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Bug fixes and polish to the vanilla game without significantly changing its core mechanics.


  • Increase the string size of names to maybe 50 characters: Solution
  • Enable comments on each character that is shown via tooltip or some even better way: Solution
  • If you assign a colonist to a workplace with no available job slots, the colonist will remove some colonist already there and make himself welcomed. The removed colonists will go who knows where. Disable this.
  • When renaming, pressing "+" will change the game speed.
  • A drone can not be commanded to clear a salvaged building manually.
  • A drone can not manually be instructed to unload resources from a rocket
  • A drone can not manually be instructed to unload a specific resources from a rocket
  • The priority button is hidden when a unit is salvaged but not removed. It shouldn't.
  • Shuttles should display how much fuel they have
  • Shuttle should display their current objective
  • The current speed of each unit should be displayed
  • Selecting a Shuttle Hub should put an arrow on all its shuttles, just as Drone Hubs.
  • Each depot should log each time it has been serviced by a drone, transport or shuttle.
  • Selecting a Drone, Transport or Shuttle should create an arrow towards its current destination/objective, and less distinctly, all it's objectives.
  • Being able to lock a worker to its job
  • Being able to change shift with a single command
  • When looking at a workplace and hoovering the mouse over a worker, it should display the workers sanity.
  • When looking at a workplace, you should be able to click the worker with the middle button to have them move to the next shift.
  • Disable Maintenance button

Vegans and Loners[edit]

  • Enable to receive warnings via a message-box when trying to assign a vegan or loner to some place they don't like, or change the mouse cursor as a warming. Or change the background color of vegans to green and loners to black.
  • Add the number of discontent vegans and loners on the list on the top of the screen, next to unemployment rates.


  • A button for sorting colonists by age on the Command GUI
  • There is no filter for sex
  • There is no filter for want/don't want children


  • Colonists eat unprepared food in the dome their own even when there is functional Diners and Grocers available in their own dome. Proximity might be the issue.
  • Drones often do not lift a whole unit when ordered to take resources from a container.
  • Sometimes putting for example 0.2 and 0.5 units of the same resources in it's appropriate container, or even on the floor for that matter, do not mix them together as a single 0.7 unit. It will show on the tooltip as 0.7, but trying to picking it up will result in the drone lifting one of the original two items.
  • The small container on the Outdoor ranch makes cows worthless. It must be a bug.
  • If a worker carrying a stone is told to help out on a landscaping assignment that do not require stones to be added, chances are the stone he is carrying will disappear, while the graphic for the stone persist.
  • Sometimes drones lose whatever they hare holding as in the stone example.
  • When assigning a drone to help to construct a building, there is chance he will simply start constructing it with no regard for if the necessary material has been collected or even if the floor has been scrubbed from stones and other items. This can be triggered for entire domes.
  • When landscaping, a flatten terrain patch shows "too many Drones are already constructing this building" when there is no drone doing so. The only solution is to delete and re-apply the patch.
  • Looks like MOXIE and Evaporators that are locked down during a Dust Storm do not have their toggled status set to off, and thus accumulate dust at an increased rate even though they are not on.
  • Can't manually order a droid to deliver polymers for Wind Turbine upgrades, and probably others upgrades as well.
  • My Machine Part Factory was stuck on being able to receive only 4 metals. Unknown reason.
  • Idiots can cause a malfunction even if it's not their shift, and even if they have never worked in that building.


  • Units get sanity damage when a shift is over. If you move them out of the shift a short moment before it's over, they get no damage. They should be receiving sanity damage not a the end of the shift, but at the start of each hour. Putin on heavy workload at any point should deals the sanity damage for that hour instantly, as soon as the game unpauses.
  • Batteries get drained of filled at certain interval, not constantly. So you can keep charging them during that specific moment while going negative the rest of the time.
  • If a colonist isn't at work, they shouldn't be working. Right now, their workplace counts them as present as long as they are assigned to the shift.
  • You can just move the entire shift to the next shift a few seconds before the shift ends at no penalty, and the workers will just continue with the next shift. Each worker should receive a -20 sanity damage distributed during the shift if they have already have worked another shift since they slept. Working for a complete hours counts as having taking part of a shift. This is repeated for each subsequent shift. If they have less than 70 sanity, they ignore orders for working more than one shift per day. This means that a composed workers starting at 100 sanity can work 4 shifts in a row.


Shuttle AI[edit]

Transportation AI[edit]

  • Each depot needs a toggle for being source, destination or both. A source never gets filled, a destination is has never resources removed.
  • Each depot has a priority for servicing, just like buildings.
  • Shuttles can be assigned transport routes just like RC Transports. If they are assigned a manual transport route, it overrides all other AI.
  • Several Transport routes can be queued.
  • After the last transport route is reached, they will loop if toggled with a certain button. If too hard to add a toggle, if the last route is identical to the first.
  • A transport route can be toggled to wait-until-filled. If too hard to add a toggle, it behaves that way if a route is repeated in the queue.
  • Each Shuttle should display its current mission.
  • Drones should be able to be given a certain area of operation that prevents them from doing any objective that is outside that area. The area should be painted on the map similar to how the flatten terrain operation is operated. Selecting a Drone will display that area.
  • Each drone should have a toggle that causes the drone to pause the game and pin it when ever it finishes doing any part of any operation.
  • You should be able to queue orders to drones.