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Resupply (trade with earth)[edit]

  • Selling rare metals at $20 for what I assume is 1 ton then and buying electronics for $50 per ton is nonsense. Compare the gold per weight price of gold to a graphic card or motherboard. A laptop at 1 kg with 1 kg gold.
  • Why can't I sell Polymers, Electronics and fancy Machine parts back to earth for market price? Why different buy and sell prices? In game terms, the fuel and travel time is cost enough.
  • Concrete at $30 million for 5 tons make no goddamn sense. It should free. Wasting 30 fuel is bad enough. And nobody imports it anyway.
  • Same with food.
  • Orbital probe is worthless. Needs a basic rework.


  • For each fracture, every colonist in the dome gets -1 sanity per sol.
Vanilla game costs
Micro Dome Basic Dome Barrel Dome Comment
Concrete 40 80 50 Basic is twice as big and costs twice as much cement. Barrel should require 50% more than Basic, 120 Cement, but it gets a cut of 70 cement and no increase in metal cost due to it requiring 10 more polymers.
Metal 30 20 20 From comparing Micro and Basic we can conclude that 40 metal is worth 10 polymers. That doesn't seem right. True, metal is free on the surface, but that is only relevant to the early game and offset by the fact that several buildings required what is found. If import prices are to be compared, polymers costs 50 while metal costs 70. As long as metal is worth so much less than polymers, it will always be worth to import polymers to significantly reduce the metal cost at the early game, and there will be no point in the late game were spending metal on Micro domes to conserve on polymers will become an optimal solution unless you have unbalanced your progress by not playing efficiently.
Polymers 0 10 20 Barrel Dome should cost almost triple the cost of a Micro Dome, a bit less due to spending in bulk lowers the price somewhat. So lets say twice the cost. 80 concrete and 60 metal, but it costs 30 concrete less and 40 metal less while costing 20 polymers less. Even going with the above numbers, we would expect 20 polymers to be worth 80 metal. Instead of gaining 80 metal, we gain 40 metal and 30 concrete. Is 80-40=40 metal equivalent to 30 concrete? The math does not add up.
Power 5 15 15
Hexes 30 60+spire 86
Oxygen/Water 0,5 1 1 43% more space but the same water and oxygen cost?
  • There should be a conversion chart, and then the different domes have their cost re-balanced to reflect their size based on that chart. And then to add variety, have them be differently efficient in concrete, metal and polymers. The Micro will be biased towards concrete. The Basic requires additional reinforcement, so more metal will be required to build it. The Barrel requires polymers in order to reduce the weight of the construction, considering it's more massive.
  • Considering the abundance of Concrete, Micro domes will be spammable, but doing so will lower the efficiency of the workers since they will be requires to visit connected domes. Also, that penalty needs to be increased from -10 to -20 (work performance) and -15 (Service Comfort) for it to be significant.
  • Basic will be the standard, but not shine until the spires arrive a bit later. Until spires show up, the barrel needs to be the gold standard.
  • The barrel will require a lot of polymers and not much metal, and provide the most space, but will be left behind once Spires show up. For that to happen, spires need to be increased in building cost, workforce required and give unique powerful boosts that will feel you are significantly missing out without them.
  • Conversion rate:
    • Each metal is worth 10 points.
    • Concrete is worth 3.33 points. You can put four extractors on a single Cement resource and swim in it.
    • Polymers are worth 20 points. They are harder to find initially as you can just fin metal lying on the floor, but further ahead when workforce becomes plentiful, you get access to infinite amounts of polymers, while metals are finite.
  • With the above conversion rate, the vanilla values are:
    • Micro: 433,2 points (40*3,33=133,2)+(30*10=300)
    • Basic: 566,4 points (80*3,33=166,4)+(20*10=200)+(10*20=200)
    • Barrel: 766,5 points (50*3,33=166,5)+(20*10=200)+(20*20=400)
  • The Barrel costs 766,5/566,4=35% more than the basic dome, while having 86/60= 43% more hexes.
  • The Micro costs 433,2/566,4/ =76% more than the basic dome, while having 30/60= 50% of the hexes.
Modified costs
Micro Dome Basic Dome Barrel Dome Comment
Points 336 (560*(36/60=0,6)) 560 800 (560*1,43)
Concrete 70.8 (70.8*3,33=236) 64. 111 (111*3,33=370) 45 (45*3,33=150) Barrel Dome doesn't rely on polymers to ensure its structural stability. This makes the dome really hard to get in the early game unless you decide to bring a lot of polymers with you. In order to balance the game such as the first building is a micro dome, and also to give the micro dome a characteristic profile, we cut it's Cement cost. Since it has a higher electricity cost, 13 instead of (15*0.6)=9, it will indirectly have it's building cost increased by part of a solar panel: (4/5) 2.4 metal. So we lower this amount from the building cost of the Micro dome. 2.4 metal is worth 24 points reduction or about 7 Concrete. Electricity becomes cheaper further head, but the Micro maintenance isn't so micro. Being ready to go at 64 Concrete while the Basic dome has to wait all the way to 111 is in line with the vision. And being able to cheat if you bring 30 polymers is also solid alternative. However, Barrel Domes are awesome early on, and unless you want to spend 30 polymers from the get go, you will have to wait for the Polymer Factory to get online.
Metal 10 (10*10=100) 15 (15*10=150) 5 (5*10=50) Now they have each their own distinct profile. Micro starts cheap, Basic increases it a bit, Barrel doesn't rely on it.
Polymers 0 7 (10*20=140) 30 (30*20=600) 28.6 (see oxygen.) The greatly reduced cost in polymer that Basic Domes have will allow for the spires to have expensive polymer construction costs.
Power 13 15 18 It requires less power to maintain heat in a larger volume, as it has less relative surface connection with the cold. This increases the energy requirements of the Micro Dome and indirectly increases its maintenance with the cost of a solar collector (1 metal). To compensate, the citizens in the dome have an enhanced sense of ownership, so buildings in the dome require 25% less maintenance (lower cost, not lower frequency as that is harder to detect for the player. Also, it would stack with other similar effects). The Barrel Dome has increased by only 3 electricity instead of (15*0.43=6.45). To compensate, maintenance cost in the dome is increased by 10% due to a decreased feeling of ownership.
Hexes 36 60+spire 86
Water 0,5 1 1 Water makes no goddamn sense. It should be a minimal baseline and then increased with the population.
Oxygen 0.3 1 2.7 Micro requires less volume to be filled, volume increase by the cube of the area. An alternative to suffocating if oxygen runs out: build emergency micro domes. This will also make the Micro Dome completely self sufficient with a single Hydroponic using advanced crops, or a single farm.

