Surviving Mars: Campaign: 2020-04-26

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Initial settings[edit]

  • Church of the New Ark
  • Rocket Scientist (very low starting Funding. Also, map benefits from transportation, specially with non-Japan Drones.)
  • The Last War
  • Rivals:
    1. China (will take my food for their resources)
    2. Russia (need concrete for Domes, map has low concrete)
    3. Brazil (more rare metals, hope to trade some)
  • Location: 6S95W
  • Game Rules:
    • Armageddon: Meteor rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars.
    • Dust in the Wind: Dust Storm rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars.
    • Hunger: Can't import food from Earth.
    • Inflation: Import prices increase over time.
    • Twister: Dust Devil rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars.
    • Winter is Coming: Cold wave rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars. Cold waves increase power consumption even more.
  • Difficulty Challenge: 785%
  • Mods: ForcedByUserLockTimeout=500 sols







  • First martianborn


  • 2nd martianborn


  • 4 new martianborn, 6 total.


  • 2 new martianborn, 8 total.


  • 6 new martianborn, 14 total.


  • 8 new martianborn, 22 total.


  • 7 new martianborn, 29 total. The one from 05 became a youth.


  • Pictures: A, B
  • 6 new martianborn, 35 total. The one from 06 became a youth, 2 total. He had the Genius trait.
  • Fertility is great, 55 fertile couple out of 56 possible. The move to the new dome temporarily disrupts couple matching.
  • Both schools are now filled. 2 slices are required to house the 30 children in those school, and 3 playgrounds are filled. I have 0 electronics, so I can't build the 3rd school yet.
  • All Concrete excavators are run down.
  • Build and populated the Metal Excavation dome, named Metal Dome [MD], with 3 metal left on the entire map. 9 if you count demolishing all my solar collectors.
  • Moving the four saints to bless the dome.
  • Storm will blow over at 22:00
  • I will need 10 metal to repair my 5 Vaporators. I'm at -3.4 water, -4.4 if you include the Ranch I have to start. Water Reserves are down to 112 after almost 4 days of Dust storms.
  • I have salvaged all my the MOXIE during the storm for metal and I need to rebuild two fast since I require 5.4 oxygen and have only 50 oxygen left when the storm ends at 22:00. This requires 4 more metal, since I had enough to build one.
  • I need 5 more metal for a Ranch ASAP, I'm down to 67 food with a Daily consumption of 29, and I will take 4 days until the 2nd batch of Turkeys get ready. 5 more metal.
  • Being in desperate need of the metal, I start excavating metal with 1 hour left on the storm. I get a leak on the single cable form the dome to the excavator! Luckily, it only leeks 20 electricity per hour, but it does keep the excavator running. I need it to produce 1 metal in order to repair the cable, as the 3 other metals are on the other side of the colony, spread around in anticipation of leaks during the storm.
  • The rocket with the Electronic Factory returns and is awaiting the storm to finish. 30 rare metals and 30 fuel await at the landing pad. All drones that just finished building Metal Dome and its interiors are redirected to the landing pad in with 1 hour left to the landing. All 7 tourists have been directed to domes in range to in order to trigger the return to earth.
  • The sanity damage to the Engineers in the polymer factory is massive. Even with two hospitals staffed with 4 workers per shift, I got only 1 Engineer at green, half of them are red, despite constant shuffling around.
  • 10 Machine Parts are ready and awaiting the storm to finish in order to repair 5 of my 7 Large Wind Turbines. The other 2 are at red. None of my 8 excavators are working, I will repair 3 of them. 1 will be required for the 2nd ranch. The last one will be used to build an 8th Large Wind Turbine.
  • I got 65 Concrete left and a 3rd school will require 20 more, the 2nd Ranch will require 10 more, 8 or 16 needed for 1 or two new Large Wind Turbines. That's 46. 9 more to finish the 2nd Grocer in and small Spacebar in Metal Dome. That leaves 10 Concrete. I need 80 to start a 6th dome, and even more for the buildings in it, so more Concrete is a priority. One source has 112/399, so it requires only one excavator. The second source has 344/955, so it can take restarting all four. I need to expand to a third source.
  • The Machine Part factory gets abandoned as there is no more metal to turn into Machine Parts. Most of the people in that dome leave to Metal Dome. I had a spot reserved in that dome for the incoming Electronics Factory, but if I don't start producing Food, people will starve, and there is no other suitable location for it. I don't want both Ranches in the same dome as that would increase transportation requirements.
  • 17 metals will be required for the pipeline to the 2nd water source, as well as 5 Machine Parts and 20 Concrete. That's when current concerns are resolved. The extra water will be used to create Fuel to start the water-fuel-Contract Exploration Access route planed. That will give me the cash required to buy more Ark Pods, RC Transports, and eventually Commanders so I can lower the need of micromanaging. For now, I control every single action of every single one of the 19 drones since there is so much to do and so little drones.
  • I also want a Water Reclamation Spire in every single dome to lower it's water consumption from 1 to 0.2, however, that requires 40 Concrete per Spire, so it's out of the question at the moment.
  • Polymer production is stable. There is not enough concrete to transition into apartments.
  • Now that all the children left the first dome I built and the school has been salvaged, I can dedicate that space got to research, so 1 more Research Lab and a Casino is planed. The dome has +40% bonus to research. That will require 20 Electronics. I need to set up the 6th dome to start electronics production.
  • I have noticed that I can move the Ranch shift to the next shift right before it ends, and thus forcing the workers to keep working. This would triple food production. I would have to turn off heavy workload to enable this to continue uninterrupted. I regard this as a bug and not a future of the game and will restrict myself to one shift per day, as more animals will hardly be born if the workers work harder, the area and water they consume being the natural limiters and not he work put into them. It's different in a factory or a hospital, there, I have regularly put them on two shifts per day, as real life emergencies would require.
  • I have had really bad luck with the last founder reaching 80 Comfort in order to complete the Sponsor goal and gain 100 Sponsor research despite having the Art Shop on since the very start. And to make it worse, the one of the senior I put in the children dome was a Founder, and she went back to 70! Having fast forwarded, I finished the sponsor goal several times during sol 9 and 10, but no luck while gaming.
  • Ah, f it, I'll remove the Casino placeholder and put the 2nd ranch next to the first one. There won't be materials to build the Casino in several days, specially if the University gets going, and I need the Electronics factory NOW or there will be a lot of kids with no school. I'll move the 2nd ranch later to another location.
  • Or no, wait. Having both the Machine Factory and Electronics Factory in a Basic dome with no Apartment is a bad idea. Too much work force required and too few residences. I need to have two domes for that, and have something they both can do in outside. Even if it's inefficient, it's better than put two jobs in one dome and not having residences for both, or having two domes doing one thing and not being fully utilized. So the Ranch goes back to the Machine Factory dome, since the ranch requires only 6 people instead of 30.
  • 9 PM. Things have stabilized. I had to pause production on Concrete and Vaporators since my Power Accumulators emptied. That happened because I double screwed up with the power lines, first not noticing that the location I had selected for the new Turbine had no line and then being to slow on bringing metal there. I can turn them on again in a few seconds. But I have no machine parts for two more Turbines, and I need that to be able to use the Machine Factory again. That can be solved by salvaging the last unused Concrete Extractors and the last Machine Part I got in order to build one more, and then save that positive electricity to charge the Power Accumulators for long enough to have the factory build another two Machine parts, and then I'm fully done with recovering from the Dust Storm.
  • Wow, I have nothing specific to do with my drones. What now?
    • Too little power and Concrete to start the Electronics Factory dome.
    • Start the on the third source of concrete? That requires only metal and 2*4 Machine parts.
    • Draw the long pipeline to the second source of water
  • I do have four Concrete Extractors giving a surplus, and I think I have my needs for the future few days covered. With the extra water, I can simply store it and then use it at will. The Concrete can be easily turned up way over needs, while the water is constant and can not easily be increased in production. So I'll go for the water pipe. That way, I can really turn up my fuel production and go for the planetary project Contract Exploration Access: 100 fuel, 30 polymers, 4 sols: $750m reward.


