Surviving Mars: Dome Buildings: Temple Spire

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This thing is completely broken.

  • It costs 40 Cement, 10 Polymers and 5 Machine Part.
  • It will service Social and Relaxation at a Comfort level of 80! Using Heavy Workload and good workers, it possible to get the colonists to 100 Comfort with this building. Each visit provides... is it 15 Comfort?
  • It increases sanity by 33 points per visit!
  • It requires 2 workers per shift and can accommodate 15 visitors at the same time!
  • Since Social and Relaxation is two of the three basic Interests, it is of interest for all colonist except for:
    • Botanists and Engineers with the Workaholic trait
    • Geologists and Medics with the Loner trait

Having this, there is a good chance you can skip having the Open Air Gym AND some parks, resulting in enough open space to build more residence, 6 of which can work in the spire.