Surviving Mars: Campaign: 2020-06-06

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Initial settings[edit]

  • Church of the New Ark
  • Rocket Scientist
  • The Last War
  • Rivals:
    1. China (will take my food for their resources)
    2. Russia (need concrete for Domes, map has low concrete)
    3. Brazil (more rare metals, hope to trade some)
  • Location: 6S95W
  • Game Rules:
    • Amateurs: No specialist applicants
    • Armageddon: Meteor rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars.
    • Dust in the Wind: Dust Storm rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars.
    • Hunger: Can't import food from Earth.
    • Inflation: Import prices increase over time.
    • Twister: Dust Devil rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars.
    • Winter is Coming: Cold wave rating set to a new max level for all locations on Mars. Cold waves increase power consumption even more.
  • Difficulty Challenge: 825%
  • Mods: No mods.

Initial Payload[edit]

First rocket:

  • 0 Moisture Vaporator - won't be needed with a start close to water
  • 1 RC Commander - Very expensive at $300, but required to upgrade buildings, clear salvaged buildings or making easier to do heavy work such as emptying an indoor ranch or constructing a large indoor building.
  • 17 Drone - Nothing will get done without some drone power.
  • 0 RC Explorer - Vital, but it can wait until the second Rocket lands.
  • 1 RC Transport - More efficient transport.
  • 5 Polymers - Enough for one Accumulator
  • 20 Machine Parts - 7 Concrete Extractors and 3 Large Wind Turbines for a total of 14+6=20.
  • 5 Electronics - enough for a handful of Sensor Towers.
  • 1 Orbital Probe - Changing starting location.

$2,360 left.

Sol 1[edit]

  • Restart map until you get a candidate list I'm satisfied with. Looking foremost for Celebrities. I think this is okay to do as you are basically just restarting the entire game each time you restart.
  • Took a lot of restarts, but I got very lucky with two celebs and a genius, all adults.
  • Select research, as you will gain free research points from now on when reaching goals. Starting with Crowdfunding.
  • Put a large monument on every place you are going to put a Sensor Tower. Disable them all. They are easier to spot on the large map.
  • Next it's time to scan the landing area. What amount of metal is on surface deposits is determined by random when you scan the area, so reload if they aren't good enough. I got 58 on the first try.
  • I plan how to build


  • Make sure to save.
  • Send a pod with the founders.
  • Time to fill the second rocket and pods. For the second Rocket, I'm going to get the industry up and running asap instead of buying more materials. So I'm going to build:
Initial buildings
Name Resource Electricity Comment
1 Indoor Ranch 1 Machine Parts 5 electricity
2 Water Extractors 4 Machine Parts (5 total) 10 electricity (15 total) This will give water for three Fuel Refineries, one Polymer Factory the Barrel Dome and the Ranch.
1 Fuel Refinery 5 Machine Parts (10 total) 5 electricity (20 total) more will be built with Machine Parts from the factory
1 Polymer Factory 5 Machine Parts (15 total) 10 electricity (30 total) more will be built with Machine Parts from the factory
1 Rare Metal Extractory 4 Machine Parts (19-2=17 total) 5 electricity (35 total) This is low priority, so I will only bring 2 for this, and build the last 2.
7 Concrete Extractory 14 Machine Parts (31 total) 35 electricity (70 total)
1 Barrel Dome 20 Polymers (20 total) 15 electricity (85 total)
1 Outdoor Gym 4 Polymers (24 total)
1 Art Store 4 Polymers (28 total)
1 Power Accumulator 2 Polymers (30 total)
1 Machine Part Factory 50 electricity (135 total)
Sensor, Residence etc. 5 electricity (140 total)
7 Large Wind Turbines 14 Machine Parts (45 total)
  • Second Rocket:
    • 1 Machine Parts Factory
    • 1 RC Explorer
    • 25 Machine Parts
    • 25 Polymers
  • $660 and 10,000kg left. A Small Electronics Factory is tempting, but a large one doesn't cost much more electricity, and it's heavy workload adds 10*0,2=2 workers worth of production instead of 4*0,2=0,8 and initially, electronics is not in dire need while workforce if low due to lack of colonist.
  • I will get Martian Crowdfunding through milestones alone, so there is $1000 more on the way. However, I can't afford to put the Electronics factory on the second rocket and still afford a pod for the colonists.
  • Even if I had an Electronics Factory, It would take a few sols to get the amount required for the first School and Research Lab, So I'll bring 10 more electronics. Or no. That can wait. Having enough polymers to build a second Barrel Dome will probably be the next bottleneck, so 25 more polymers. And having an Art Shop to increase the Comfort of everybody at start will probably also cost a lot of polymers.
  • Idiot! I had already ordered the pod, So There is enough just enough cash to order the Electronics Factory right now!
  • First priority is to get a single Electronics and 2 Machine Parts out in order to build what is required asap. You can do that by ordering the individual drone to build on a building, and if it decided to get metals, re-click until it decided to go to the rocket.
  • The fastest way to unload the rocket is with the RC Transport.
  • The fastest way to take metals from the surface deposits are with the drones. However, the fastest way to transport them is with the RC Transport.
  • It takes time for the RC Transport to take up items from a depot, but they will do so instantaneously if it's on the floor. So drop items the the RC is supposed to transport on the floor.