  • 5 Drones on fueling and loading the rocket with rare metals.
  • Only 14 drones to repair the base, everything is falling apart. I'm waiting to repair the Large Wind Turbines until they actually fall apart to maximize the amount of value I get per Machine Part. Batteries cover the down time. I'll wait with the MOXIE, I still got about 10 hours left of oxygen in the Oxygen Tank after building the first MOXIE, so I can live off that rest for 10 hours and prioritize the Ranch and then build the second MOXIE before people star to suffocate.
  • Nice, just noticed a meteor impact resulted in 13 retrievable metals. Sending a Transport to it.
  • I got plenty of Polymers over despite having a the Art Shop online since the start. I even shut down the Grocer to get those two final Founders to get to 90 Comfort, but dammit, they don't!
  • Almost everybody in Machine Part dome have migrated to the Metal Extractor dome. Botanist go back the research dome to work on service there since there they can get some Luxury from the Art Shop and eventually the Casino. I got no Fungal Farm or Farm, and the Hydroponic produces half for the Church.
  • Food is getting really bad, 80 food left, 27 daily consumption, 4 day before the Turkey gets ready, and it will only give about 113 food when I need 134.
  • The tourist went into the Rocket, and immediately did 14 new Tourist show up on earth. I can send them here with an Ark Pod and get the pods value back +$20, and then send for more colonists. They will bring 24 food with them when there is 3.5 days before turkey harvest, so that gives (24/5)*1.5=7.2 food the others can consume.
  • 4*27=108 food required. I got 87 food, so the second ranch needs to cover for 21 food during those 4 days. If I can get a new wave on the 3rd day, then it should be enough to get 8 food, and I can do that witch Chicken. So one day chicken and then Turkey on the second ranch as well.
  • The Vaporators are getting online with the metal from the salvaged (and actually functional) Large Solar Panels. I'm getting 5 of the 8 Concrete Extractors back online. Transport with the last bits of Cement is on it's way to build a 2nd Ranch, another Large Wind Turbine to get me back to positive electricity and then get a second Metal Extractor.
  • Time is 06:00, I lose 26 Electricity, 2.6 Oxygen and 1.6 Water per hour. So all negative.
  • Meteor Shower gave 3 research Anomalies, none accessible.
  • Martian Education soon done, but I lack Electronics to build it... and that's okay considering after building the Metal Dome and the Tourists leaving, I got 29 available residence, so there is a lot of work slots that could be filled, specially with the Electronics Factory requiring 30 persons. With all being Religious and 4 Saints, Everybody has +50 Morale, so losing out on 60 efficiency due to not being Engineers is tolerable for a few years.


