Surviving Mars: Campaign: 2020-06-03

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Initial settings[edit]

  • Church of the New Ark
  • Rocket Scientist
  • The Last War
  • Rivals:
    1. China (will take my food for their resources)
    2. Russia (need concrete for Domes, map has low concrete)
    3. Brazil (more rare metals, hope to trade some)
  • Location: 6S95W
  • Game Rules:
    • Amateurs: No specialist applicants
    • Armageddon: Meteor rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars.
    • Dust in the Wind: Dust Storm rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars.
    • Hunger: Can't import food from Earth.
    • Inflation: Import prices increase over time.
    • Twister: Dust Devil rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars.
    • Winter is Coming: Cold wave rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars. Cold waves increase power consumption even more.
  • Difficulty Challenge: 825%
  • Mods: No mods.

Initial Payload[edit]

First rocket:

  • 1 Moisture Vaporator - For the first dome.
  • 1 RC Commander - Very expensive at $300, but required to upgrade buildings, clear salvaged buildings or making easier to do heavy work such as emptying an indoor ranch or constructing a large indoor building.
  • 18 Drone - Nothing will get done without some drone power.
  • 0 RC Explorer - Vital, but the second Rocket can bring it, it can wait until then.
  • 0 RC Transport - Too expensive. Or actually, It's alright at $200. It can wait until the second Rocket.
  • 20 Polymers - For the Barrel Dome.
  • 15 Machine Parts - 4 Concrete Extractors and 7 Wind Turbines.
  • 5 Electronics - Sensor Towers are less of a priority now that my drones can't fly, I start on a mountain and I get no bonus for spamming them early.
  • 1 Orbital Probe - Changing starting location.

$2,210 left.

Sol 1[edit]

  • Restart map until you get a candidate list I'm satisfied with. Looking foremost for Celebrities. I think this is okay to do as you are basically just restarting the entire game each time you restart.
  • Took a lot of restarts, but I got very lucky with one each of celeb, saint and genius, neither middle aged!
  • I plan how to build

6S95W plan.png

  • Select research, as you will gain free research points from now on when reaching goals.
  • Put a large monument on every place you are going to put a Sensor Tower. Disable them all. They are easier to spot on the large map.
  • Next it's time to scan the landing area. What amount of metal is on surface deposits is determined by random when you scan the area, so reload if they aren't good enough. If you keep getting the same result, let some IRL time pass, since the seed is connected to it. I'm fine with 55, although I have received 61 previously from that same spot. Don't want it to be too savescummy.
  • Plan again on current game

6S95W plan2.png

  • Time to fill the second rocket and pods. For the second Rocket, I'm going to get the industry up and running asap instead of buying more materials. So I'm going to build:
    • 2 Water Extractors - 4 Machine Parts. This will give water for three Fuel Refineries, one Polymer Factory the Barrel Dome and the Ranch.
    • 1 Polymer Factory - 5 Machine Parts, more will be built with Machine Parts from the factory
    • 1 Fuel Refinery - 5 Machine Parts, more will be built with Machine Parts from the factory
    • 1 Rare Metal Extractory - 4 Machine Parts, more will be built with Machine Parts from the factory
    • 3 Concrete Extractory - 6 Machine Parts, more will be built with Machine Parts from the factory
  • The above will require 45 electricity. The Electronic and Machine Part Factory will require 60. The Dome will require less than 30 electricity when filled. So 45+60+30=135 electricity will require 7 Large Wind Turbines, or another 14 Machine Parts, for a total of 14+4+5+5+4+6=38 Machine Parts for the initial setup. I got already 15 on the first rocket, so I need another 23 on the second rocket.
  • With this setup, I can simply drop pods with metal instead of Machine Parts. A pod with 25 Machine Parts would costs 450+100= 550, and when the metal in it is refined into Machine Parts, I get 30 for the price of 550. With that same amount of cash, I can instead send almost 4 pods of metal, for a total of 15*4=60 metal... wait, that was a pretty bad deal.
  • So I guess I need to transport the metal by Rocket to have it be worth it. That's okay since they will be going to earth regularly to send the rare metals. So I guess I need to get the rare metal industry up and running fast to have the Rockets bring the metal to mars, else, I might as well get pods with Machine Parts.
  • Second Rocket:
    • 1 Electronics Factory
    • 1 Machine Parts Factory
    • 1 RC Explorer
    • 1 RC Transport
    • 25 Machine Parts
  • $160 left.
  • Enough cash for a pod for the Founders.
  • First priority is to get a single Electronics and 2 Machine Parts out in order to build what is required asap. You can do that by ordering the individual drone to build on a building, and if it decided to get metals, reclick until it decided to go to the rocket.


  • I noticed that the second rocket will land far before the Barrel Dome starts building, and that I had too few Machine Parts and also would benefit by building a Power Accumulator, while also requiring more polymers in total since I want to build an Outdoor Gym.