Sol 2[edit]

  • Barrel Dome finished. Mostly building and collecting resources.
  • The colonists need to have free time as soon as they land to bring their comfort above 55.
  • That means there is no need to build occupation buildings initially. Just the recreational.

Sol 3[edit]

  • Got $500,000 from an Anomaly. Used it to send a RC Controller to another part of the map.
  • Founders land
  • I get $1000,000 and have decided to spend it on on Machine Parts and Electronics on that other side of the map, and 20 Polymers and 5 Electronics to the main side of the map to jump start a Basic Dome with a spire, and a Research Lab.
  • Only 2 polymers to give in the Art Shop, that's 10 doses. An Enthusiastic worker in the Grocer with Heavy Workload raises the buildings Service Comfort to 63. So it can increase the Founders Comfort all the way to 70. A small Spacebar can raise it another 15 points to 85. At that point, I'll activate the Art Shop to get them to 100. Problem with that is that it takes two days for them to go for food twice. And having them go to the Spacebar after the Grocer increases them to 75, resulting in no further increase from the Spacebar. Having only the Spacebar open would have them lose comfort for lack of cooked food and shopping. So there is no better option than having them go to the grocer and then the Spacebar, and finally open the Art Store, resulting in 50+10+15+15=90. Having 10 founders at 90 is what is required to trigger the sponsor reward of 100 research. So a lot of micromanagement there. Make sure they don't visit twice on the art store by whatever means you find, like closing the art store or forcing them to go do some work. Oh, also, if your Grocery can't reach 66 Comfort, don't let them go to the Spacebar first, or the colonists will get to 65 Comfort and get nothing from the Grocery.
  • Or no, I was actually wrong, they will go to the Grocery twice in a row if the alternatives is the gym and a park.
  • Actually, I shouldn't have build a gym and a part to start with. Only a Grocer and small Spacebar until they are all about 55...
  • Don't make Turkey as first breed, as you want to produce 50 as soon as possible for the reward... I didn't... dammit, I'm reloading the day.
  • Layout set for second area. I want that science boost:


Sol 4[edit]

  • First martianborn on hour 3
  • Building 2nd dome for the Temple Spire and Electronics and Machine Shop factories
  • Dust Devil destroys Power Accumulator and two Cement Extractors

0014, 0004.png

Sol 8[edit]

  • 4 new martianborn, 11 total.

Sol 9[edit]

  • 126 total colonists.
    • 6 Tourists.
    • 18 martianborn (7 new)
    • 1 adult martianborn (1 new)

Sol 10[edit]

  • A bug resulted in the announced Great Dust Storm to arrive not at 0, but when there was almost two days left. I reloaded and adapted to the new early arrival.
  • 140 total colonists.
    • 1 Tourists.
    • 25 martianborn (7 new)
    • 1 adult martianborn (0 new)

Sol 11[edit]

  • 158 total colonists.
    • 1 Tourists.
    • 31 martianborn (7 new)
    • 4 adult martianborn (3 new)

Sol 12[edit]

  • pic
  • 177 total colonists.
    • 11 Tourists.
    • 38 martianborn (7 new)
    • 5 adult martianborn (1 new)

Sol 13[edit]

  • pic
  • 189 total colonists.
    • 144 able to work.
    • 4 Tourists.
    • 45 martianborn (7 new)
    • 8 adult martianborn (3 new)
  • Have a dome for children. Use only Playing grounds as recreation there, not even parks or any service facilities, not even food. Put food on a depot outside. With enough Playing grounds, they will still have 90+ comfort.
    • Send all tourists there. Quarantine it so they don't move away.
    • You need to have a Living Quarters to be able to assign the tourist to that dome. The aim is for the tourists to be homeless and get earthsickness as soon as possible.
    • This will drive the domes reproduction penalty to close to 100%
    • Tourists that are sexy are worth keeping them around. Max their comfort and keep the around for reproduction. Make sure no rocket lands near them.
    • Rugged tourists are much slower to get earthsick, so consider maxing their comfort if you got enough space for them.
    • Rugged non-tourist colonists can be sent there to open up spaces in other domes. Have them work in some outside workplace. Cycle them as their stats start to drop. Keep in mind that they will not contribute to reproduction in this dome.
    • Send elder non-tourist colonists there too
    • Send non-binary non-tourist colonists there too.

Sol 14[edit]

  • pic
  • 208 total colonists.
    • 148 able to work.
    • 16 Tourists.
    • 52 martianborn (7 new)
    • 12 adult martianborn (4 new)

Sol 15[edit]

  • pic
  • 240 total colonists.
    • 173 able to work.
    • 20 Tourists.
    • 60 martianborn (8 new)
    • 19 adult martianborn (7 new)

Sol 16[edit]

  • pic
  • 272 total colonists.
    • 201 able to work.
    • 20 Tourists.
    • 68 martianborn (8 new)
    • 26 adult martianborn (7 new)