  • 07:00 - goddammit, at last! The f'rs got their ass to the Art Shop!
  • Fhew... okay. So, next Sponsor Goal is to get 120 Colonists with all the needs at 80. Thew rewards is $3000, so each sol that is delayed, the longer it takes to exponentially grow it. What are my chances to get it now that I have 135 Colonists?
    • This is basically about not using Heavy Workload for a while and getting everybody to 80 comfort. So the question is, what does it take to get all over 80?
    • Children doesn't seem to count, since I got more than 20 of them that should qualify, but it says I only got 20 qualifying.
  • Strange, I got not a single non-child that qualifies, most of them have their sanity lowered since the Dust Storm.
    • On a recount, I had exactly 20 children that qualified.
    • Fully staffed Diners and Spacebars will have a service comfort above 70, so that plus the 10 they get pushes them to 80.
    • What I need to do is raising the comfort of everybody through fully staffed bars and diners, and then keep a close eye to make sure it doesn't drop. Then I need to put all heavy workload on a halt for a few sols and make sure to shift around exterior workers to whoever has the highest sanity with no regard to actual productivity. I should be able to do this withing a few sols, and the reward, $3000 is great.
    • Or wait. The infirmary will only push them only so high up. In order to recover the last bit, they will need to rest, and considering each sol only provides 5 sanity, this will take for ever. I need to select a few that already have high sanity and health and make sure they don't lose any more, and then select some that can act reckless with their sanity, and then wait for new colonists to get the total to 80 while those already present heal back up. Considering I'm getting about 7 new per sol, this shouldn't be that hard.
    • I'll mark everybody that is supposed to add to the total with a number prefix in their name.
    • Man, this won't be fun, but if it will result in getting those $3000 a few sols earlier...
    • 53 of them had over 70 Sanity. They recover 5 per sol, so I will increase the range to 60.
    • 62 when including those with +60 sanity.
    • 69 when including those with +50 sanity.
    • This puts me already at a 6 sol distance to the goal, as those with 50 Sanity will require 6 days to get up to 80. By then, I should have 60 new colonists from import, tourism and martianborns. Given 8 new martianborns per sol, I should expect 48 only from that source. So this should be enough to get to the goal asap. Those not numbered are to keep having their sanity under pressure.
  • Martian University finished. Have no Electronics, and no space or workforce to place and fill the Electronics Factory. That is the next priority, after constructing and filling the 2nd ranch with workers.
  • Next research?
    • Martian Vegetation - Don't have any electronics or seeds to spare for that.
    • Planetary Survey - that is actually a good idea. I only received 2 planetary Anomalies.
    • Low-G Fungi - 3 Electronics and 6 workers for 5 base food per day? The indoor ranch is way too OP, it needs a nerf.
    • Water Reclamation - I'm going to spam this everywhere, but I need more workers first.
    • Low-G High-rise - Need more workers and concrete before this is necessary.
    • Low-G Drive - 20% faster Drones and RC looks really tempting.
    • Low-G Turbines - This looks really good too, boosting power output at no increased maintenance. Specially since my Polymer production is so good.
    • Subsurface Heating - I need to prioritize this in case a cold wave hits. But at 15 metal and 5 Machine Parts, I rather just build a few more Turbines at if that would happen as is now.
    • Extractor Amplification - +25% metal and rare metal at no additional worker expense looks tempting.
    • Systematic Training - My botanists are not doing anything and spending 1500 science to get more science can wait until the investment is cheaper due to increased science output.
    • Earth-Mars initiative - there are techs I need now. It costs 2000 research and I output 1000 per day. If I don't take this now, I will be losing 100 research per day in two days until I eventually get it. But there are better investments right now.
    • General Training - only +10% increased performance for non-specialized when working in a specialized field. I will get the university going soon, so this is not worth 3000 research.
  • Low-G Drive at 1000 research it is, specially since I'm growing and transport distances are increasing. This will benefit me without any further need of further resource investments.
  • 2nd Ranch almost finished. I have to move the vegans to the metal dome, and replace them with colonist from that same dome.
  • I have to constantly keep track so that nobody is without a fertile partner, specially now that there is a lot of people moving around.
  • Man I'm so glad the Dust Storm is over.
  • Oh, nice 4 martianborn from sol 7 are ready to work. Really need the extra workforce.
  • Dropped 15 Concrete on the spot of the 2nd Metal Extractor in anticipation of creating it since the transport was nearby.
  • Damn, I'm at -41 electricity now that the Concrete extractors are getting online. Really need to set up more wind power fast. This resulted in no electricity to a living quarters in the children dome, resulting in -20 comfort to one of the new youth.
  • Salvaged two of the four extractors on the almost depleted Concrete source. Put the returned materials to good use. Had to draw a bit of electric lines to secure redundancy.
  • Repaired a Power Accumulator that had 100 electric stores in it, I'm at -51 power now. I can hold it four about 3 hours. Best to hurry up with those new Wind Turbines, or miss out one some Concrete.
  • My Machine Part Factory has been shut down for a while now due to a lack of metal. My stores of 10 Machine Parts are almost all gone now due to all the repairs and construction, but now that I got the Metal Extractor online, there is no worries.
  • Stupid, forgot to set the production on the Ranch. It was making goose. I'm not going to redo 2 hours of in-game time, in the large scheme it probably won't matter since the chicken will be ready on time anyway and I will probably never have a lack of food after that.
  • Damn, I missed an Infirmary, it malfunctioned due to a lack of repairs. It't okay, no night shift doesn't matter that much.
  • Finished the second MOXIE with less than 3 hours left in the Oxygen Tank.
  • The 12 tourist arrived with the Ark Pod. 5 metal and $120. Have $160, sending another pod.
  • Oh damn, no a residential complex malfunctioned! I need to move all those in the 120 program to a functioning residence while repairs are underway. Now I know why the drone AI kept wanting to go for concrete... Oh, wait. I can send all the new tourist there. They have only 50 Comfort, and going down to 30, even a Grocer visit or simply sleeping will raise it again.
  • Omg. A meteor just hit a newly repaired Vaporator and also cut of the pipes to the water excavators! I got 64 water stored, so there is no panic, but it's a bit too close to be comfortable with that. I really need to get the power up and increase my water and oxygen reserves. IT also cut of the power to the rare metal excavator, so I guess they get the night shift off and there is a risk that the 2nd Rocket will have to return to earth with only 25 metals. Oh, phew, I did have redundant pipes, so the water is on, only the excavator is off.

