, trees give 1 seed.

The rest of the tech improves Atmosphere, used to eventually enable open domes. They require no Oxygen and half the electricity. A minor material improvement. Improved Atmosphere will also eventually end Dust Storms, Dust Devils and Meteor Storms. Oh, also increase the production of Wind Turbines with up to 100% and decrease the production from Solar Panels by half.

Recharge Stations[edit]

This things are actually really good. Without them, you will see 2 or even 3 Drones around a RC waiting for their turn to recharge, lowering productivity.


Day 30. I really enjoyed this run. Writing the wiki, I see I can redo it much better.