As said, volume increase by the cube of the area. So the barrel dome will have (4*0,43)= 1.72 increased volume. This will indirectly increase the maintenance of the Barrel Dome with the maintenance of 2/3 of a MOXIE ((2/3)*2=1,6 Metal), so something should be done to compensate. We lower the Polymer building by 2/3 of the price of the MOXIE. (4*0.66)=2.64 or 26 points. Or about 1.3 polymer. And it's maintenance with 6.6 points or 0.33 polymer.

Maintenance 4.6 Concrete, 1 metal (2.4 points) 2 Concrete, 1 metal, 1.2 Polymer (4 points) 1 Concrete, 0.4 metal, 2.5 2.2 Polymer (see oxygen) (5.7 points) Micro Dome having higher maintenance than an Apartment. Excavating a lot of Concrete early is easy, but that will dry up the source quickly. High Concrete maintenance will not be a long term solution. Polymers is derived from water+workforce, both potentially sustainable resources. The low vanilla game costs of maintenance for domes never made sense to me. Design wise, it's horrible if you Domes malfunction due to mismanaged resources, and that would increase the difficulty of the game, scaring normies away. But this is a mod. I will assume this could ruin some carefully planed game balance, so we should compensate for this. That remains to be done.

The high Concrete cost of the micro dome will also function as a way to transform the metal upkeep cost of solar panels into a concrete cost.