12,0013, meteor.png

  • 10 new martianborn, 45 total. Four from sol 7 grew to youth, 6 total.
  • 32/120 have all needs above 80%.


  • Man, still a lot of work to get back to full power. I am missing about 3 Large Wind Turbines before being able to put everything on, and I have not a single Machine Part as of 5 AM.
  • 2nd Rocket is being loaded to return to earth.
  • I just got my Celebrity cash that will be used to call for another pod of colonists. I really need that food, 2.5 days left before the Turkey gets delivered and I got less than two days worth of food.
  • Still some left over vegans in the Machine Parts Dome, need to move them to the Metal dome now that the second Ranch is active with Chickens there.
  • 54 colonist candidates left on Earth. After filtering out Middle aged, Senior, Idiot, Lazy and Loner, there are exactly 12 candidates left. 6 Idiots available, I need farming.
  • $20 left, with two tourists and the celeb, I get another Ark Pod next sol. Filled with food, lazy, loners and idiots.
  • Researching Low-G Turbines. I got three techs that give more tech, but I need benefits right now. I'm afraid of a cold wave, but I can't afford to build the heater now anyway, and I do get almost two days of warning, so after this, it's the Extractor Amplification.
  • Still a lot of micromanaging colonist residence after changing the vegan dome, building the metal dome and having 14 new tourist.
  • There are 24 new colonist on the way in two pods right now, and I got 25 residence available. There will be an estimate 10 new martianborns this sol, and I got room for one last nursery in the children dome.
  • Still got only two school while I would need three, but no Electronics yet. I have to build that dome today. I will need 40 more cement for that, but I don't have the electricity to power them up. Working on that.
  • Of the none-vegan Engineers, there are 11 of them operating the three shifts (the 12th gets a pass, he is part of the 120 goal), doing each group doing three shifts every two days. The one that just started the morning shift is all on orange sanity, and the one that just finished the the night shift is all on red sanity. I might need to turn of heavy workload for a sol or so to give them a break. Lets see how well they heal before their shift starts in 8 hours.

0012, 0014 engineers.png

  • Had I known it would take 15 sols to get the large Electronics Factory going, I would have bought a small one early.
  • Dammit, the Rocket in the middle is taking for ever to load since I wasn't prepared enough will all the supplies being in one place, and more than anything, the delay in production that the power outage of the rare metal extractor caused. I have to either wait about 6-7 hours to build the wind turbine that I hadn't the foresight to place somewhere else, or build it and have the rocket blast it to to hell when launching. If I wait then I lose a lot of production since most of my machine factory, water, fuel and concrete is shut down due to too little electricity. If I build it, then I get to use it for 7 hours, and then one more day before it breaks down and I need to repair it again with 1 Machine Part. If I build it, then I get to produce a lot more than 1 Machine Part during that time, so It's basically 1 metal I lose. So I build it despite the Rocket launching in front of it in 7 hours.
  • 2nd Rocket left fully at 14:00. With the Drone Hub being malfunctioning since way back, I got not a single drone commander on the map.
  • Food is not going well. I got some minor starvation going on in the children dome. I'll set up a panic Hydroponics in order to get a few bits more of food.
  • Double Dust Devils close to power and water. Hope they don't do much damage.
  • A less competent commander could be excused for panicking:

12,0014, panic maybe.png

  • The chickens done. I'm really on the edge of starvation, most Diners are a few food from empty, I need to carefully resupply them in order to avoid any of them from going empty.
  • The Dust Devils disabled a Large Wind Turbine, and then went straight for the water excavators. They are now both powered and I'm at -6 water due to the Vaporators being shut down in order to keep the Machine Part Factory going. Machine Parts for repairing the Water Excavators are already on the drones and moving. I got about 6 hours reserve water before needing to shut down the Machine Shop.
  • One of the drones is in the vicinity of the Turbine to the water excavators, but can't get close due to the Dust Devil there.
  • I'm down to 20 Concrete. Except for the 15 of them is on the top right corner of the colony in anticipation of building a second metal excavator. 2 are there for building a small Spacebar on that same dome. I'm basically out of dust.
  • What is working is the metal excavator, the Machine Part factory, food production, polymer production and rare metal excavation. If I only get a break, I will be on my feet in no time.
  • After reconsidering the Outdoor ranch, I again come to the conclusion that the low limit of the container makes the 3 water per hour of the cow a deal breaker. It's mostly certainly an oversight on the part of the developers, but I'm not going to mod it as that would taint the game run.
  • In the middle of the Dust Devils, the 1st Rocket arrives. I'm going for water all the way, 3 Vaporators. Electronics is tempting, a third Transport is also tempting. I can micro the drones good enough, and waiting a few sols with educating the martianborns is acceptable now that there is so much unskilled labored that remains to be done. A 2nd rocket is on it's way to earth anyway.
  • The lack of energy is destroying my concrete and water production, and I'm out of concrete for producing new wind generators. I'll have to take back those last 15 concrete I had put for creating the 2nd metal extractor.
  • The Dust Devil will create a leak, and considering my low reserves, I can't afford that. I haven't built a valve, so I have to cut a piece of pipe close to the base in advance, and then rebuild it with a valve, and after this go and repair the damage the Dust Devil caused.
  • The Dust Devils persisted on the water extractors for about 3 hours, but they finally dispersed.
  • Low-G Turbines is 68% researched, I need top spread out my polymer all over the colony in order to be make sure all Wind Turbines get upgraded the hour the research is done. Extractor Amplification next, more metal, rare metal and water. Still don't have any spare concrete for apartments, and neither the extra energy they require, but it's on its way.
  • Oh, great another twister. Heh... it's three of them.

12,0014, another twister.png

  • This is bullshit, you can't manually put in the polymers required for the Wind Turbine upgrade... will have to wait for the rocket to arrive.
  • All concrete expended except for handful scattered, I got enough power to turn on almost everything. Concrete start to turn up again.
  • Next sol, there is going to be another 10 martianborn and 5 youth martianborn. So I need more space. I'll demolish an unused park and make room for 4. After that, I got no more unused area. I need 80 concrete to make another Basic Dome... or you know what, I'll skip the spires and make a Barrel Dome since it requires only 50 Concrete. It will take a long time until I wish I could build a spire on this dome, specially if the rest of the Domes will be Basic Domes, and by then, it's likely time to transition into next gen of domes.
  • Luckily, those Dust Devils, now 4, seem to stay up there.
  • 9 new martianborn, 54 total. 2 from sol 8 grew to youth, 8 total.
  • 53/120 have all needs above 80%.


  • Pretty slow night, two hours of nothing special happening. Having nothing better to do, drones pick up liter and so small jobs that was on hold, and go recharge. Waiting for enough concrete and metal for the new dome and more machine parts to restart the buildings that have deteriorated. One of the fuel refineries hasn't started yet since the Dust Storm, and 2 Wind Turbines are on their way to malfunction, but there is no rush.
  • I need to get some buffers as well, a third MOXIE to start filling up the oxygen tanks and more water to fill up the water tanks. Both Oxygen and water are around +1 right now. There are 3 more Evaporators on the way from earth, and the second water source isn't tapped yet.
  • Future expansion includes the 3rd Concrete source, another Metal Extractor and more rare metal.
  • I noticed that the bottleneck for getting the Barrel dome up early is metals. I'll salvage a 3 out of my 5 Oxygen tanks. Those three were malfunctioning and were almost empty. Same with Water Towers, two out of my four are not working and are empty, so I'll salvage them as well. As soon as the next Wind Turbine gets online and pushes me into positive energy, I'll salvage my last solar panel since it's almost malfunctioning as well. All of this can be rebuilt at minimum loss at better locations now that I have more domes.
  • two of the three Fuel refineries require repairing, and so does three Wind Turbines and the rare metal extractor. I might shut down the machine Part factory until the Barrel Dome is built after that.
  • I got 5 Concrete Extractors online now. The sixth one needs rebuilding, I salvaged it to get its Machine Part. I'm not going to spend 6 metal on rebuilding it before the Barrel dome is built.
  • Damn bugs. When the water tower next to the hydroponic is salvaged, the hydroponic gets disconnected from the water system! So I can't salvage it.
  • Break is over, almost all Drones are fully charged, time to get busy again!
  • Dammit! same bug if I salvage the oxygen tank next to the hydroponic, it gets disconnected from the water!
  • Heh. Does't matter what I salvage, the Hydro goes off the grid anyway. Even a oxygen tank on the other side of the map. Toggling everything, including valves, raising priority, shutting off farms, nothing I tested puts the hydro back on the grid. F it, it only results in the yield going down from 2.3 to 1.3 and its the 1 sol crop anyway.
  • On second thought, it's a really bad idea to pause the production of Machine Parts. A lot is dependent on a stream of them.
  • 191 colonists. I got 5 residential slots and another 2 nursery slots. No more room for more residents unless I salvage parks that are being used. I expect to get about 10 new martianborns today.
  • Another Ark Pod, with money from the two celebrities. Only woman, I have more than 25 males without a mate. Really weird rng on the the part of the martianborn. Okay traits, but 10 of them are middle aged.
  • At current rate, I'm receiving 20 metals per sol, and 10 of them are going to the Machine Part store. I expect to build more than a new dome per sol. With the second metal excavator the total will be 40 per day. Extractor Amplification increases this to 45. Considering I have 4 Machine Parts in maintenance per sol, a number that will only increase, I'm going to end up receiving only a handful of Machine Parts per sol soon, and that would delay the two tunnels I need for further expansion by a whole lot considering they require 30 Machine Parts each. A ramp would take for ever. So I'm going to import most of the Machine Parts required for a tunnel to the east where I can now spot 3 metal sources, 1 Concrete source and 125 surface metal.
  • Meteor direct hit on a dome! It fractures, releasing 1 oxygen per hour. It puts me on -0.7 oxygen, and I have no reserves on my functioning tanks. There is a tank with a lot of 43 oxygen in it, but it's malfunctioning, so I have to repair it fast. Somebody has to take a lack of oxygen. The Turkeys are not an option as I can't import food from Earth. The rest needs to have a high sanity to reach the 120 goal. Who will recover sanity the fastest? The kids. They get no oxygen till the tank is repaired.

0012, 0015.png

  • Rocket with supplies reach earth. Time to decide what to buy with $599.6m... dammit, I really tried to make sure it was full! With the Vaporators that will arrive any minute, I will have a total of 8 Vaporators. With some metal and Machine Parts, I can start extracting water from the second source, maybe 10 per hour. That would put me at +14 water per hour, and to use that, I will need a lot more Machine Parts to construct fuel refineries. As of now, I'm producing around 10 Machine Parts per sol, with an upkeep of 6. I need to double that, so waiting for the tech to build a second Machine Part Factory would hamper my progress too much. I'll buy a second factory and save the rest to buy Ark Pods to populate the Machine Part and Electronics factories. I still haven't had resources to build a University dome, and the children dome is now at -1 residence with one school that hasn't been built yet.
  • Damn, the food situation is starting to look really bad. I got 10 food on the way any minute, 30 in service building and a daily consumption of about 30. 110 on the way in about a day. After that, I need both ranches to go for 100 food in 5 sols in order to feed the 200 people. Thing is, the 110 food will not last the 5 day required for the next batch, so I need another Ranch to cover that in between period, and maybe even a 4th to build chicken or something else inefficient. And maybe even start on an outdoor farm to have some people from each dome contribute to future foods.
  • As the colony is getting bigger, I should star to have some buffers. Wouldn't be fun with famine or some other catastrophe.
  • Damn, people in the dome hit by the meteor lost 5-18 sanity each! This this several of them at less than 10 sanity. The work-shift rhythm is severely disturbed,
  • It's gonna cost 5 Polymer to fix it. I was considering prioritizing upgrades higher now that the rocker has arrived (can't do it manually, dammit), but it looks like the colonists will cause further moral loss if it stays fractured. So better pay up the 5 polymer.
  • This is bullshit. I can't manually repair the dome. Luckily, the Rocket is on it's way down to the pad.
  • Or maybe not, maybe they lost sanity because the dome was about to malfunction, and not because of the crack. Anyway, the dome is outside of the rockets range, and where it needs to be to upgrade the majority of the base.
  • Last minutes of the sol. 2nd Ranch chicken brought almost 10 food. It's down to 6 now. 31 stored in services. 1 sol left to get the Turkeys. 1 Pod waiting for the Barrel dome to complete to land, another half way to Mars.
  • Polymers used to upgrade over half of the Wind Turbines, at +43 Energy and rising.
  • +3 water as soon as the three new vaporators are installed.
  • -1 Oxygen, I got about 2 days to install new MOXIEs.
  • There are now 6 homeless children in the childrens dome. Trying to have those that lived a while become homeless as they can handle the discomfort.
  • 14 new martianborn, 68 total. 6 from sol 9 grew to youth, 14 total.
  • 57/120 have all needs above 80%.


  • At last, the Barrel Dome is done!

0012, 0014.png

  • Oh yeah, another Saint! One from the start, 3 more from sponsor quest and a 5th now!
  • With this Ark Pod on the way, I got only 5 people not Senior. 3 Idiots, 2 Middle aged and all men (I lack 20 females, 202 colonists total).
  • Constructing the buildings in the new dome, sending the new food to service facilities, sending the new machine parts to new buildings now that everything is finally repaired.
  • The Gym in the metal dome has not be used on single time since it was created. Dammit, what should I do with it? It is taking space and producing no value.
  • I'll live it there, and construct only a gym, grocer and park in the new dome. As soon as they get Fit, I'll trade them with an unfit in the Metal dome. Also, I can send security guards there since they require exercise.
  • A lot of people moving, 36 total incoming today, together with the 9 youth martianborn. The vegans needs to go to the metal dome, the loners to the mini dome, and then the 4 saints need to bless the new dome.
  • Yeay, the Electronics Factory is online and producing! I got 6 Electronics repairs in the upcoming sol and I have a 2 schools, 2 universities and another or two more research labs I want.
  • All food service domes are down on their last pieces of food and getting emptied, 9.2 food stored in 10 buildings. 14 food outside of them. I'm working on filling the buildings with the food from the Ark Pods that just arrived. The Turkey will be ready any time now.
  • The food is getting really tight, going to prioritize away those who regain Sanity the fastest and need it the least... and in this game, that's the kids. I didn't program it this way.