I also want to give the domes even more distinctiveness. I want to give the residence in the Barrel Dome +2 sanity per sol to simulate the increased feeling of safety that being in a bigger more populated Dome would bring. This would also compensate for a small part for the lack of a spire and also make the Barrel Dome the superior model after Polymer Factories are online up until spires become available as it allows for heavier workloads. Sanity isn't as vital in the very early game as they all have full sanity when arriving and I have not spotted any sanity draining disasters the first 8 or so sols. So I want the Micro dome to reduce Sanity by 2 per sol. Would also make sense to be scared the very first few years. Haven't balanced it yet though.


Indoor Ranch[edit]

  • 6 workers on 1 Indoor Ranch breeding Turkey harvest 60 food in 5 sols, while spending 0,9 water. 18 workers, of course of lower quality than the previous mentioned top 6 can breed chicken in 3 indoor farms, consuming three times the amount of power, real estate and initial investment in order to harvest 75 food using 9 water. Chicken should have it's output increased by about double or slightly less than so, or reduce the water in consumes to 0.15 per hour.


  • Church is too strong. But nerfing their pods or birth rate would make them less distinct. The half food from hydroponics is not enough of a drawback, and the sponsor malus doesn't even register. Starting with a saint makes their productivity unrivaled.
    • Saint shouldn't spawn spontaneous with church. They should require heavy investment. Maybe a special building to educate them, and let them have certain vices. Always being lazy and glutton. No, that's an irrelevant malus. Have them work in a special building in order to give their bonus to their dome, maybe 3 hexes, and a 10 hex variant that double the bonus. That would remove them from the early game. The 10 hex variant can also increase recruitment rate from earth.
    • Another malus would be to increase the number of vegans among the recruits. That would make meat harder to spam while maintaining high birth rates.
    • The Hydroponic malus isn't explained in lore. Makes little sense. Would be better if they had normal Hydroponics but had a building that consumes food, maybe in service to their religion. Maybe as a replacement of some normal building.


  • Moisture Vaporators make no sense. Specially on Mars with its non-existent moisture in its atmosphere.

Story Bits[edit]

Story bits should be reworked such as the same story bit always occurring first at the same date and then depending on your answer, new story bits unfold.

  • Each sponsor has their own story bit tree¨
  • The factions you start change the story bit progression
  • The actions you take with other factions also influence the story progression.
  • Mysteries can be folded into story bits in order to give the story more weight. Multiple or no mysteries will unfold depending on how the story are progressed.
  • The random element should be curtailed in order to not offset the balance of campaigns, so different players can compare their campaign without luck being a large part of the outcome. As long as you can get a few over powered story bits in the early game due to luck at no cost, there will be no competitive playing of this game.



  • Each interest has a cool-down and required intensity. If it isn't fulfilled by then, they get a minus to comfort equal to the disparity between the required and provided intensity. Right now, if you keep them busy enough, they never check.
  • A worker can be assigned to 3 shifts per day. As per the Unofficial Patch, they get -20 sanity per shift beyond the first since they slept.
  • Workers do not ignore orders to work no matter how low their sanity is.
  • Any worker at orange sanity has the idiot trait until they recover their sanity.
  • Any worker at red sanity that triggers an accident has a has a chance to cause the accident to be lethal.
  • Have workers become even better at what ever they are doing the longer they do it. A hidden variable will be used to govern the rate at which they improve, resulting in a bell curve of performance. This will result in a few workers that will perform at maybe 500% after maybe 20 sols.


Returning Tourist should spawn 0-3 new tourists depending on what comfort and sanity they had when they returned.


Dying seniors should spawn 0-3 new applicants depending on what comfort and sanity they had when they died.


  • RC require battery


  • Buildings glow yellow if they have only 40% resources, red if they have 20%.


  • You can put color marks on the map like this.
  • Be able to remove the black marks left after a rocket lands.
  • Remove energy cost of Beacon decoration.
  • Remove material cost for all outside decorations.
  • Enhanced Landscaping