0012, 0016 food.png

  • The third MOXIE was connected to the grid with 5 oxygen remaining the in the oxygen tanks.
  • The Third Ark Pod of the day lands. I don't really have living quarters for them all. I will need to make a small apartment for them.
  • Need to start moving the drones towards the Turkey farm now as it will reach harvest anytime now.
  • Oh man, I forgot this are the idiots. I brought the idiot females to increase fertility as I had a huge male surplus.
  • 5 of them went to the childrens dome after all other domes got overfilled. They will move from there to all other domes, causing a crash in fertility due to homelessness. So I quarantine that dome and have them stay there until more residences become available.
  • O wow, I just noticed that as Rocket Scientist, when I request for supplies from rivaling colonies, I can ask them to also throw in two Shuttle Hub prefabs at the cost of 5 standing! That is GREAT news as it means I don't have to build tunnels to get to the other parts of the map, it's enough that I drop an RC Commander and then shuttle anything I need there!
  • Hmm... I was wrong, the Turkey won't be ready until 1 AM next sol.
  • There isn't any more food coming soon, and with 243 colonists, I needs about 50 food per sol. I need to build a whole lot more ranches really fast, I got 16 food reserves and 15.4 in services.
  • 8 new martianborn, 76 total. 10 new grew to youth, 24 total.
  • 46/120 have all needs above 80%. Maybe the Meteor cause some setback, but not sure why it dropped so much compared to previous sol. Maybe Since I purposefully tool some down below 80 sanity since I knew they had time to heal back up before the others had caught up. Maybe the children started losing sanity due to hunger and overcrowding.


  • What should I spend my newly produced Electronics on? Laboratory? School? Increasing research rate will have a lower impact than having a batch of students have lower skill during their entire life. The science rate will increase in the future and generally, having a certain tech come slightly later isn't that impactful if you have other things to preoccupy yourself with. After all, we are only talking about delaying the laboratory with about 12 hours.
  • Requesting resources from all three rivals. I should have done this earlier. I'll send them food later on to compensate, when the opportunity cost of the resources are lower. Or no. I can instead use the standing to steal drones. I'll get metal from one in order to also receive the 2 free Shuttle Hubs.
  • I'm in a situation now where I will have no residence available after the new batch of martianborns become youth. I need to decide to build a new dome this sol or to use the materials to build water excavators, metal excavators, Outdoor Ranch and concrete excavators. I think the later will be a better investment.
  • Pretty uneventful and decision less day. A nice break.
  • 11 new martianborn, 87 total. 7 new grew to youth, 31 total.
  • 56/120 have all needs above 80%.


  • Cold Wave. 1 sol 18 hours to build a lot of Wind Turbines.
  • Both Shuttle Hubs prefabs reach me.
  • Wow, such terrible Shuttle AI!
  • 12 new colonies now ready on earth. And I will get a lot new martianborns ready to work now. Need a new dome fast now.
  • Okay, it's soon time for the Tourists to leave. I need a Rocket to land on the 19th in order for 12 of them to leave. So I need to time a Mars mission to leave and arrive then.
  • I need to very carefully plan where to plant Subsurface Heaters for the cold wave. After some calculations, I concluded that I can plant two that will prevent increase of about 240 energy each, for a cost of 40 energy each. And 15 metal 5 Machine Parts. Converting those 15 metals to Machine Parts, I could get 10 Large Wind Turbines, performing at +100% due to height, resulting in 200 energy each, 266 after boosting them with Polymers. However, that would require 80 concrete and the workforce to convert 15 metal to 15 Machine Parts, about a sol at current pace. I have a surplus of metal (52) and Machine Parts are in demand as I want to expand with tunnels and have a need to build water and concrete Excavators. I also want to use my concrete to build more domes and apartments. One of the heaters will have full effect, the other will only provide it's full effect after I have built some planed buildings, so It will only prevent about 100 energy increase at the moment while consuming 40. I will probably build one heater and spend the rest of the sol building Wind Turbines.
  • Why not skip heaters all together and only build a whole lot of Wind Turbines that will be effective even after the event? I do need one to have a water tank. If the event overlaps with a Dust Storm, a scenario I have never experienced, I would be ruined since the entire colony would be limited to what I can excavate, with nothing from either tanks or Vaporators.
  • I overestimated the energy increase negation from the second heater. It only applies if it reaches the center of a dome, it's not enough to reach any part of it.
  • Dammit, the Cold Wave will lower the sanity of everybody, making it even harder to reach the sponsor goal.
  • 13 new martianborn, 100 total. 5 new grew to youth, 36 total.
  • 53/120 have all needs above 80%.


  • Rocket came back with 9 drones from mission on mars. Revealed research.
  • Really missed those drones, half a day until Cold Wave and I have a WHOLE lot to do.
  • Too few Drones and Concrete on site to finish the buildings in the newly built second child dome.
  • 12 Tourists left with the rocket. I had youth that where homeless in the childrens dome waiting for them to leave.
  • 2nd Lab finished.
  • The second source of underground water is about to get their excavators online. I need to transition to them from the 8 Vaporators in order to cut electric costs.
  • Rocket with metal arrives to earth. The current bottleneck is Concrete, so I'm ordering a rocker full of it. It will cost only 300, so I can use the rest to drop an RC with a pod. I won't do that yet though.
  • I have built several residence at the new childrens dome, but I'm not gong to move people there and activate the dome until the transition to the cold wave is finished, as I'm not 100% sure I can handle all the energy increase.
  • I can afford a spire now, and I'll use the sponsor specific to reach the final goal.
  • 12 new martianborn, 112 total. 10 new grew to youth, 46 total.
  • 44/120 have all needs above 80%.


  • I'm going to need an RC Commander to get polymers to amplify the water extractors. That would net me 4 water for all 4 of them, so well worth the investment on the Commander. I do lack the +4 Drone tech, but waiting would result in a lot of extra water not received.
  • The Tourist pods arrived. I don't really have a proper place for them, but the longer I wait for dropping them, the longer it will take for them to leave and bring in more tourist. I'll just make residence and nothing more for them in the new childrens dome.
  • I'm reaching electrical neutrality while having almost no electricity left in the Power Accumulators. Well planned i Guess.
  • Building a new basic dome costs 50 Electricity now, so It's a good time to transition into Apartments and Outside ranches, and also expanding rare metal extractor and Polymer Factories.
  • I'm moving all the new tourits and all seniors into the new Childrens dome. I got a pod waiting to land, but if I land it, I won't be able to clear now empty buildings to build the Apartment. I'll land it after the first Apartment is built.
  • The RC Commander will be handy now that I need to salvage more items. I can use it to move it in such a place that it's drones have nothing else to do but to clear a salvaged building.
  • I will need another dome soon enough though, as I still haven't used my 2nd Machine Parts factory. In total, that will be about 100 electricity for that dome.

0012, 0020 05h.png

  • The Mystery was activated.
  • Just found out that earth sick tourist leave and spawn two new ones at no penalty. And you get to keep the food they didn't consume. They arrived with 40 comfort, down to 20 since they had no residence at once. Just as well to take it down all the way now. There is now way I can get their comfort up to be worth the investment in the form of fertility at the current situation.
  • Man, might just as well make all tourist earthsick. Why didn't I do this from the start? Yeah, since that would require making them homeless to give them -20 comfort per sol, and that would give a huge homeless penalty to the fertility of the dome. And since that was a no-no, migh as well boost their comfort to get as high birth rate as possible from them, and that was easily done since the domes has services for the other colonists anyway.
  • Man, might as well make the senior colonist earthsick as well. The games internal logic gives no incentives to keep them around. This should be changed in a well done mod. This will of course only be a solution for colonists from earth.
  • Considering they are going to leave within a few sols, there is no benefits in feeding them either. Yeah, this is probably what Stalin was thinking.
  • Disable all unused residents in the other domes and quarantine the 2nd childrens dome.
  • 14 new martianborn, 126 total. 10 new grew to youth, 46 total.
  • 36/120 have all needs above 80%.


  • Played though half the sol, decided to restart.



  • I didn't need the mod.
  • I could very well have played with the non-specialized start.
  • The schools where not expanded on time and not a single university was created.
  • The research was started way too late.
  • I should have expanded with pods of RC Commanders.
  • I should have mined both rare metal deposits from the very start.
  • A lack of Polymers, Machine Parts and Concrete really hampered my progress.
  • And I should have used the cash from both to buy Concrete.
  • I now know that I should focus on building a second Machine Parts and Polymer factory much earlier.
  • The cash spent on the 8 Evaporators where wasted as soon as I got the 4 water excavators running.
  • I should have starved and sent back the elders and Tourist from the start. This would allows for more food and metal.
  • All sponsor goals could have been reached much earlier.
    • A small Electronics factory and then a second small will help to unlock the 3rd Rocket much earlier
    • The comfort related goals would have been achieved much earlier with a spire.
  • I should have focused on receiving the Shuttle Hubs much earlier. They were awesome.
  • The Drone Hub is worthless, I should have started with a RC Commander.
  • The layout was lousy. Too much metal spent on pipes and cables. Not enough planing on how to build each dome. My first cold wave, so I didn't plan the layout to optimize for that.
  • I didn't manage to keep the colonists at 100 comfort after having destroyed the art shop. This can be rectified with better planing.
  • Playing with only non-specialists has some benefits. Since they all h,ve the same basic interests, it's going to be easier to plan service buildings.
  • The water spire looked like a good idea when I started this campaign, but the 40 Concrete makes it too expensive. Since I now see that concrete is worth importing, at they cost 30 each, the concrete cost is $120, and add 10 polymers on top. It's cheaper to just start buying Vaporators when there is a need for that. That limits the usefulness of the basic dome to the Temple Spire. And thus, since that spire is not viable to build everywhere, all domes not planing to have it are better as a Barrel Dome. Except for maybe a single Micro Dome for loners.
  • I might just as well take the bullet and build a temple spire in the first dome. It will make building an Art Shop superfluous.
  • I should also incorporate efficient Passages in my layout.
  • The sensitive buildings need to be in the center to protect them from Dust Devils.
    • Barrel Domes have the added benefit of costing 10 less metal and 30 less concrete at the cost of polymers that can be easily produced.